17 Keurig Troubleshooting Tips & Coffee Maker Problems 2018

Keurig Problems and Troubleshooting

Keurig coffee makers are generally quite durable and dependable, but they can develop odd quirks that can leave a coffee-dependent person in a challenging spot.

Regular maintenance can greatly reduce the risk of having to do without your coffeemaker. The first step to any involved repair is to unplug the machine and let it cool down!

Keurig as a brand and manufacturer of the now-infamous single-brew coffee maker, has been around for a while.

Rather than review any one particular model in their line-up, today's discussion will be centered on current Keurig models and where Keurig could stand to improve their product line.

User feedback plays a large role in building such a list, because it's only out in the wild – at work, at home, etcetera, where the true tests play out in everyday usage.

Keurig Troubleshooting : Problems & Fixes

>>> Please note that some fixes may void your warranty. <<<

Keurig Issues

How To Fix

Clean & descale, check other issues listed to troubleshoot further

Check plug, outlet, hold power button, reconnect reservoir

Check reservoir magnet, disable timer or auto-shut feature off if applicable

Unplug machine, re-seat parts, clean & descale, burp machine

Clean water nozzle, hot water in reservoir

Clean & descale, clean needle

Clean needle, check pod is puncturing properly (you may need to puncture well to release pressure before brewing), try newer pods, don't overfill reusable pods and use a coarse grind

See grounds in cup issue, for reusable cups try using a finer grind or darker roast instead

Empty internal reservoir, replace water filter if applicable, brew straight water until good

Avoid distilled water, check float magnet in water reservoir, burp the machine gently

Unplug the machine for several minutes, brew cleaning pod, burp, clean and descale

Clean needle and descale the entire machine

Don't overfill past the max line, re-seat water reservoir, empty internal reservoir

These machines are noisy when brewing, check that the unit is clean to prevent the pump working too hard

Re-seat parts, remove filter, refill and retry, gentle burping to move along any trapped air bubbles

Remove the drip tray to seat the carafe properly, use appropriate machine with carafe pods (only 2.0 Keurigs)

When cool, burp or spank the machine gently. Do water only cycles, once water starts moving clean and descale.

Keurig Not Brewing Coffee

There are a couple possible reasons for your Keurig not brewing full cup or not brewing the best tasting coffee at all.

Here are the top 5 Keurig brewing problems:

  1. Depending on the type of water that you use, there may be scaling build up or other debris clogging the line.
  2. Air bubbles in the lines.
  3. All the pieces of the machine aren’t in the proper place or properly seated.
  4. Not enough warm-up time.
  5. It’s just not working no matter what I do.

Let's dive further in to all the problems that we have discovered from our own tests and your feedback.

Power Button Not Working - Keurig Won't Turn On?

Whether you're setting up a new machine or trying to power up an existing machine, the correction for a Keurig that won't turn on is fairly consistent:

  1. Check to make sure the machine is plugged in.
  2. Confirm that the outlet is working properly by plugging in something else.
  3. Press and hold the power button until your Keurig lights up; some display screens may include the word "welcome" on the display screen.
  4. Make sure your water reservoir is properly seated. There are magnetic contacts between the reservoir and the body of your Keurig. If the reservoir isn't settled into place, the machine may power down.
  5. If these fail, unplug the machine from the wall socket and check to make sure the cord is securely affixed to the body of the coffeemaker. If you notice any looseness in the connection, contact customer service.

Keurig Keeps Shutting Off

This failure generally stems from a failure of the existing contacts in the machine.

keurig water reservoir problem

For example, the water reservoir, if removed, has to be returned to the machine so the magnetic contacts on the reservoir connect with the contacts on the machine; if not, the Keurig will power down as it doesn't sense there's any fresh water available.

It's critical to review the placement of these magnets when you set up your machine. If you remove your reservoir each time you fill your Keurig, it can be easy to accidentally move the magnets around in the handling.

It's also important to note that some Keurigs have an auto-shutoff timer feature.

You can review this setting by referring to your manual and scrolling through the display menu on your machine until you can confirm the auto-timer is set to "off."

Keurig Won't Heat Or Not Hot Enough

Each Keurig contains multiple features that have to work in a specific order to provide you with a cup of coffee.

First, the water in the reservoir has to heat, then it has to pump. If your pump is working before the water heats up, something inside the machine is turning off the heating mechanism for safety's sake.

To let your water heating mechanism know that everything is OK, try the following:

  1. Unplug and replug the machine.
  2. Power it down and back up again.
  3. Reset the water reservoir.
  4. Hold down the brew button for at least five seconds to get the machine to purge the water inside the reservoir.
  5. Clean and descale the machine (further instructions below.)
  6. Burp or spank the machine. Unplug your Keurig and remove the water reservoir and drip tray. Over the sink, turn your Keurig over to pour out as much water as possible. Firmly slap the bottom of the Keurig at least ten times to dislodge any coffee grounds or other beverage residues that may have clogged up the machine. Refill, plug-in and try again.

Keurig Stuck On Preheating Mode

Your Keurig goes into preheating mode when you add new water to the reservoir.

Keurig paper clip trick

It can get stuck in preheating mode if there is an obstruction in the water nozzle, which you can access by opening the top as though you were adding a new pod and applying the paper clip trick.

To clear this, many Keurigs include a needle cleaning tool. Be aware that the water inside your Keurig may still be very hot; you will probably want to power down the machine and let the water cool.

There is a repair suggestion that includes using a straw to try sucking or blowing obstructions out of the needle configuration which should only be attempted as a last resort and after the machine has cooled for several hours.

Another option is to simply override the preheating process by adding very hot water to the reservoir as described in this video:

This fix may be temporary.

Keurig Not Brewing A Full Cup

The needles that puncture the foil lid of your K-Cup can get clogged with coffee grounds or flavoring from other beverages. In addition, over time the minerals in your drinking water can gum up your coffeemaker.

A thorough cleaning with vinegar and hot water can save you a lot of Keurig hassles. So can using bottled or filtered water to make your coffee.

Wash all removable parts with warm water and soap, and be sure to pull all internal filters and replace them after the cleaning.

Once you've cleaned your machine with vinegar, run several pots of hot water through the Keurig.

It's important to note that your machine has an internal water reservoir; you may need to let the machine cool and manually dump it before running plain water through it.

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Keurig Coffee Grounds In Cup Problem

Coffee with grounds can come from several sources:

  1. A pod failure; if the foil lid glue is not secure, the puncturing will not occur and the grounds will go everywhere.
  2. Clogged needles. These needles both puncture the foil lid and send water through to the contents of the pod. Should they get clogged with grounds or sweetener from hot cocoa or cider, you'll get grounds in your coffee. Per the instructions, remove the needle and wash it.
  3. If you're using a reusable K-cup, be sure to use coarse ground coffee. Per authorities with Keurig, you should also take care not to overfill your reusable K-cup.

Keurig Weak Coffee Problem

If you're trying to use your favorite drip coffee in a reusable K-cup, you'll probably be disappointed.

Both grind size and volume are critically important in the K-cup, so your standard drip coffee may not work well in this new application.

keurig weak coffee problem

It's also important to note that the target brewing temperature for a Keurig machine is 192 degrees Fahrenheit / 89 degrees Celsius.

Many coffee drinkers hold fast to the 195 - 205 degrees Fahrenheit / 90 to 96 degrees Celsius.

For fans of strong coffee, neither the flavor nor the temperature of their favorite coffee made in a Keurig may satisfy after switching.

Consider investing in a darker roast and be sure to use a coarse grind in your personal K-cup to avoid grounds in your cup.

Another common complaint here is that the reusable filter is not easy to clean. For an environmentally-conscious coffee drinker, it’s easy to see why this could be considered a problem. Recycling options need grow when using this system.

Keurig Coffee Doesn't Taste Good Anymore

Many users find that after descaling their machine, their K-Cup coffee has an unpleasant vinegar taste. This can be tied to several factors:

  1. A filter was left in the machine during descaling and is full of vinegar.
  2. The internal reservoir is still tainted with vinegar.
  3. The plastic parts of the machine have absorbed a vinegar aroma and are still releasing this into your coffee as it brews.

For item 1, refer to your manual and make sure you've removed and replaced all the filters for your machine.

To correct item 2, unplug the machine and let it cool completely, then dump out all the water in the machine and refill.

To correct item 3, once the machine is completely empty, fill it with hot filtered water rather than cool and run several cups to clear away the vinegar aroma.

Keurig Says Add Water But It Is Full

There are two primary issues that can cause this problem: either you're using the wrong type of water or your water reservoir is sending the wrong signals to the coffeemaker.

Keurig 2.0 machines don't care for distilled water. While it is true that you should use filtered water to cut down on scale damage, you don't want to use distilled water.

Your water reservoir has a float that rides on top of the water in the reservoir. If this float gets jammed at the bottom of the reservoir, your machine will not get a correct reading on the amount of water currently in the machine.

Per the following video some gentle shaking and tapping are all you need to get your reservoir float released and your Keurig working again.

Keurig Says Brewing But Nothing Comes Out

The source of this problem is either mechanical or electric. As the electric is the easiest to fix, start by unplugging the machine. Let it sit for at least a minute, then plug it back in.

Sometimes this simple reset is all it takes to get your Keurig working normally.

If this doesn't fix the problem, water isn't flowing somewhere. Try running the machine with no pod in the top to see how much water, if any, is actually moving.

Remove and clean the needle mechanism from the cover of the machine to make sure there's no debris in the puncture needle.

Descale the machine to make sure the needle and water drawing tubes are completely clear. The burp or slap maneuver may also be helpful in this situation.

Keurig Won't Stop Pumping Water

As debris can clog a water line or needle, debris can also get into valves and tubes and block things open, leading to a continuous stream of water.

If this is caused by scale, you may need to manually clear the debris and then descale the machine.

Unplug the unit and let it cool down. If you're desperate for a cup of coffee, getting burned probably won't help your problem-solving skills.

Once it's cool, remove and clean the water reservoir. Discard the pod if it is still in the machine and remove the needle mechanism. Clean this with the needle tool that came with your pot, a paperclip or a fine brush.

Dump out all the liquid, remove the filters and descale the machine. See notes above on cleaning your Keurig.

Keurig Leaking Water After Brewing

This leaking could be caused by debris in the needle or by using the wrong sized pod in the top of the machine.

While there are plenty of instructions provided on how to work around Keurig pod size restrictions, it's important to follow the manufacturer recommended guidelines to make sure that you don't wind up damaging your coffeemaker.

Another reason your Keurig may be leaking is that it's simply been over-filled. It's particularly easy to do this on the K15/Mini.

To clear the machine after it's been over-filled, empty the drip tray and place a cup under the water dispenser.

Power down the machine, then turn it back on and press and hold the Brew button. This should clear the internal reservoir.

Add only the recommended amount of water to the reservoir and, without adding a pod, brew a cup of hot water. If the machine continues to leak after this, contact customer service.

Water Capacity

Due to the design of these units, the water canister is part of the visual aesthetic and balances out the appearance of the machine.

Consequently, the amount of water available on some unit tends to be less than what you might expect.

Keurig water reservoir

Some users have acknowledged that a larger canister would make the unit look unbalanced.

The unit's tendency to alert the user to low water levels only after they have begun to brew a cup has caused some to give Keurig a bad review. This is definitely something the company should look into improving on future models.

Design flow has also been called into question by those who prefer the deft action of swiftly mounting the canister with their right hand while preparing to hit the start button with their left hand.

