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KitchenSanity teaches about food preparation, including food’s shelf life and spoilage. Since 2010, it has been dedicated to simplifying cooking and empowering people with the knowledge about food safety to create delicious, safe meals.

The Team

Each team member brings a unique flavor to KitchenSanity while ensuring that their articles and guides are both insightful and carefully crafted to be accurate and helpful.

Justin Micheal

Founder, Food Writer, and Editor in Chief

Justin founded KitchenSanity in 2010 and brings over 30 years of daily cooking experience to the table. He guides you through everything from food safety to how-to guides. With multiple Food Handler Certifications, he’s the expert home cook you can trust to make your life in the kitchen easier and safer. Learn more about Justin Micheal.

Tara Williams

Food Writer and Editor

Tara has been with KitchenSanity since the get-go, offering her personal experience from years of food experimentation and recipe creation. She’s your go-to for straightforward tips sprinkled with a dash of fun. Learn more about Tara Williams.

Carly Day

Contributing Editorial Assistant

Carly’s knack for research and ideas still shines through in many of our easy-to-follow guides. Though she’s a globetrotter without a permanent kitchen, her love for gathering and organizing the latest info in an easy-to-understand format has helped thousands of our readers. Learn more about Carly Day.

From time to time, we also enlist the help of other freelance food bloggers to get reader’s questions answered as quickly as possible while maintaining our standards as outlined below.

Our Process & Editorial Policies

At KitchenSanity, integrity is our main ingredient. Here’s a quick rundown of how we ensure you’re getting the best:

  • Evidence-Based Content: Every claim is backed by scientific literature, which is cited with links in each article.
  • Expert Input: Subject matter experts write, edit, or review all our content.
  • Quality Sources: We rely on top-notch sources for our research.
  • Up-to-date: Our pages are regularly updated with the latest info.
  • Feedback: We welcome feedback to change or update any errors that may have slipped through.
  • We don’t accept sponsorship fees.
  • We don’t contradict food safety guidelines and nutritional information from agencies like the USDA and FoodSafety.gov.

Click here to read more about our editorial policies.

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