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Our Best Coffee Guides – Gear, Beans & Brewing

Coffee is a popular drink across the planet. It’s made from roasted coffee beans, harvested from plants native to Africa but now grown around the world. While many start their day with a cup of coffee, it is enjoyed any time of day.

Whether you’re new to coffee drinking or have enjoyed it for years, there are a lot of options and decisions to make when brewing coffee in your home. These decisions range from the brewer to the coffee itself.

Some of those decisions include:

  • What type of coffee to buy, with a huge range of choices from dark to light roast, fine grind to coarse grind, caffeinated to de-caffeinated
  • Whether to buy flavored coffee
  • Whether to buy beans or ground coffee
  • What grinder to purchase if opting for whole beans
  • What type of brewer is best – single cup, carafe, or a coffee bar that does both
  • What type of pods to buy if a single cup brewer is the choice
  • What type of additions are best – cream, flavored whitener, sugar, stevia, etc.

There really is a seemingly endless list of decisions to consider for the best cup of coffee in your home. Even the choice of a coffee mug can be very personal! Do you like pottery or ceramic, large or small cups?

So we have built this section of our website to help you with everything coffee related.

You’ll be able to find the latest information, and make some informed decisions as you experiment with brewing the best coffee for you.