This may seem inconsequential to some, but as there are more right-hand users than left-hand in society, this would appear to be a design flow mistake.

Keurig Making Noise When Drawing Water

Even fresh from the box, Keurigs are not known for being quiet machines. If you find that your Keurig is making more noise than when you bought it, start by descaling the machine.

Any mineral or coffee ground clogs in the water lines are going to force it to work harder and thus make more noise.

It's important to point out that using filtered water in your Keurig is critical. There are many points inside the machine that are sensitive to mineral build-up, or scale.

If your tap water is high in iron, you'll want to filter it before you add it to the machine. Of course, never add anything called "mineral water" to your Keurig.

Keurig Says Prime - How To Prime A Keurig

The "prime" error message comes up when water isn't moving from the external reservoir into the internal reservoir of the machine.

You may just need to remove and re-seat the reservoir, or there may be debris in the port.

  1. If re-seating the reservoir doesn't work, remove and wash the external reservoir. Give it a thorough rinse to remove any soap and pay extra attention to the exit port to give that opening a thorough rinse to get rid of any sediment. Let this portion of the machine air dry.
  2. Change any filters between the external reservoir and the internal hot water reservoir.
  3. Refill the external reservoir with filtered water and run several "water only" cycles to make sure the water is moving freely from external reservoir to internal hot water reservoir.

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Keurig 2.0 Carafe Problems - Carafe Not Working

The Keurig 2.0 carafe is specifically designed to align with the 2.0 coffeemaker, and if it's not properly aligned the machine won't brew. You'll need to remove the drip tray to get the carafe to fit properly.

MaxBrew 24k Reusable K-Carafe Filter

DI ORO - MaxBrew 24K Gold Reusable K-Carafe Filter for Keurig 2.0 - K-Cup Reusable 4-5 Cup Carafe Filter for Keurig 2.0

You'll also need to use the proper sized K-cup to brew coffee into your carafe. There are 3rd party reusable carafe filter pods available.

Just remember that your favorite coffee might not taste quite the same because of the grind and amount of coffee you use per pod.

The settings of the coffeemaker are extremely specific in this case; the pod has to be suited to carafe brewing, and the carafe needs to be properly aligned.

Can you hack this? Probably. Will many hacks put you at risk to void your warranty? Very likely. You can buy many K-cup pods for the price of a new Keurig so avoid using hacks until you have nothing left to lose.

Keurig Says Descale But Won't Brew

If you're trying to descale and water simply won't move through the Keurig, it may be time to try the spanking method described above.

Please note that your Keurig has an internal water reservoir and that this water is quite hot.

Spanking requires turning the machine upside-down. While you're doing this, you might as well remove and wash the external reservoir.

Unplug the machine so it can cool completely, remove and wash the drip tray and reservoir, and invert the machine over the sink to give it a couple of good whacks on the bottom.

Turn it right-side up, add the recommended amount of water to the reservoir, and run several hot water cycles. Once water is moving, do a vinegar descale as described above.

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Keurig Replacement Parts

When you’ve tried just about everything, and unable to get a replacement unit under warranty, sometimes a specific part needs to be replaced to get you brewing again.

We have listed options below for common replacement parts for the 400 and 500 series Keurig coffee makers.

You may be able to find parts for older models, but if you have been using the same machine for a couple of years it might be worth it to purchase a new one. Plastic parts, pumps, tubing all wear over time and can stop working effectively causing an assortment of issues.

It’s possible that if you replace one part this week, that the following week you may need to replace another.

For example, if you replaced the water pump, the new pressure might cause a weakened tube to finally spring a leak.

If you’re in the market for a new machine, we would recommend the K55 or the K575.

Family & Heavy Drinkers

Low - Moderate Drinkers

Keurig K575 Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker with 12oz Brew Size, Strength Control, and Hot Water on Demand, Programmable, Platinum

Keurig K575

Touch screen

Programmable, Strength Control

K-Cup Pods & Carafe Pods

80 oz. Reservoir

Keurig K55/K-Classic Coffee Maker, K-Cup Pod, Single Serve, Programmable, Black

Keurig K55

Single serve


K-Cup Pods

Water Filter

48 oz. Reservoir

The K55 is a step up from their smallest brewer. It’s quite basic but it has a removable water reservoir, buttons with lights, and an easy to use and understand interface.

This unit may be ideal for 1-3 adults who are itching to get a single cup of coffee in the morning at the same time. It only brews single cups at a time, but once heated it only takes a couple of minutes.

The K575 has all the bells and whistles including a large reservoir, carafe to make a pot of coffee for families or for heavy drinkers.

The screen display includes many options to control your brew a little more compared to the K55. If you have a small army of drinkers in the morning, this may be the better option.

Keurig Warranty

Always keep your dated receipt! Your machine should include a warranty card in the box; follow instructions and register your machine as instructed.

Avoid activities that will void your warranty, such as trying to hack the 2.0 pods or refilling disposable K-cups.

If you're upgrading your coffee experience with a Keurig, consider hanging onto your old brewer just in case.

While Keurigs are quite a durable machine, customer service can only work so fast, and you'll need some source of coffee while your Keurig is repaired.

While most of the above problems tend to be more user-preference than how the machine is built, this last item is of greatest concern.

People who have had to make use of the Keurig 12 month warranty are discovering that Keurig doesn't make it easy to get a replacement.

Those unfortunate enough to have their machine break down barely over the 12-month period will be told to buy another one.

This is bothersome to those who began using Keurig machines when they first came out, as they have grown to love them and are now dismayed at this turn of events.

Customer Service Contact Information

Get In Touch By



1-866-901-BREW (2739)
Toll-free, 7 days a week
7 am - 12 am EST


Regular Mail

Keurig Green Mountain, Inc.
53 South Avenue
Burlington, MA 01803

Recalled Keurigs

The largest recall of Keurig machines was the K10 Mini.

It's important to note that while over six million of these were sold, 90 people were burned.

Keurig's attention to customer safety and satisfaction is well-documented. They have since released a newer model, the K-Mini K15, which hasn't run in to the same issues.

Final Thoughts

The Keurig line of coffeemakers is well-known and has a dedicated following. The ability to brew coffee, tea, and hot cocoa is especially helpful in satisfying everyone in need of a hot beverage.

Be aware that this coffee maker does require maintenance. Avoid working on it while it's hot and follow the instructions offered in the manual.

Quality of workmanship could be improved. Tech support and warranty service should continue to be improved to reflect the impression that the company wants of its products.

Overall, the problems with Keurig coffee makers are not so bad that it makes the convenience of a quick cup of delicious coffee, more trouble than it’s worth.

Did you fix your Keurig problems? If you did, please let us know in the comments with your best tips and tricks. If you didn’t, let us know what issues you’re facing to see if we or other readers can help solve them.

We’re in independent blog and not affiliated with Keurig. Consider giving us a rating for our effort in this guide, rather than rating your dissatisfaction with these machines. Thanks so much!

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Anthony Villalobos - 3 years ago

I set cup size to large and it serves very little coffee ????
i cleaned it but continues to misbehave.

    Bruce - 3 years ago

    Mine does the same. I finally resorted back to the trusty 10 cup coffee maker – it works and I get a full cup of coffee. Aaaargh.

    Frank Baranowsky - 3 years ago

    you’re not alone: We were dumb enough to buy a second Keurig after the first stopped the coffee flow. It was good when it worked but that didn’t last too long…. It’s like having an ALL-STAR football quarterback that injury prone: it costs a lot and doesn’t produce while sitting on the side lines. It this case sitting in the closet. VERY POOR QUALITY PRODUCT.

      Skye - a couple of years ago

      Happened to me also. It’s the top ‘puncture pin’ that clogs. Of course, no mention of this the the manual. Simply, take off water reservoir, turn machine and clean that center puncture pin. Reassemble, run water only thru the Keurig and you’ll find it is good to go. It sucks that this issue is NOT addressed by Keurig, but the fix is simple. Hope it works for yours!

        George - a couple of years ago

        Tried everything from all the posts, forums, etc., concerning the stopped brewing problem. Even used the free “brewer maintenance accessory” from Keurig which is a pain to have to use at 5 am when machine won’t brew.

        I reasoned that the problem was one of pressure. Simply put, place the pod in the machine to puncture it. Lift it slightly and rotate it several degrees and push it down and brew your coffee.

        I’ve been doing this for about a month now and the problem has disappeared. Coffee tastes the same and is just as strong.

        Let me know if this works for you or anybody else that reads this post. Thanks

          Tara Williams - a couple of years ago

          Thanks for the great tip George!

          Daniel - last year

          Brand new Keurig. problem is not one of flow… Works fine without a K-Cup. But will not flow with K cup in

          Carol - a few months ago

          This coffee maker is horrible!! Fills the cup halfway & leaks all over my counter!! Can’t return it the store went out of business!! 100$ wasted

          Kerri - last year

          Thanks George! You’re a life saver at 6AM this morning!!!

          dennis lam - last year

          going by what you said in your post the bottom pin is clogged use a small paper clip and straighten it out for an inch and 3/4 long push it in the pin that full length if you get it in that far you will be unclogged and back to normal

          Holly - last year

          Had issues with system, it would dispense water however not if a cup was in the cradle. We took the cradle out, used a butter knife and gentle separated the 2 parts making up the cup cradle. I used dawn dish soap and an old fashion pipe cleaner. Inserted the pipe cleaner into the hole, pulled the pipe cleaner all the way through the hole. Rinsed it a couple times and it works fine now- nothing tells you to clean that area, it was clogged with 2 years of usage buildup.

          Shar - 10 months ago

          Thanks that did the trick, pods were always dripping and spilling coffee grounds.

        Vicky - a couple of years ago

        Thank you. This is exactly what was wrong with mine and it is working like a dream again. I wish I had known this before I almost lost my temper.

        Dennis - a couple of years ago

        It was the easiest fix Ours was given to us and it works better than ever. Thanks for ur post.

        EUNICE - last year

        I followed your instructions by turning the machine upside down (with the water reservoir off) and sprayed water into the puncture pin to try to clean it out. When I tried to make another cup of coffee, it still sprayed water out of the larger area outside of the puncture pin. Do you have another suggestion?

        Dave - last year

        You’re a life saver, just read your ‘fix’ for Keurig not pumping water, immediately grabbed a floss stick, a few thrusts up the puncture pin and bingo…clog be gone. Thanks a ton! One less Keurig to the dump!

        Rick baldwin - a couple of months ago

        I bought a keurig machine from a friend., works great…till now. Wont let the water go into the machine. Is that what urs did?

      Thomas - a couple of years ago

      I have been fighting with Keurig 2.0 and quite frankly it is a piece of crap. Pressure problems, grounds in coffee, etc. Keurig has been very helpful. Sent me brand new 2.0 and first K Cup pressure problems. They sent me Green Mountain Kenya AA 24 count Box of K Cups. Tried 4 cups no go. They tell me it’s pod problems, but Green Mountain is Keurig. Last brewer, K80, had almost 4 years with no problems. I have had these brewers since their first monster brewer came out. This Keurig 2.0 is a great step backwards. Trying to find K 80.

        Kris - a couple of years ago

        I am having the same problem with my 2.0! Had my first Keurig for over 2 years, then December 2015 replaced. It continually gives me all of the pressure errors, brewing problem errors. Customer service was great and sent replacement. And now the replacement is doing the SAMe THiNg!

