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Our Microwave Oven Reviews & Cooking Guides

Are you hungry and don’t have time to cook? Microwaving food is the ticket to help fill your belly fast. The microwave has been a common household appliance since the mid 70’s and shows no signs of vanishing any time soon.

The convenience of warming up leftovers quickly means that you get to spend less time in the kitchen cooking and cleaning up.

Don’t have leftovers? Then simply pop in a frozen microwave TV dinner and you’re good to go in minutes. The best part is that you can throw out the tray that it comes in for quick clean up.

While microwaves are beneficial for our busy lives, not all microwaving is good. There are some downsides to putting food in the microwave.

  • Defrosting meat is often a challenge because frozen food seems to cook around the edges before it’s completely unthawed in the middle.
  • There are some types of food and items that aren’t microwave safe that could potentially explode or cause a fire. Eggs and metal utensils come to mind.

In order to get the most out of your microwave we’ve dedicated this section of our site to help you microwave efficiently and safely through our guides, tips, recipes and reviews.