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KitchenSanity Kitchen Let's Keep It Simple

Hello, I’m Tara and welcome to Kitchen Sanity. I’m here to help you remove your frustration in the kitchen through easy tips and reviews of popular kitchen products.

Kitchen Sanity was established in 2010 with the goal of providing simple kitchen tips that show you how easy cooking can be. I was tired of looking at food blogs that show you beautiful pictures of the final results, but not the little tips and tricks to get you there.

I wanted Kitchen Sanity to be different and made a commitment to help busy people enjoy cooking and to be inspired in the kitchen.

My Story

I’m a mother with 2 very hungry children so I can’t afford to eat out often or pay for delivery. Not to mention, it’s hard to find healthy options that everyone will enjoy.

I was never savvy in the kitchen so when little things didn’t go the way I expected, it made it very difficult for me to want to be in there.

Thanks to the power of the Internet, I was able to watch cooking videos online which really inspired me. However, they still left out some important pieces.​

"Many parents today are second-generation non-cooks. They have very few kitchen skills to build upon, and cooking and food preparation is therefore alien and dreaded."

Huffington Post

Over the years I’ve come across a lot of tricks that I think could help many people change their lives just by changing a few things in their kitchens.

Being able to cook, and enjoy it, is something I think we should all have in our skill set. Being able to create a healthy meal easily gives us time more time to be able to do what we want, like spending more time with our families.

Putting everything together on this site takes a lot of work, so I’ve come up with some key values that we strive for each and every time.

What We Do

  • Keep things simple with text/images/videos
  • Write for everyday people who struggle in the kitchen
  • Back up our information with credible sources
  • Regularly update our content to reflect current standards

What We Don't Do

  • Tell you to do something that doesn’t work
  • Advise you to buy expensive products
  • Give favorable product reviews to companies that pay us

Keep In Touch

The best ways to keep in touch with us are liking and following us on social media and joining our email updates.

If you would like to get in touch, please feel free to send the Kitchen Sanity team or myself a message using our contact page.

I wish you all the best in your quest to reduce your frustration in the kitchen!


Tara Williams

Lead Editor @ Kitchen Sanity​