        Geralynn - a few months ago

        I am having a problem with grounds in the coffee with my keurig 2.0
        I know of at least 3 other people having a problem also. only with the k-cups not with carafe cups.
        Whats the deal and ho do I fix the problem

          Butch - a few months ago

          We were having same problem. Was ready to give up after the second one did the same. Talked to support and went thru the classic fixes, then the lady asked about our water. We have well water and use a softener. She said well water was fine but the softener would cause problems. I was very skeptical but was ready to try anything to get the grounds out of my coffee. Flushed out the reservoir and filled with bottled water, haven’t had any further grounds in coffee in two days. Eureka.

      Donna - last year

      Absolutely right! Horrible quality. Made the mistake of buying a second one after the first (which was much less flimsy) stopped working. This one does not make selected size after just a few mnths, just seems to be random. Will never purchase this brand again!

        George - last year

        I was just about to go out and buy a second Keurig 2.0 because I found it on sale somewhere. My first one broke down just after a few months of use. I made the mistake of trying to fix it with ideas suggested by other owners on the internet, instead of returning it. Now it is out of warranty and still doesn’t work. Anyone knows a better brand?

      shirley lesperance - last year

      I just put my 1 cup Keurig in the trash, was so annoying, same problem as the other people. I received as a gift the larger Keurig, I am about ready to throw that one out, I cannot get a full cup of coffee, it dribbles out, I get so angry. Your coffee makers are up there in price and should work more efficient!

      Unless the company can do a better job I will be going to the big lots and get a unknown name coffee maker as I love my coffee, as people love their beer and wine

    Renee - a couple of years ago

    Mine gives a full cup of coffee if I use the “fill yourself” K-cups, but when I use a pre-filled K-cup I get a half cup even if I set to large cup. Because of the full (and quick) fill of the self-fill cups, I know that it is not scaling.

    John Rodriquez - a couple of years ago

    Recently had the same problem with only a 1/4 cup being dispensed and the pump sounding like it was straining and taking a long time to fill. Removed the water supply container and the filter at the bottom of the unit, and blew out the filter with high pressure air and it cleared the problem immediately…. nice quick full cups of coffee…. staff and I are happy again!

      Richard Wan - last year

      I turned my 40/45 model upside down and spanked it a few times and eureka, problem solved. I get a full cup on the largest setting. Thanks to all who have shared their solutions.

    Doyle Bevis - a couple of years ago

    Mine started making a half cup of coffee every time so I unplugged it for about ten minutes and plugged it back up and it started working fine. It might have a little computer or chip In it anyway it worked. Try it.

    Don Cole - a couple of years ago

    I had a problem with a keurig K 60/65 after 3 months of flawles service, in the process of moving it to the new home it would not brew full cup, and when it did brew anything there were grounds in the coffee.
    Keurig sent a new K 450 upgraded unit to us, when we received it we had the same problem, called tech support and they sent us another K 450 as well as 172 k cups to replace the ones we had, when we received this one it also woukd not work..
    Researched on line and tried every fix out there, bought pure water filter, and also used the filter in the water tank, tried turning unit upside down and shaking it.. Tried the paper clip thing etc..
    Was getting ready to throw this last one in the trash as we had the other two when I tried running bottled water thru it and it worked fine, have now been using it for two weeks on bottled water with no problems. The water we get from the city is fairly soft water and that seems to be the problem.. Now back in love with the machine, and is a shame we trashed the other two..

    Elizabeth Penrod - a couple of years ago

    I have had the same problem and mine is brand new!! I have double checked everything in the book, but only get about a 1/4 c in the cup. I just bought it about 4 days ago, today is Feb.4 2016.
    This is my second one, I got one when they first came out, so trusted Keurig enough that I bought a new one. It is 2.0 350.
    It says not to take it back to the store but call or get in touch with the company.
    so, here I am!!
    Please solve my problem, I paid a lot of money for this thing and it upsets me that it doesn’t work!!!

      Tara Williams - a couple of years ago

      Hi Elizabeth! 4 Days and you’re already having problems, that’s horrible. Have you tried taking the machine apart and putting it back together? Make sure that everything fits exactly where it’s supposed to, some machines are pretty particular about that. If you’re still having problems I would contact support http://support.keurig.com/ support to see what they recommend.

        Rachel Riddiford - last year

        By the way, we have a Senseo machine at home and love it. We have to order pods from them on line since k-cups took over the grocery shelves. Had it for years, the pods are compostable, and you can buy refillable filters so you can use your own coffee, too.

    Muhammad Betz - last year

    I HAVE THE ANSWER!!!! Just put two or three holes in the bottom of the K-Cup and you again get a full cup when you brew. This really works, every time!

    Rachel Riddiford - last year

    Just bought k15 to put in our beach rental property and it stopped working after about 15 cups of coffee. My engineer hubby worked on it while I read these very helpful posts. He found the machine was full of coffee grounds. Needless to say we won’t leave it for renters since issues with these machines seem abundant….not something you want to deal with on vacation.

    Rosita Hiscox - last year

    I love my coffee. But, just now, I went to make a cup (with the water level high, etc.)…and nothing came out..but instead, spewed from the cup into the brewer, itself. So, I tried it, again. The second time, it said “Brewing” …but nothing came out? Help!

    Farren - a few months ago

    I have owned 3 Keurig coffee makers, of which the “original, older model” has been the most dependable!! Now, when I press the button to make coffee, the hot water is pouring into my water reservoir!!! Why is this happening…and is it correctible???

Bob Borkowski - 3 years ago

water starts to run out of my keurig as soon as I turn it on. the water is cold just like in the water holder and the keurig says not ready. any ideas !

    Tanya - 3 years ago

    I’m having the same issue. I’ve unplugged, giggled it upside down, beat it, etc. it almost worked for a minute, then stopped again. I’ve used the cleaner, vinegar (actually works better, is not chemicals and way cheaper) and lots of water. I’m going to buy a new, regular coffee maker again. Keurig is a scam.

    Brittany - 3 years ago

    I have the same exact problem, did anyone get back to you? Did you fix it?

    Tara Williams - 3 years ago

    Sometimes the machine will act up if you use cold water. Have you tried using room temperature or warm water?

    Also, if you’ve already put cold water in and want it out, hold the brew button down for 5+ seconds and your Keurig should purge the remaining water.

    If that doesn’t help, as Tanya mentioned, kcupbarista.com recommends turning your machine upside down and give it a slap/spanking. Sometimes dried coffee/dust/dirt can get trapped in places that causes problems.

    Let us know if that helped!

      Julie - 3 years ago

      Thank you, after I purged the water it worked again.

      len - a couple of years ago

      thankfully, that worked

      melissa - a couple of years ago

      this info has worked great. My grandma’s keurig was not working properly. we tried all of your suggestions and it worked wonders.

    Celeste Cooper - a couple of years ago

    Bob, I have the same problem as yourself.

    Tina - last year

    Have the same issue! Have you found any fixes? Thx.

Dave Saunders - 3 years ago

make sure you clear the top and BOTTOM needle. My bottom needle was clogged.
to clear the bottom needle, use a paper clip as described in this article. a toothpick won’t work because the channel under the bottom needle is curved.
insert the straightened paper clip until it stops (about 1/4 inch), then bend it slightly and it will go another 1/4 inch. repeat about 3 or 4 times to get all the way through the channel.
Probably a good idea to descale with vinegar.

lenny y - 3 years ago

1075 Flower st nw can i use k cup without lip in one that uses lip ??

Bill Temores - 3 years ago

My kuerig stopped making coffee Xmas Wve. Really disappointed that this has happened. Followed all the instructions on it’s problem and cleaned it regularly. What can you do to help? I threw away all of my warranty n instructions! Will I be able to return it even though I have no lappet work?

Joyce Snowdon - 3 years ago

why does the screen say just a moment and won’t let you get into the menu?

Denise Robinson - 3 years ago

I cleaned it. And now all lights are blinking. Can get it stop or work

    E Silveira - a couple of years ago

    The same thing happened to ours. We ended up throwing it out. Bought another on K200, no good; then K400, no good, then K300. The same problem with each of those being clogging up every time we use one pod. This did not happen with the original Keurig we had which didn’t work after cleaning.

tina jaquess - 3 years ago

I just got my keurig 2.0 for x-mas,used it about 10 times & now it’s not brewing ,little drops not feeling cup like its suppose to.cleaned it as book says but still doing same thing.also. can I return to walmart without box? I have receipt only with paperwork that came in box. this makes me unhappy,upgraded to this 1 & already having issues,not good @ all.

    Carol Cote - 3 years ago

    March it right back to Walmart with Bill of course. Stand your ground! It doesn’t matter what brand of kuerrig machine you buy, eg Mr. Coffee, Oster, they all do the same thing. I am not sure but I think kuerrig manufacturers all of them and markets them under different names to cover all the market. I am on my 3rd machine. I like the convenience. Just be prepared for it to stop working properly. Then contact the customer care people by email. State your case, as I have done, and hopefully they will send you a new machine. They didn’t ask me to a) the bill, or b) to send back the machine. The Braun Tassimo machine has similar issues. I love the variety and ease of making a single cup of coffee otherwise I would go back to brewing a pot of coffee. But zapping a cup to heat it up is so yesterday. I do hope that the company fixes the problem.

    Bill - 3 years ago

    Had the same problem. Mine was a K10. Took it back to the store. It is on recall. New one to be delivered in a week.

dORIS zAGROCKI - 3 years ago


    Peter - 3 years ago

    Tamper with it!
    Have someone open up the bottom and check where the leak is coming from. The bottom is easily accessible (5-6 screws?) and you’ll see every part down there is a hose -> plastic nozzle with a zip tie on the hose. your hose may have come loose or your zip tie might have broken.

    Louis - a couple of years ago

    Need to open the unit and all the problem is a rusty pump and a loos hose.Good luck.

Bob Zale - 3 years ago

Well, my wife and I have had it. Two machines – the first (Breville) started brewing half cups after 1 year, and after puffing and slapping, we bought the second (Cuisinart). After 1 month, this one started doubling the output of each cup! No joy from Cuisinart (I need to send the machine to them on my dime with no guarantee they can fix it) either.
We’re off to buy a drip machine – not one single cent more to Keurig.

    Cheryl Cooper - 3 years ago

    I am having the same problem with my Keurig.
    Any ideas of what might be wrong with the machine.

      Cheryl Cooper - 3 years ago

      I am having the same problem with my Keurig of water coming out of the bottom of the machine when not in use. Any ideas of what might be wrong with the machine.

Carol Cote - 3 years ago

I purchased the Mr. Coffee machine, a little over a year ago. It stopped serving coffee after 3 months. Caked the 1-88#. Was told that they could only replace it with a coffee Brewer, by Oster. It brews only 2 cups of coffee, but what the heck, at least I could have coffee, right? So, 5 months into that machine, I now get 1/2 size cups of coffee. I contacted the website, customer service. After several back and forth emails, they are now sending me another Mr. Coffee machine.

To the woman without the box, definitely return it to Walmart. They will be compensated as kuerrig knows this problem exists and isn’t prepared to fix it.

Kathy Taylor - 3 years ago

Why is my small Kuerig poking large holes, therefore it puts grounds in the coffee, and it also spurts hot water out on occasion!!!!!!!

    mary - a couple of years ago

    I’m having problems with it not poking holes for the pods & also it just pours out steaming hot water & no coffee.what can be wrong & I threw out my box & don’t have my receipt no more after having it for like five months.what can i do. ??

