About Us

Why We Started KitchenSanity

Your life is busy! From the second you wake up until the moment you lay your head down on the pillow in the evening, you’re faced with hundreds of decisions, tasks and trivialities.

There never seems to be enough time to do all the things you need to, let alone the things you’d much rather be doing!

For most of us, spending time in the kitchen is a necessity, and – to be honest – can be a bit of a chore.

Our mission is to help make this important aspect of your life simpler and more enjoyable. We want to inspire you to get a kick out of preparing meals – without any stress or fuss.

Here at KichenSanity, we are not professional chefs who spend all day in the kitchen; we are busy people who simply want to create healthy and delicious meals so we have more time to enjoy with our friends and family.

Getting answers to even simple cooking and kitchen-related questions online can be a struggle.

kitchen products

How do you know which products are the best for you, or that the information you find is accurate?

KitchenSanity is your go-to friend who has been there, done that and tried almost all it. If we haven’t had a chance to get to something, we will research the heck out of it and share everything we’ve learned.

Our goal is to provide you with simple, factual, unbiased and well-researched guides on everything – from cooking methods, tips and recipes to cleaning and product reviews.

How We Help You Become A Better Cook

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We take the guesswork out of a huge variety of kitchen-related tasks.

Of course, putting everything together on this site takes a lot of work, so we’ve come up with some key values that we strive for each and every time.

What We Do:

  • Keep things simple with text/images/videos
  • Write for everyday people who struggle in the kitchen
  • Back up our information with credible sources
  • Regularly update our content to reflect current standards

What We Don’t Do:

  • Tell you to do something that doesn’t work
  • Advise you to buy expensive products
  • Give favorable product reviews to companies that pay us

Meet Our Team

Justin Micheal, Founder

KitchenSanity was established in 2010 with the goal of providing simple kitchen tips that show you how easy cooking can be. I was tired of looking at food blogs that show you beautiful pictures of the final results, but not the little tips and tricks to get you there.

I wanted KitchenSanity to be different and made a commitment to help busy people enjoy cooking and to be inspired in the kitchen.

Tara Williams, Chief Editor

I’m a mother of two and can’t afford to eat out often or pay for delivery, and often struggled to find healthy options that everyone will enjoy.

Although kitchen savvy, I never really enjoyed cooking, but over the years have learnt a lot of tricks that I think could help many people change their lives just by changing a few things in their kitchens.

KitchenSanity is my way of helping other enjoy their cooking and give them more time to do other things we want to do, like spending time with family.

Carly Day, Editor

After giving up life as I knew it and leaving to travel Southeast Asia several years ago, I have been bouncing around from place to place without a home base – and without a kitchen!

Although I have never been a natural cook, I have a knack for research and love gathering the latest info to help create accurate and easy to-follow guides that will help the average home chef get more enjoyment from their time in the kitchen.

In an effort to provide more content on our site, we call on the help of contributing writers from time to time.

How To Get In Touch

We are working on providing answers to all your kitchen questions – if you don’t see your answer covered here, get in touch and we’ll do our best to cover it.

You can also connect with us on Pinterest and  Facebook .

Whatever your cooking style or level of experience, you can trust KitchenSanity to help make your life easier in your kitchen.