How To Use A Keurig Coffee Maker

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Before brewing your first K-cup, we have to point out a few things.

All Keurig models are different. While the general process of operating them is roughly the same, there might be minute differences when it comes to brew sizes and strengths, the kind of drinks served (some models can brew both hot and cold drinks), etcetera.

In this guide you will get the gist of how to use a Keurig coffee maker with our instructions and video demonstration.

Keurig Instructions

Sometimes, your Keurig might stop working or brewing coffee as it’s supposed to. In that case, check out our Keurig Troubleshooting and How To Clean A Keurig guides with a few steps that you can do to get it to start working again.

Time To Complete: 30 minutes

What You Need

  • A Keurig machine
  • K-cups of your chosen coffee brew
  • Water (Do Not Add Milk)
  • Mug that can hold at least ten ounces


  1. First, we’re assuming that you’ll be using the machine for the first time. Remove the adhesive tape on the machine and plug its cord into a grounded (GFI) outlet.
  2. Remove the water reservoir. This is usually done by gently lifting it up and away from the unit. Set its cover aside. For some models, the reservoir is attached to the unit and you need to pour water into it directly.
  3. Wash it under a faucet a couple of times. After washing, you can fill it up with clean water up to the fill line that is marked on the reservoir’s side.
  4. Put the water reservoir back into the unit. The lock tabs should be locked onto the reservoir. Put on its lid back.
  5. We need to do a cleansing “brew” first before using the machine. Just wait for the water to heat up, put a mug or contained at the bottom, then press a cup size. Discard the water that comes out.
  6. Select your coffee of choice. K-cups come in a lot of different blends, so pick your favorite. Just make sure that you don’t take the foil lid of the cups. The Keurig machine has a mechanism that perforates the lid. Through these holes in the K-cup, water will be forced through.
  7. Insert the K-cup into the center of the unit. Close the lid and wait for a button or display to show the words “Ready to Brew.” Place your mug on bottom, on top of the drip tray. Choose your desired coffee strength or size. The drip tray will catch any excess coffee that should overflow from your mug.
  8. Wait for your coffee to drip to your mug!

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For example, as June demonstrates in the following video using a K40 Elite. This unit holds much more water than say, a Keurig mini, which can dispense only one small cup of coffee at a time.

There is no way for a Keurig mini to brew 10 oz of coffee like what other bigger Keurig models can do.

With that said, let’s start brewing!

Final Thoughts

Drinking office coffee used to be a sordid affair. One overworked coffee maker, substandard beans, and hours of unnecessary over brewing doesn’t really translate into a good cup of coffee. It’s quite the opposite.

But all this changed when Keurig and its revolutionary single serving K-cups burst into the corporate scene during the mid-90s.

Now, you can enjoy freshly brewed coffee with just a press of a button – no grinding, no measuring, no prep time whatsoever.

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