    Lorelei Barton - a couple of years ago

    This is my 8th Kuerig. I love my machines. However my latest machine, purchased 10/2015, is broken. The kcup pods were misfunctioning. I took one pod out and with a flashlight looked in the pod well. The “needle” that pokes a hole in the pod was broken loose. Help?

Kathryn - 3 years ago

I received my Keurig for Christmas along with some coffee packs. In trying to use the GingerBread it came up with “Oops this pack was not designed for this Keurig” I tried the second time and it came up with the same phrase. The pack does have the name Keurig on it.

    Laurie - 3 years ago

    Had the same problem with the K cups…call Keurig and they will give you free cups for new machine! The new machine “reads” the new k cups. Technology! Hope this helps!

Dave - 3 years ago

Do what I am going to do. Buy a Bunn

    Stephanie - 3 years ago

    That’s what I have, best brewer ever!!I have a kuerig for ocassional use but bunn is the best 6 years strong on mine, and fastest pot of coffee 2mins and a full put is there.

    Bud - a couple of years ago

    Consider the Bunn Velocity, hot water on demand, brews quick, easy to maintain.
    Received a Kuerig 2.0 last Christmas and no longer brews a consistent cup of coffee – not impressed as the quality of the machine components appear to be delicate and cheap.
    The Bunn beats the Kuerig hands-down in my opinion.

Shawn - 3 years ago

My kuerig is pouring water out the front of machine between top canister and k cup holder how do I fix this

James b Williams Sr - 3 years ago


James b Williams Sr - 3 years ago

Water coming out top before it ever heats up

    Sherry Hamilton - a couple of years ago

    Water spurs out when we plug machine back in!!

stan - 3 years ago

message display on screen says not ready yet.what do i do

    Helen - a couple of years ago

    my machine does the same thing, screen reads “not ready” Did you find a solution to this problem?

      Nona - a couple of years ago

      My machine also reads “not ready”. Screen will not shut off, resent, or let me run water, etc. Just has those two words on the display. Any ideas you may have come across

Pat Rosebrock - 3 years ago

Bought my first one at Goodwill. Turns out it was missing the removable K-cup holder. Called the company who noticed my model was THE FIRST one out. Even though I admitted to buying it second hand, graciously sent me a free basket – been enjoying it now for 2 years. Mine received a blessing at the factory?

Geri Fleury - 3 years ago

this is my second brewer////just love it!!!! but past few days,,,coffee does not taste the same….and it is not as hot as usual……..this maker is maybe 18 months old help thank you

Paula Baker - 3 years ago

I have a spicial edition Keburig and it wond give me a full cup of coffee, need to know where to fix it I have had it one year and I clean it out all the time thinking It will make it work, but no….please if you can let me know where i can get it fixed….

    Tara Williams - 3 years ago

    Hi Paula,

    If the troubleshooting above didn’t help, have you tried contacting Keurig directly?

Everett Kissler - 3 years ago

We have been happy with our Keurig but this is the 2nd one that has “bit the dust”!! We were assured that we would never have to worry about the brewer having the same problem. Well it has happened! My sister and brother in law have had to replace 3 of the large brewers and we will be doing the third now but we will not get another Keureg. We will do like my sister and brother in law and go with a quality competitors brand! We just can’t do this again because the water damage to cabinets and other items is just too costly.
Everett Kissler

    Tara Williams - 3 years ago


    Sorry to hear about the costly troubles that you’ve had with your Keurig. Hopefully a different machine won’t let you down!

    Don’t hesitate to send us an email to let us know about the success of your new machine. We’ll be glad to share that information with everyone.

Debra minor - 3 years ago

I love my Keurig but I have a question. My machine won’t brew, it is telling me to prime. What do that mean and how do I prime it

Dave - 3 years ago

My kurig vue started removing all the grounds from the vue cup and put them in the coffee cup. Is there a cure?

    Tara Williams - 3 years ago

    Hi Dave,

    The exit needle is most likely clogged with coffee grounds. You will need to clean the exit needle and do a small-cup cleansing brew. You may need to do the cleansing brew a few times before attempting to make a cup of coffee.

    Check out the video help here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNCjhCaZ6UI

    On the right hand side you will see two videos that should help your situation:

    1. “Cleaning your Keurig”
    2. “How to descale your Keurig” – This is a good idea if you haven’t done it in the past and have been using your machine for quite some time.

    We hope that helps Dave! Please let us know if that did the trick for you 🙂

      Effie - a couple of years ago

      We are very disappointed with the newer Keurig machines. Our first one, which quit after the 3 descaling, was great, no problems with clogging. Since July, we are on our 3rd one: K200, K400 & now K300. They all clog up after making just one cup of coffee. This should not happen & is very annoying. Why did Keurig change their system, when it was working good? We’ll be returning this one after less than 2 weeks of use & will not get another Keurig brand.

Beth Meeker - 3 years ago

I am very disappointed with my Keurig coffeemaker . In the last 10years, I have bought 2 regular ones for myself, and one for each of my 3 children. Also have bought myself a single brewer machine. None of them are working. Currently, my single serving one is not putting the coffee out in the cup– it is running out underneath. I’ve cleaned it and nothing helps. I love the convenience of the brewer but the quality isn’t up to par. I am very disappointed in your product and , sadly, don’t think I will replace it.

frank banyai - 3 years ago

The man I talked with on the phone was helpful, but when I wanted to
see the movie on how to get my coffee maker to work proper, it did not
show what I needed to know. the movie showed something different.
I have 2 Keurig coffee makers. One shows all the lights and will not work.
The other gives half cups or over fills.

Ronald Noel - 3 years ago

I have to run the machine three time to get a full cup of coffee.
I s there a lemon law on sell junk????

Charlene - 3 years ago

Would not fill cup all the way so tried the paperclip and vinegar used a half gallon but figured cheaper then new keurig. Got it to work it’s like brand new again. Thanks for the advice.

    Tara Williams - 3 years ago

    Great news, Charlene! We’re glad you were able to get it resolved and thanks for letting us know!


Bette - 3 years ago

My descale light came on in the middle of descaling, when I was watching for the blue add water light. Won’t go away. Help!

Robert - 3 years ago

I let mine sit for aver a year without using it. When starting up I had many of the same problems that many of you mention in the comment blocks. What I found was the anti-siphon valves throughout the unit were dry and the one closest to the discharge to the k-cup had sealed itself shut. With the removal of 4 Phillips screws and 2 zip ties, I was able to access the valve remove it and get it working again. With the top arm cover off i was able to see into the heating tank (the cover to the tank is clear) and discovered slime build up inside the tank from it sitting. I cleared the slime with some vinegar and lots of water. Now its back to making great coffee.

    Tara Williams - 3 years ago

    Awesome Robert! It’s good to know that Keurigs can be resurrected even after sitting for long periods of time.

    Thanks so much!

Kim powers - 3 years ago

I had to run three 8oz. cycles to get a half a cup of coffee. Less than a year old.

Camille ragsdale - 3 years ago

There is a large majority of water that is not going into the filter full of coffee. It is over flowing and going into the coffee cup which makes the coffee deleted since it did not go into the coffee filter.

Tee - 3 years ago

got keurig 2.0 stopped brewing coffee a week later. Brought it back to the store and exchanged it. Went to make coffee this morning and it’s not brewing coffee. Again.

R. Robinson - 3 years ago

Water keeps dripping out while Mach is pre heating ,

JOAN - 3 years ago

My Keurig is being a pain. I have to prime it almost everytime I brew a cup of coffee. Frequently is gives only a half cup. I have cleaned with vinegar, gone in with the paper clip, and nothing is giving good results. It is less than a year old. I had such high hopes and for awhile it was great.

Fernand Godin - 3 years ago

Still waiting for free parts to repair Keurig coffee maker

Diane - 3 years ago

I am convinced these machines are designed to stop working when the warranty expires. I am going back to a regular coffee maker.

Jan Thompson - 3 years ago

Ours does not make a full cup of coffee when the grounds are inserted. We hae not had it a year and already having problems.

Kathleen Cerillo - 3 years ago

What size cup is used for one K-cup? I see ads for Keurig’s that accommodate 6-12 ounces of coffee — how can that be? 6 ounces would be very strong and 12 ounces much weaker. Am I missing something? I just don’t understand how these machines work.

Miriam Moyer - 3 years ago

My one cup Kuerig forces out water and burst the top of the I up allowing a lot of coffee to escape into my cup. UGH!How do I correct this? Thanks for any help you can give me. My email is down right now could I get a phone call (Phone Number Removed)

marlo - 3 years ago

Can I just get a new one…i love it but im done scaling it clean and it wont turn on anymore:(…im upset because the only way I could afford one was a layaway program during the holiday…feeling sad..:(

Brian - 3 years ago

Well, we’ve had ours for a little over a year and were able to fix all the problems such as half cup coffee. This is one that I don’t think we can fix now. Last night, the display won’t turn on when I press the on/off button. Don’t bother telling me to do the checklist. Anyone ever had this problem?

    Tara Williams - 3 years ago

    Hi Brian!

    From our experience this can happen if the unit gets wet, either from washing or over filling the water reservoir.

    Open your machine up as much as possible and let the whole thing dry out for a few days and try again. A fan blowing in to the reservoir to help evaporate the water might speed things up.

    If that doesn’t work, then the circuit board is probably fried for one reason or another. In that case, unfortunately, you’ll have to buy another if it’s not under warranty.

ken - 3 years ago

Water keeps dumping back into the water holder not giving me a full cup of coffee. If I put my finger over the water spout looking thing in the water holder it will give me a full cup

hindy graber - 3 years ago

You just sent me a new gaskicformy keurig machine and the new gaskic is tearing the top oof the cup and the coffeeis going in all directions….please help…..I followed your instruction very carefully……but for somereason it is not working…….

Dan James - 3 years ago

April 03, 2015 Keurig 2.0 problems
Four Keurigs in under two year. Honestly, it might have been 5. It’s ridiculous. I was so happy with my Tasimo, but found it difficult to find the cups when they had a manufacturing issue which I believe has been fixed and they are trying to recover from this unfortunate event. So, I decided to get a Keurig. Pumps quit altogether, or it recirculates the water back into the reservoir instead of my cup, won’t turn on, and most recently I get about two ounces instead of eight ounces of coffee. Also this latest one which is the 2.0.
So, I love my coffee in the morning. Getting up and finding your coffee maker decided overnight to speak loudly concerning its lack of quality over and over with new units is so so frustrating. My resolution each and every time except oft the last time, was to throw the unit in the car on my way to work, ( stop at Starbucks ) and on my way home from work stop by my fav store which would replace the unit w no questions. This last time I decided to call Customer service. OMG, well I got through it. Thought I was taken care of. I was to receive a replacement part within 7-10 days. That was two and a half months ago and 4 phone call each lasting 30-45 minutes, except the last one of 45 seconds which I can say I probably left a jaw hanging. Expressed to the customer service personnel that it wasn’t personal but at this point I’m pissed. I did leave my email and phone number and btw no follow up has been received after letting them know I still cannot make a cup of coffee. BTW each time I call they offer me a huge Discount on coffee. I have purchased 5 boxes of coffee in the past few months and have received them all, but not the “Part” that’s required to make coffee.

Dan J

Jamil - 3 years ago

I have tried all of the all of the above methods and nothing works

    Tara Williams - 3 years ago

    Hi Jamil, perhaps you should try contacting Keurig. Hopefully you’ll have better luck than Dan did!

    Anita McAllister - a few months ago

    I, too was ready to give up on my Keurig and buy another one. I bought the descaling kit with solution and two new filters. I followed the instructions, but it was just doing a very slow drip.

    The one thing I hadn’t done is to really clean the needle, so I took a can of air (the kind you used on office equipment) and blew it around the area where the needle is.

    It worked!!

    Try this and see if it will work for you.

candy - 3 years ago

I was given a single-cup K machine … put water in it before plugging in and all the water just ran right through and out the bottom. I’m afraid to plug it in and try again (water+electricity?) Is this normal?

adam - 3 years ago

I have the m400 with the extra large reservoir, (so my wife wouldn’t have to fill it all the time)…… but that idea has gone right out the window… I fill it up, it takes about a half gallon. It holds hot water inside it too. But when it gets to about a 3rd full the “fill reservoir” light comes on and the maker won’t do anything until I fill it…. what’s the point of having a larger reservoir if after 3 cups I have to top it off?…. there’s still enough water in the reservoir to make a few cups and there should be water inside, ready for the next cup… I called keurig “customer service”, (what a joke) they wanted useless info like my name and the SN for my machine like any of that is relevant to my problem…. they were completely useless and very dismissive to me and about my problem…. like I stole this machine and it’s a top secret coffee maker with magical powers that apparently no one understands. Any help would be appreciated.

Christina - 3 years ago

I have a commercial keurig the water stays hot, it brews the size I request however the minute I add creamer whether it be cold creamer or powder creamer, milk or anything to lighten my coffee it bubbles like spoiled milk was added.
what’s causing this because descaling didn’t work

    Tara Williams - 3 years ago

    Hi Christina!

    Perhaps your coffee is too hot, and more importantly too acidic. If the coffee is piping hot it will speed up the curdling effect you describe. Perhaps try letting the coffee cool down a bit or try a different type of coffee?

    Another thing to consider is that it could be the cleaning detergent that cleans your cups is leaving an acidic residue. Or there the water sitting in the Keurig is becoming acidic for some reason, perhaps left over de-scaling solution?

    Let us know if that helped 🙂

Ann bertolino - 3 years ago

The water backs up on k-cup and pours out all over the place, we made sure every part is where it’s supposed to be, and keep it very clean. I loved my kureg so much, I bought 4, one for each daughter in law one for me, and one for second home. They all have the crime front. I’m so disappointed over this. To buy a 5th. One is just ridiculous.

patrick - 3 years ago

Try brewing without a kup. If you hear the pump and no water flows, the top needle or line is clogged. If you get flow without a cup but not with a cup, it’s the bottom needle. If you get no pump sounds or flow, reseat the water reservoir and wash it out (make sure the filter screen looks clean etc).

In any case, adding vinegar works to help keep the lines clean. I use about 1 part vinegar to 10 parts water. Use an old k-cup to force water through the bottom needle and make about 5-10 large cups (throw away used water).

barbara tucker - 3 years ago

My blue light starts flashing and that’s a sign that I have to reset the wall outlet. Then I can proceed. Does my machine have a short circuit inside each time. Is Kuerig a safe machine to use in the kitchen?

Judy Nelson - 3 years ago

Blows the breaker. I’ve tried plugging it in in different rooms and it stillblows the breaker.

Marion Edmondsonmarion - 3 years ago

On the second Keruig, now it will not heat water!! Only had the first one 1yr. Tried all the methods to fix it no Luck! These are so expensive you think they would perform!FED UP with KERUIG!! Time for a good ole 12cup pot, that really works! For years!

donna - 3 years ago

my machine does not show clock or anything when.I turn on and leaKS out all the water after I. turn.it on can’t get timer to work

    Peggy - a couple of months ago

    This is happening with mine. Did you ever get a fix for it? Thanks!! 🙂

Glen - 3 years ago

I have a problem with the keurig my children purchase for me about 18 months ago we have cleaned it 3 times since we have owned it now it just girgles and doesn’t do anything we are very upset. We tried the Web Site and called the 7 day a week 7 am to 12am on sunday at 5pm and we’re informed they were closed I guess it’s like every thing else in today’s society it’s only supposed to last as long as you can afford the extended warranty the machine was actually a good coffee maker I guess we go back to the old style coffee maker I have some extra kcups if you want them give me a call *Phone Number Removed* thanks for letting me vent but I still won’t have a coffee in the morning

Joe Neupauer - 3 years ago

We own 2 keurigs one here in Tampa which is giving us problems ,it will not make a full cup of coffee although we select the full cup,it only makes a 1/4 cup, what’s the solution?

Joann Hanson - 3 years ago

I tried the paper clip.. Don’t really know if that solved the problem, but using the vinegar sure did the trick. coffee grinds were definitely the problems..

Hal King - 3 years ago

My b40 will not make coffee using a k-cup, will only do a good job using a basket strainer. I have talked to 3 reps and worn out a couple of paper clips. Please tell me a way to make k-cup coffee!!

Linda Cunningham - 3 years ago

I followed the instructions on cleaning my machine, and this is the second time it’s done this. First it wouldn’t even run water through it, then once I got a couple of cups ran through I tried to make coffee. When I was finally able to get it to brew a cup it wasn’t even a full cup . I’m at a loss as to what to do. I have to have my coffee in the morning.

Gerald Dunmire - 3 years ago

I love my Keurig because this is the second one. The first one did almost the same thing but just wouldn’t heat back up after about 2 years and we used it hard. The second one we got about lest than a year ago just stopped brewing a full cup of coffee. I’ll try the recommendations that were given and see if this changes the situation.

Pam - 3 years ago

The Keurig is warming up but does not brew coffee. Also the cup sizes do not appear on the screen

chris - 3 years ago

the water from our keurig no longer reaches a brewing temperature. First cup is 160 degrees, second cup reaches 170. It fill the cup, it just isn’t hot. The temperature setting says 192. Any ideas in how to fix it?

ELizabeth L. Frey - a couple of years ago

says ‘prime’ and does nothing

Al Berden - a couple of years ago

I’ve had almost all issues know to keurig and I’m still under warranty. They keep avoiding the fact that it needs to be replaced, but of course, they really don’t want to honor it. I sure won’t waste my money on another.

Pete Conway - a couple of years ago

My unit was a gift and within a Montjuic has stopped working..It lights up and says “prime”thats it..Cleaned holding unit ,tried clearing screen by unplugging,nothing works..Had Starbucks unit for over 8 years ,might go back if this keeps being a pain in my arse…

    Kara - a couple of years ago

    I have the same exact issue!! No idea what prime even means, and I don’t use my Keurig everyday. I actually brew coffee in my classroom everyday with a coffee pot from Family Dollar that probably cost about $12…it’s worked longer than my Keurig too…If you ever figure out how to get this issue resolved let me know. I just unplug my Keurig and then wait for it to come back to say “Not READY”…I unplug and plug, unplug, then plug…hopefully it works for a bit longer.

Dorice Gaudet - a couple of years ago

When I turn on my Keurig to make a cup of coffee sometimes it can’t take water from the reservoir. If I shake it a little sometimes it will work and sometimes not. Please help.

Margaret Cecala - a couple of years ago

I have a Keurig coffee maker and every other day it will only make a half cup of coffee even when I press the button to make a large cup. I always keep the water canister full. I enjoy my coffee maker, but I was wondering if there its something I can do about this. I have had my coffee maker about 1-1 1/2 years purchased at J.C.Penny. Thank You.

Margaret almond - a couple of years ago

My coffee maker will not not disconnect after making coffee. I have to manually cut off or it would stay lighted six hours after making a cup. Please advise.

I have looked at the various problems but this has not been addressed. I a. Afraid we may leave and it would stay on all day. Could it create a house fire?

Sharon Samford - a couple of years ago

My Keurig is not mixing my grove square cappuccino. It come out grainy and is not mixed, it floats to the top.

Cathy Morris - a couple of years ago

I am on my 4th Keurig. The first three broke at different intervals of time. They replaced the first two gratis. After the third they offered me an upgrade so I paid for this one but at a reduced price. No problems until I descaled the unit according to the manufacture’s instructions. You use a full reservoir of white vinegar, run the vinegar into the system, and leave it on for four hours, then flush the vinegar out with more water in the reservoir. Now suddenly there are air bubbles in the reservoir. Waiting for the other shoe to drop…

Sharon Mcree - a couple of years ago

I bought one of your machines very disappointed don’t use that offer haven’t even going through 4 big boxes of coffee an my machine will not work! Feeling disappointed!

Rick Wioskowski - a couple of years ago

My Keurig 2.0 gets coffee grounds packed up in the water needle thus rendering it useless until cleaned. I wonder if it is the K-cup or the Keurig design that is flawed. I clean with a poker and it works for a while. It seems the K-cups should have a filter paper on the top of the grounds or the needle should have micro screen covering to prevent this blow back.
I now have switched to instant coffee and use my 2.0 just for the hot water it can produce with out jamming.
A useful added feature for us “hot water makers” would be a menu item for 12 oz cups so we don’t have to perform two 6 oz cycles for our to-go cups.

Donnie Robins - a couple of years ago

Just got a new Keurig about 2 months ago. Left home for a one week vacation and unplugged the machine. When we returned home, I plugged the machine back in and it stayed on the preheating cycle for about 3 minutes. I unplugged the machine and adjusted the water reservoir, but machine still would not preheat. Any suggestions ?

carolyn koehn - a couple of years ago

My keurig will not come on. I have unplugged a few minutes then plugged itback in. It work once before but is not working now. Light comes on but will not do anything else.

    Kara - a couple of years ago

    Having the same problem. Plug and unplug to make a cup of coffee and it says prime. what does that mean??

Crystal - a couple of years ago

this website rocks it solved all of my stupid coffee machine problems!!!!!!! 🙂

you guys can ask me for help cause i’m an engineer 🙂

Linda bragg - a couple of years ago

I have bought 5 of your Kegurig coffee systems
Not happy!!
4 from QVC and 1 from kohls store…
We bought one for our outside kitchen, full kitchen with air and heat.. But we do bring in, our second year and it does not work..
We plugged in today for a Mothers Day cook out and does not come on.. Says Auto menu set,, won’t let you do anything Very disappointed in this product. Plus they cost from 200 to 300.

Bonnie Johnson - a couple of years ago

Tried to get coffee this morning and it only dispenses a few drops of coffee, I don’t think the water is preheating long enough. Very unhappy right now. Have loved it up until 3:00 AM today

Norma Fortino - a couple of years ago

My Keurig when I turn it on to make coffee the water runs out the bottom, what the heck is the problem????

    Arthur F Morrison Jr - last year

    Mine leaks also,but water is brown

jim breden - a couple of years ago

the needle sharpe puncture is not puncturing the plastic cups. i have to use a knife and puncture the cup, then place in the machine to brew. can you send a new part to me *Contact Information Removed* Thanks

Jack Panzica - a couple of years ago

I have had 3 machines over a period of 5 years. The first one was replaced free of charge because it was still under warranty. The next one I had to pay for. The current one is acting up, and they will only replace this one at a discounted rate.
They have all had the same problem, not producing full cups of coffee. I notify customer service, and have to jump through just to get some satisfaction. Usually they will send a new Kcup holder. That is not the problem. This is definitely an inferior product. I will be replacing my Keurig with another brand. It’s great now that there are other brands available. When I bought my first Keurig, they were the only single cup coffee maker made.

carolyn - a couple of years ago

how to set it so it stays on all the time

Carol Shaffer - a couple of years ago

No matter which “cup” button I push, I only get 1/2 cup of coffee. What could be wrong … any ideas? I use bottled water, so there isn’t anything wrong with the water.

carla nolte - a couple of years ago

My Keurig will not brew. I tried everything, cleaning it, vinegar. etc.

Roy Mitchell - a couple of years ago

only get approx. a half cup of coffee when I set it for a big cup.
also] display goes to automatic setting and I can’t change it..

we spent too much money to be treated this way.

R. Mitchel

Limcaoco - a couple of years ago

My kuerig machine will not make coffee when the light at the bottom of the water reservoir blinks. What cause this and it won’t make a full cap of coffee as desired. What can I do to correct this problem?

VICTORIA - a couple of years ago


Dana Austin - a couple of years ago

After assuming the worst for my 13 month old machine, I cleaned the bottom of the K-cup holder thing with a paper clip, duh! Pull apart the k-cup holder and you get access to the sharp pointy that puts the hole in the bottom of the pod use a paperclip up through that little spout and blow through it carefully.
Sometimes it’s that easy.

glenda alligood - a couple of years ago

just to let you know I do love my Keurig, this is the 2nd machine that i have had in less than a month. That’s not good Called Keurig and told person on phone that machine puts coffee on countertop, don’t know how or why that happens the person sent me a Keurig 200 350 said it was a brand new machine and guess what it gets coffee all over counter also, have talked with a lot of keurig users and they say that they don’t get coffee all over counter????? It’s weird that you have 2 machines and they both do the same thing. I am beginning to think I need to go back to my Bunn coffee pot.Also kcup is getting big hole when you put in brewer so you get coffee grounds in coffee not good HELP Keurig

Abraham - a couple of years ago

I just fixed my Keurig 2.0 after an hour of messing with it and taking the top assembly apart. Turns out the needle that punctures the top of the k-cup can get clogged from time to time. Luckily it’s an easy fix. All that has to be removed is the top curved, smooth black piece covering the center assembly. There are two small screws on the underside of the k-cup compartment. Simply lift up the silver handle all the way open. Look in and under and you will see the needle. Slightly anterior to that there will be two silver screw. Take them out, jiggle the top cover and it should come off with ease. Then you will expose the two screws holding the puncture needle assembly in place. Remove those screws and release the assembly. Here’s the dangerous part. You have to put your lips around the needle enough to create a seal. Then simply blow and whatever is stuck, should dislodge. I hope my instructions were efficient and can help out. Thanks.


lucille sanders - a couple of years ago

i brought one of your coffee pots a few months ago and now it will not give me a full cup of coffee and i use bottle water so there is no build up in the coffee maker

Wanda Cheek - a couple of years ago

I have recently purchased one of the newer Keureg Coffee Makers which also has the ability to brew by the pot or the cup. My problem is that with some of the coffee which I have bought… even through it has the Keureg logo, I will get the Oops..wrong K-cup…. I have waisted about 10 of the coffee pods in the last few days because it will not accept the ones I have. If it has the Keureg Logo on the pod.. how can I tell if it is acceptable for the coffee maker…. with out putting it in the machine and pulling the handle. At that point the K-cup is ruined and I still have no coffee. I could see this happening if it were another brand… but these are Keureg. I am having trouble with: Keurig Van Houtte White Chocolate Mint, Keurig Van Houtte Raspberry Chocolate Truffle just to name a few. Thanks.

Sharon C - a couple of years ago

I’ve had my Keurig mini for a few tears and it has always run fine. Recently though, when I make a cup of coffee, during the brewing process something happens where a HUGE hole is made in the top of the kcup and water flows out of the top, and grounds get in my coffee. I have checked before the coffee brews. The hole is not being made by the needle prior to brewing.

Quay - a couple of years ago

Your info is very helpful and formatted well for easily finding info I needed.

1. Can you please be more specific about the amount of vinegar and water for scale build-up removal?

Water to Max fill line?
Vinegar: roughly a teaspoonful (or any amount of measure you recommend)?

2. One more bit of helpful info for me is how to “soak”‘ it. Would I add vinegar to canister & not do more, or would I run the mixture through some # (define #) of times to get mixture into some component inside?

3. Without a pod in, water won’t go through. I used an empty refillable pod.

I don’t want to risk killing our Keurig because it is fantastic!

Thanks so much!

Way too detail-oriented person

michael - a couple of years ago

Use mesh cops instead of the prefab plastic containers. There is your answer to: “Another common complaint when making coffee with this unit, is that the increase in plastic garbage. For an environmentally-conscious coffee drinker, it’s easy to see why this could be considered a problem. Recycling options need grow when using this system.” Hence, such problem does not exist.

juanita kubowski - a couple of years ago

What would cause the coffee maker to stop working. it is a 400 series. the nightlight does not come on, nor does the screen to program it.

Marc E Korman - a couple of years ago

I want to thank all of you folks for convincing me to NOT buy this brand at all. I might buy a Bunn. The restaurants all use Bunn, and they’re made well. Thanks again.

Marc E Korman - a couple of years ago

While vinegar works well to de-lime a coffemaker, one can also buy powdered citric acid at many grocery stores. This stuff doesn’t have the vinegar aroma and is less expensive. It is VERY important to make sure you completely dissolve the powder in water as you don’t want the clumped together powder to clog your machine.

Dave H - a couple of years ago

Keurig has quit working twice – I think the second time for good. It won’t draw water. hot, cold,bang it around – nothing. It is clogged somewhere, but Keurig does nothing to help you fix it. Cups always short fill. Convenience not worth it. Going back to my reliable 10 cup.

Elaine Black - a couple of years ago

I have the KKeurig 2.0, want to know why I can not have a cup larger than 10ozs and why only K cups will fit??

Frank Lester - a couple of years ago

Sent unit data to Keurig in January. Got reply back saying repair parts on way. Still waiting 6-26-15?????????????????????

Don May - a couple of years ago

The “Keurig Hype” has left me with a maintenance nightmare, 1/2 cup of coffee and satisfaction of the “first cup of coffee in the morning”. This is the second more advanced, more expensive coffee maker.
Beware the of hype, glitz of this line.
I’m going back to a good 4 cup coffee maker.

john MacKenzie - a couple of years ago

Dunkin donut k cups will only brew one third of a cup. All other work fine!

tammy harrison - a couple of years ago

Keurig mini is mesed up. Bought it may 1st 2015.

Mary - a couple of years ago

Got a new coffee pot two days ago and I hate it. So many problems. Coffee grounds in my coffee.have to strain every cup. Won’t accept the proper coffee cup. Leaks everywhere. Haven’t had a full cup of coffee yet cause when it does work it only gives you a partial cup.

Wayne - a couple of years ago

Our Kurig worked fine for several months, then started leaking water al over the counter top. The self filled cups will only produce about a half cup of coffee while the purchased K cups will produce a full cup.
Since the unit is under warranty I called the phone number stamped on the bottom of the machine. The representative to whom the problem was discussed took down the serial number and promised to send a new machine. The model number is a K10. Sadly it was manufactured in China, too bad we cannot build quality products in this country!

Dorothy Hustad - a couple of years ago

I need a manual for the original Keurig.


Please send to:

*Address Removed*

Tim Wardlaw - a couple of years ago

I bought my mother-in-law a Kuerig (S/N 48.3200.0967716 about 3 or 4 years because i liked mine so well and because she lives alone and wouldn’t make a pot of coffee just for herself. Her Kuerig has been used very little, in fact it quit working all together a year or two ago. I thought that because mine had never given a minutes problem that she was just doing something wrong.

I brought her Kuerig home and filled it with water and plugged it in. Absolutely nothing happened. The lights won’t come on or anything. I makes a very faint “click” when you plug it in but nothing more. It has probably made less that 50 cups of coffee since it was new. Do you have any suggestions.

    Tara Williams - a couple of years ago

    Hi Tim!

    It could be that the circuit board has been fried for one reason or another. One of the problems with Keurig machines that we’ve observed is their lack of longevity. It sounds like you got a winner but many others, like your mother-in-law, are not so lucky.

    I guess by now her warranty coverage has expired but it might be worth trying to contact Keurig about the matter.

Mary Brancaccio - a couple of years ago

I called the help line well they didn’t help I still can’t get water to come out so they said I can get another at a discount well I payed over 200.00 for it on qvc I’ll never buy another not a nice way to treat someone

Maria Vallejo - a couple of years ago

I’ve had my coffee maker for over 3 years now and never had any problems. Now it’s not giving me a full cup. What up with that?

Martia Vallejo - a couple of years ago

After reading a few posted comments I decided to try one of the suggestions and it worked. thank you all. I tried the vinegar and water method. I was only half a mug of coffee but now I get a full mug. Thank again.

cindy - a couple of years ago

my screen is not showing like its supposed to has lines in it

Erma H Dyck - a couple of years ago

My family gave me a Keurig coffee maker for Christmas three years ago and I love it.
I can use any brand of K cups I want but mostly I use the refillable cups and use my
favorite brand of coffee. I drink two cups of coffee in the morning about an hour apart
so it is important to have it fresh . .I also use it in the afternoon to make a cup of tea .
I have had partial cups but only for about two cups and then it’s back to full cups again.

Mary - a couple of years ago

On my second machine and now the power button won’t turn on the unit. The first unit I had the LCD screen went white or blank, any suggestion

SHANNON BAKER - a couple of years ago

My dad and I happened upon this additional tip that I have not seen on the several sites and posts that we looked up and I have a feeling that this is likely the most common issue.. we were about to disassemble the bypass valve and clean it and this video suggested cleaning the screen with pressurized water and also taking a needle and poking through the holes in the screen. we had the bottom off of our unit and i saw that we could take the screen assembly out so decided to clean that way and my dad discovered in doing so that the buildup was not in the holes but a layer on the bottom of the screen, something we would not have been able to scrape off without taking the screen assembly out. my dad just too a q-tip and scraped the layer of “sludge” There was quite a bit so while flushing may loosen some of it up and a needle will open some of it in our case it would have been a partial fix. i would imagine that regular flushing with pressurized water and poking with a needle will maintain it with occasional deep cleaning. I will put a link below to the youtube video and also my email if anyone needs help with finding the screen assembly but its fairly simple to find as it is right under pitcher where the water draws.. our model number on the bottom of the machine says ss-700. the bypass valve seems to be located on the side on some units and ours is on the bottom but the screen where the water draws cannot be in any different place so if you unscrew the bottom of the unit it should be simple from there. there was one screw that needed a star tip on ours so you may need one of those. link to you tube video: https://youtu.be/dqS2QXEY8NA hope this helps

Pam Hastings - a couple of years ago

I got my Keurig 2.0 for Christmas 2014. The computer screen is distorted. I can’t set the clock, choose the cup size etc. I have unplugged it and plugged it again. It resets for a little while but then gets distorted again. What is the issue?

    Tara Williams - a couple of years ago

    Hi Pam! It could be that your circuit board is pretty much toast. Unfortunately, short of replacing it, there isn’t much you can do.

Luz Adriana - a couple of years ago

The keurig is blinking NOT READY all the time. I already unplugged and changed in the filter… any suggestions

Eithne Laffan - a couple of years ago

I bought a 2.0 brewer a few weeks ago, the taste and smell of plastic is disgusting.
When I called customer service they sent out a second brewer did all the cleaning with vinegar again with the second one…still tastes and smell’s of plastic…called again and they are sending a third brewer…I should have asked about my rights on returning the brewer I feel with the replacements I have put myself in a position ..this brewer cost $199 and all it has added to my life is the constant cleaning of this coffee pot…what more can I do….


    Tara Williams - a couple of years ago

    Hi Eithne, have you tried running 5-10 cycles with just plain water? I know it might seem like a pain, but often the plastic smell and taste goes away after several uses. We certainly wouldn’t recommend drinking anything if it smells and tastes like plastic!

alan eastman - a couple of years ago

I just bought a 2.0 Keurig coffee maker. Is there a way of shutting it off other than unplugging it like for over night>

    Tara Williams - a couple of years ago

    Hi Alan! Have you tried pressing and holding the power button? It might feel like you have to hold the button longer than it should, about 5 seconds.

john hanley - a couple of years ago

My Keurig coffee maker is leaking water It appears to be coming from under the water tank but when I inspect the tank for cracks everything looks normal. It only happen’s after making coffee. This is the second coffee maker of this type that I have owned.
The first one wouldn’t dispense enough water to make a cup of coffee.
I guess I will be buying my third and final Keurig coffee machine at a cost of $150 I can’t keep going on like this.

ernie - a couple of years ago

My machine will not brew hot water

Peggy - a couple of years ago

The Keurig coffeemaker is a very expensive coffeemaker which was made with the intention of soaking the people who own them for money on a continuous basis. When I received mine as a gift I was not at all happy about the fact that I had to purchase the k-cup coffee insert separately. The price of the coffeemaker should have included it. I also don’t like a coffeemaker that does not allow customers to use other k-cups. When you take options away from the people who pay big bucks for a simple coffee maker you’re not creating goodwill, you are creating resentment. I don’t suggest that anyone buy this coffeemaker. Go to a coffee shop and get a cup of coffee because that’s the approximate cost of purchasing Keurig single serve coffee.

    Tara Williams - a couple of years ago

    Hi Peggy! Hopefully they improve these machines as it seems many people are running in to the same problems with them.

Ian Jackson - a couple of years ago

My Keurig K-cup model was purchased and registered on May 27 , 2014 . Recently it has started to switch on by itself and fortunately I have heard the normal sound the machine makes prior to brewing and have disconnected the plug in case of possible damage and/or fire .
I contacted Keurig and was told that they have had this complaint before and recommend a replacement machine .
However since my machine is 4 months outside the 12 month warranty period The best they could offer was a $70 discount off a later 2.0 model .
Politely I told the rep what I thought of the offer and would not be taking it .
Now I will unplug the machine when not in use and continue brewing until it no longer works .
Guess what manufacturer will not be on my list for a replacement .

Big Ernie - a couple of years ago

I’m surprised nobody mentioned cockroaches. Search Roaches and Keurig and you get a disgusting view of the dark inner workings of your machine.

    Tara Williams - a couple of years ago

    Ewww! We will have to do some research and write an article on that. Thanks for stopping by Ernie, we hope you don’t have any cockroaches in your Keurig!

alice muskey - a couple of years ago

The screen on my kuerig is blank. the machine is about 1 yr old. this has happened briefly before, I pulled the plug and then plugged in again and it worked ,This time the screen will not come up
Please advise

susie - a couple of years ago

my kurig classic does not start
switch is silent when pressed
can it be fixed?

Jeannhine - a couple of years ago

I am trying to pack up my Kuerig to move. I keep hearing water sloshing around inside of it. Not in the water reservoir, but inside the coffee maker itself. How can I get it out, and why is there water inside it?

Jo Ann Paxton - a couple of years ago

New not working keeps saying add more water. I’ve tried
everything. How do I access menus???? This is a replacement and I’m fed up. It must be me. HELP!!!!

Edwin - a couple of years ago

i’ve got my Keurig water temp. at 192*F but the coffee is only at 162*-164*.. it’s has had plenty of time to heat up the water..before i make coffee. is there another water temp adjustment to be made inside the machine..if so where?..i am mechanically inclined so no trouble of taking the unit apart..and putting it back together safely.

ann ottinger - a couple of years ago

how do you use the bubble thingy to clean your needles? is it just easier to use the paperclip?

Don - a couple of years ago

Does anyone no what causes a plastic taste or burning taste the unit is brand new and I have flushed it numerous times

Becky - a couple of years ago

Our Keurig is overflowing when brewing.
It’s going out under container and coffee grounds are in slot beside where kcup goes.
Water isn’t too full and I only use filtered water
We haven’t had it but a few months because our other one quit but was 3 yrs old and my husband uses it everyday. Of course I don’t have the box to exchange it
What should I do???
Thank You!

Couch - a couple of years ago

I brought the 2.0 version thinking I was going to be blown away…but nope. I am sorely disappointed with the machines quality. I don’t get a full cup of coffee and the temperature is lukewarm at best. I’ve gone back to my first generation Keurig; thank goodness I did not give it away when I bought the 2.0.

Mary Ciccoianni - a couple of years ago

Couldn’t get coffee to brew today. It wouldn’t heat the water. Tried everything. Finally set it aside and was going to trash the thing. Decided this afternoon to try cleaning it with straight white vinegar “as instructed in the manual.” Guess what? It’s working! We’ll see what happens in the morning. Funny….the Keurig manual says to use straight white vinegar (10 ounces) two times but on the website they tell you one teaspoon mixed with water and it may mess up your warranty!!! They need to get their instructions straight! When this one conks out again, it’s trash! I won’t replace it. So glad I saved my old coffee maker!!!!

Doug - a couple of years ago

I bought the keurig 2.0 brand new. When I brew a cup of coffee all the grounds end up at the bottom what am i doing wrong? please help my mom HATES chewing her coffee. P.S i think I already threw my receipt away

Vicki - a couple of years ago

I have a used Keurig
the water comes through dark like it is colored
the outside looks perfect as though it is new and not hurt at all
when i put just plan water and it should come in to the cup clear it is dark

Jimbo - a couple of years ago

We’ve had 4 Keurig’s break down in 6 months, 3 of them in 2 weeks. The last 3 all stopped functioning within months and the last 2 actually within days of purchase despite taking all prescribed measures. A 5th one of the personal variety that we keep in our RV is extremely buggy/tempermental. The maufacturer of the K-cups does not matter either. This is a shame because we were sold on the concept for the first couple years. Quality appears to be non-existent at this point.

maria delmonaco - a couple of years ago

my keurig is stuck on the warming cycle and never gets past it
can not even have a cup of coffee of anykind
just spins saying that it is warming
what do i do

sandy - a couple of years ago

Mine says prime! Not sure how! Willnot brew at all!

Pam - a couple of years ago

My 2.0 Keurig started slowly dripping and barely making 2oz of coffee, I googled the problem and sure enough, you tube had a fix. Bed bath and beyond is the place to buy keurigs as they WILL honor the warranty!

scott - a couple of years ago

1 month old 2.0 keurig makes so much noise when preheating water.Any known cause or fix to this.

mary - a couple of years ago

Well here I am again mine now won’t pump out hardly any water. This is my second one in 18 months. I’m so upset for the amount of money you pay and they are nothing but problems. Going back to Mr. Coffee had enough

Linda Wilson - a couple of years ago

We have a xmas Keurig. We can’t get the Keurig to make coffee that is not so strong. We even adjusted the option on the 2.0 Keurig. What do we do?

Allen Hanse - a couple of years ago

Problem: Keurig pumps all cold water until empty while preheat message is displayed. Happened after power outage. Solution: unplug to reset. If that doesn’t work, unplug for longer interval’s until fixed.

Bob C. - a couple of years ago

We are on our third Keurig. The first one (B60) failed after 6 months. It would not even turn on. Keurig replaced it (B70) – under warranty. The second one failed after 9 months, The pump stopped working altogether (common problem). Keurig also replaced it (B70) under warranty. About 15 months later, the third one stopped working, with pump problems again. By then, we had joined the green Mountain Cafe Express program which warranted your machine as long as you were in the program. I had bought a Hamilton Beach ($50 at WalMart, Target, etc.) about a month before as backup (handles K-cups or remove the holder to put regular coffee in the basket). Since I was scheduled for surgery the next couple of days, I put the 3rd machine in the garage until later. After recovery, it was about 3 months later, I brought the Keurig back in to prepare for the “trouble shooting” procedure they made one do prior to replacement and the machine started working again. Since Keurig dropped the Green Mountain program and messed up my automated delivery (no more Cafe Express), they reluctantly agreed to allow me one more Keurig. My current Keurig (after restarting) lasted about a year and a half or so until yesterday when it started to continue pouring coffee into the cup until the reservoir would be empty. Fortunately, I heard the pump still going and checked before I had coffee all over the kitchen floor. Descaling did not help – it ran the reservoir empty of the distilled white vinegar. I will be calling Keurig today. in the meantime, we will use the Hamilton Beach. I have descaled all the machines every 3 months whether they needed it or not (always not), including cleaning the feed ports and the exit port in the holder. I also use filtered water (recommended by Keurig). We were buying the gallon bottles (Deer Park), but I decided to triple filter the water (we have z water filter on the faucet) and I use a Brita pitcher) to save buying jugs of filtered water every couple of days.

BTW, the Hamilton Beach actually brews a better cup of coffee. You pour a 10 ounce cup of water into the top of the machine, put the K-cup in the holder (or remove it and use the underlaying basket with regular grounds) push it in, press the extended part down and 5 minutes later you have your cup of coffee. I actually pour a couple of extra ounces of water for my 12 oz. mugs. While it takes longer make a cup of coffee than the Keurig, it brews a hotter cup, which makes the coffee brew better and taste better than the Keurig. While I have used the H-B machine for a long period, I suspect it will outlast 10 Keurig machines plus it is quiet (I don’t know if it uses a pump like the Keurig). I use the regular tap water that I filter (our water is heavily chlorinated). The biggest problem with the Keurig is the pump (made in a far eastern country and is junk).

Lee Evans - a couple of years ago

We received one as a Christmas gift this year. We did not want one, but the relatives thought that we needed one because they all have one. We received a K45 Elite model w/k-pod tray, adapter for loose coffee, etc… Quite an expensive, but after 1 frustrating week of using it, we put it back in the box & willing to give it away! We HATE it because-
1) It takes up too much room on the kitchen counter, which in our apartment is at a premium.
2) K cups are too expensive! My other half & I work from home and we drink coffee all day. Went to Target & bought Green Mountain k cups, less expensive than most. However, figured that these things cost over 60 cents a piece.
3) The coffee adapter does not work well & is messy for loose coffee.
4) Twice, apparently did not press buttons/do things in the proper order, & spit out a 1/3 of a cup of coffee. In the morning, the idea is to have coffee to wake up, not to have to wake up first to use the coffee machine. We do not have this problem w/our Mr. Coffee.
5) The coffee was good, but not great to put up with this machine!

Sorry, I just wanted to get this off my chest.

    Tara Williams - a couple of years ago

    Thanks for the feedback Lee, it will definitely help others contemplating purchasing a K45! Not everyone seems to enjoy their Keurigs, especially with some of the problems mentioned on this page. Perhaps the K45 wasn’t right for you. If you decide to purchase a different machine check out our new Keurig Reviews and Comparison Guide. You might find something more suitable for your needs. Thanks again!

Jackie Marisa - a couple of years ago

My Keurig coffee maker will not turn on when I plug it in, I tried everything to get out to work. I tried many different plugs in the house and it won’t turn on. I bought a new one. I am sending my serial number #75153847 under the serial number are the letters and numbers D544.299 and o740h, tell me what I am to do.

charlie perkins - a couple of years ago

I bought the keurig k65 special edition, after 2 months I decided to move it to the other side of the kitchen but when I plugged it back in the screen reads ( NOT READY ) and it won’t let me do anything. is there any suggestions to get it started again. This is thethird one and maybe the last.

Derrek - a couple of years ago

I have the Kerig 2 and have the problem of bursting K cups. The pump sounds like it is straining then all of the sudden it blows coffee grounds into my cup. It’s costing me a lot of money in K cups. The Tim’s K cups don’t give me as much grief as Kerig’s do.
Very disappointing. I won’t buy another Kerig. I’m trying to find the time to get a refund. Another hassle to deal with.

Ken - a couple of years ago

The Keurig 2.0 is a piece of garbage, worst $100 I have spent in a long time. Made about 10 cups then started having problems, would make a 1/2 cup and die. It tried my patience until today when I used 4 pods in a row to try to have a cup of coffee, same result on all 4 pods, about 3 ounces then it stopped. Well, it’s stopped for good, I picked it up and threw it out onto the back deck, piece of junk. By the way Tassimo is no better, modern technology, ha, can’t beat the old style brewers!

marykay allen - a couple of years ago

I have the original that doesn’t have a reservoir. its works fine til the end, then I end up bunch of grounds…. what to do?

carol - a couple of years ago

this product is way too expensive to have all of these problems that have been posted…Thanks to these postings I will NOTbe buying one now…too much money for an inferior product…QUESTION Why is Keurig allowed to get away with this????

Ann - a couple of years ago

There is a reservoir inside pot that can’t be emptied and I’m concerned about stale/moldy water if it hasn’t been used for a couple days. I had to take one pot back to BB&B with full reservoir of water because it was only putting out 1/4 c coffee and I did ALL the cleaning and things recommended.
Called Keurig and told you CAN’T empty water from the inside reservoir.

steve Bower - a couple of years ago

My Keurig is about 5 years old and also started brewing 1/2 cup when I hit the large cup Button, but I hear water running through what must be a overflow or bypass and returning the water to the reservoir.

Jean Paccione - a couple of years ago

I have a Keurig machine and I noticed the coffee grounds are going in the coffee and instead of the coffee coming out in a stream like it use too its is coming out like outside of the cup. Why???? This is fairly new machine I would say not even over a year.

Bob C. - last year

Our first Keurig was a B60 (a gift) a little over 4 years ago. It lasted about 9 months when the pump went. Keurig replaced it under warranty with a B70. That lasted about 6 months when just died, which Keurig again replaced it with another B70.
Our daughter suggested to get in the Green Mountain Auto-ship program (Cafe Express) because as long as you were in the program, your Keurig would always be warranteed. Which we did. The third Keurig lasted about 10 months when it began to act up. It was not at a good time, so I boxed it and we bought that $50 Hamilton-Beach single cup maker to use until I had time to deal with the Keurig as I knew I would have to go through their “test procedure” before they would replace it. About a month or so later, I plugged it in and it started working again. Amazing! It ran for about a year and a half before it just started pouring out water as soon as it was plugged in (got up in the AM and found a minor flood on the kitchen floor).
By the time the 3rd unit expired, Keurig had dropped the Cafe Express/Auto-ship and lifetime replacement. I did call Keurig as soon as I heard about it (unit was still working) and after some discussion, they agreed to honor one mre warranteed replacement as long as I remained in the auto-ship program. So when the 3rd unit failed, they replaced it with a K550 back in January. So far, so good – knock on wood. Although I did see the descaling light come on a couple of times (about once a month or so). I did descale it with their pricey, recommended citric acid (will buy it cheaper at the grocery store). Unlike the earlier models, they now recommend citric acid solution for the 2.0 models as it is less harmful to the rubber gaskets, etc. than vinegar.
Once this unit goes, I will see if they replace it at no cost. If not, I will use the Hamilton-Beach. It takes a couple of minutes longer to make a cup (and it is much hotter – IMO, makes a better cup of coffee) and will also handle the older K-cups (without the ring – no more cutting the top off a used 2.0 cup and placing it over the top of the old cup – there are still a few out on the market – non-Keurig brands).
BTW, H-B has come out with some newer models which will handle mug sizes (16 oz.). The newer H-B models run from around $40 to $80).

Tommy - last year

I bought a Keurig 2.0 a while back and have had nothing but problems with it. It clog’s constantly, and the touch screen constantly goes out. Should the consumer have to unplug the unit everyday to use it? My advice to prospective buyers is to do your research first. You will see that Keurig products are far inferior to other products. If/when you buy a Keurig, don’t expect any support from the company either. I’m surprised there hasn’t been a class action lawsuit.

dan - last year

Thank you!!!!!! It worked!

Stacy Waeltz - last year

The middle button on my keurig is stuck! Has anyone had this problem and if so is it fixable?

Elaine - last year

Keurig is CRAP……i would never, ever, buy another.
I demo’d them, they broke, they plugged, they refused to give a full cup.over and over again.
I was given one for Christmas. Oh crap. I put filteredwater in it. It stopped working.
I can fix a car motor faster than I can one of these CrapO’s

Rod - last year

I was having trouble with brew size too. I cleaned the hole in the upper needle with a paper clip. It still would only brew a small cup even though I had it set on a large cup. I happened to notice that the upper needle actually has three holes. I cleaned all three with my paper clip. Problem solved! My model is a B70.

Mare - last year

I have purchased 5 Keurig coffee makers in the last two years as we have 5 homes in our community. Two of them have been a real pain. The one I need help with today, is getting stuck on Brewing and will not go past the heat, pump cycle. I have cleaned the reservoir, seated it correctly, cleaned the pod holder and both tips with a paper clip, I’ve run your cleaner through it monthly for a year, and now its stopped working. Oh I’ve also tried to run every cup size too. It once in a while will run a cup the first time after being plugged in, but then it quits on the brew segment. Also, unusual but the top white plastic thing(?) (overflow) runs water into the reservoir, like a overflow line. Please help??
I don’t have boxes to return it..

coffee nation - last year

I have a Keurig B60. It is 4 yrs old. A couple of weeks ago, I woke up to an empty reservoir and water all over the counter top. I played with it a little bit and have determined that it leaks only when the reservoir is in place. I called Keurig and they sent me a new reservoir at no cost to me, but it wasn’t the cause of the problem. The machine is still leaking.
I LOVE this machine because:
a) I can program it to turn on before I get out of bed in the morning
b) I can control the temperature of the water so that I have HOT coffee
c) When I get out of bed, I push a single button and have a hot cup of coffee in less than one minute.

I’ve researched the latest Keurigs on the market and cannot fully determine if the auto-turn-on and water temp features exist in their new models. If Keurig decided to eliminate these 2 features that make their machines superior than the rest, then coffee lovers have a problem when their existing machines break.

My questions:
1-is there a service that repairs Keurigs?
2-if not, is there another Keurig machine that has the same auto-on feature AND water temperature setting?
3- I am open to other ideas/suggestions

thank you!

Lee - last year

My Keurig wouldn’t brew, so I descaled it even though the light to “descale” didn’t come on. Now it makes random sizes of coffee, unrelated to the size I select. Calling and emailing Keurig customer service is a joke — waited on hold for 5 minutes before hanging up, and no response to emails. How do I fix this? The pot is less than a year old.

David - last year

We are on our 5th Keurig, all failed within a year. The first one that failed Keurig sent a replacement piece that replaced the top portion that closes down on the top of the K-cup. After that, warranty was useless and not honored. The 5th one was given to me by my son, who was tired of his failing as well. When he went back to a regular coffee maker he gave me his still-functioning Keurig. It worked for 3 months and has now failed. I’ve been the full route of all the tips and tricks, and have even disassembled a couple of them trying to figure out what was wrong. I’m not a hack, I’m an electrical engineer, so I’m capable of fixing a lot of things. I was so disappointed in the poor (cheap) quality of the parts and construction that I will never again buy a Keurig product. We are going back to the regular coffee maker like the one that served us for close to 10 years without a failure. Yeah, you have to fool with a paper filter and loose grounds, but hey, at least they work when you need them. Keurig needs to either re-engineer for higher quality or shut it down. Disclaimer: All statements are my opinion only, but shared by many, many users and former users.

    Tara Williams - last year

    5th Keurig. Wow David, that’s terrible!

    I was recently on a trip and in our hotel room there was an older Keurig (Pre 2.0). It worked without issue and appeared to have a lot of use. I wonder how often they have to replace them or if perhaps some older models are less prone to issues.

    Thanks so much for your feedback!


Tom G. - 11 months ago

Wow, thanks KitchenSanity, water was barely coming out, read your tips, cleaned the top spear and presto, works like new. Wish I knew where other people tossed theirs. I’d be coffee pot rich. April 28, 2017

    Tara Williams - 11 months ago

    Hey Tom!

    Thanks for stopping by and we’re glad to hear things worked out for you!


Alan - 6 months ago

*Fixed! After cleaning needle with a paperclip and descaling, my unit was still only delivering 6oz when on the 10oz setting, only 4oz when on the 6pz setting.

Here’s how I fixed it…

Remove the rear water reservoir, and remove the main filter inside “looks like a tower”… look underneath where the water gets sucked in.

You will see a tiny clear chamber where a filter is installed to prevent gross matter from coming into the main screen.
Look closely, if you see black or brown matter, it’s full of mold and or debris. Take a paperclip and gently stick it down through each of the 3 slots and loosen the slimy “mine was” matter inside.

I then took the spray nozzle on my sink faucet and blasted from the inside through the reservoir screen.
Repeat over & over till you see no more yucky stuff!

Now replace the main filter and fill reservoir with water and try it out!

Dont expect your first cup to be right, but the second and beyond should be… Remember your first cup is produced from water sucked into the reservoir BEFORE you did the cleaning so it will still be diminished, but the second should be fine since that water was AFTER the cleaning.

When the unit is pulling in water for the next brew it literally can’t pull in a full amount to meet the volume demand in the specified time given by the machine.

Thought I would post this since it worked beautifully and I haven seen a similar post.

yves lauzon - a couple of months ago

Keurig has offer me with free coffee, free help, changed the brewer two time, but never came with a solution with my 2.0 keurig, same has everyone issues, water pressor, grounds in coffee…….keurig did offer kind help on how to change the kind of water I use, bottle water, tap water, filtered water, name it, I tried them all, changed pods, even used Keurig pods and still having the same issues with no fix.
I’m sorry to say this but keurig brewers 2.0 is a pile of crap, never again, unless they return with their old K80 brewers…….

Mark - last month

We have a K-Compact, K-35 and just this morning it stopped working. I turned it on, put in the flavor I wanted, pressed the large cup flashing lite, and walked away. When I came back, no coffee. All three lights were on, not flashing. Unplugged, plugged back in, all three lites come on but that’s it. Sometimes I hear a low whirring in the machine but nothing happens. I’ll try a few of these hints and report back. If I have to, I’ll remove the bottom and look for clogged lines, it may have got some debris in the system.

Vince - last week

I took apart my K40 to troubleshoot it not powering on, and like an idiot I didn’t take pictures of where all the components go before removing them, now I can’t figure out where a couple of things are supposed to go and I can’t find any pictures of the right hand side (under the control panel). I’ve pretty much figured out where things go on the left side, thankfully I took a photo of the main circuit board before disconnecting any wires.

Can someone please point me in the right direction to where I can find the photos or a diagram so I can finish putting this thing back together?

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