Knife Guides: Every Home Cook’s Guide To Essential Cutting Tools

Justin Micheal

Food Writer & Editor in Chief For KitchenSanity

Justin Micheal is KitchenSanity's founder, food writer and editor in chief. As an expert home cook with over 30 years of daily cooking experience and food handler certifications, he's a pro at experimenting with recipes and a stickler for food safety. He writes informative and detailed guides about cooking basics such as proper food storage, cutting and cooking methods, and choosing the right products to make cooking easier.

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In this hub, you’ll find everything to sharpen your skills and knowledge about knives. From choosing the sharpest Japanese blades to caring for your trusty kitchen knives, we’ve got it sliced and diced for you.

Our handpicked guides offer tips, from maintaining cutting boards to mastering knife sharpening techniques. We aim to make your experience with knives straightforward, satisfying, and safe!

Knife Selection Guides

From the finest ceramic knives to the craftsmanship of Japanese steel, we cover what makes each knife special. You’ll also find reviews on top brands to guide your choice. Whether you’re chopping veggies or carving a roast, the right knife makes all the difference. Let’s find you a knife that feels just like a natural extension of your hand in the kitchen!

Knife Care & Maintenance Guides

In these guides, we break down how to clean, hone, and keep your knives looking and working like new. Whether it’s working a whetstone or caring for those serrated edges, we’ve got easy, step-by-step advice. It’s more than just sharpness – it’s about giving your kitchen tools a longer life.

Cutting Board Guides

Cutting boards work hand-in-hand with your knives. In these guides, you’ll find tips on picking the perfect board and keeping it in shape to protect it and your knives. It’s all about creating that perfect duo of knife and board for a smooth, safe food prep.

Specialized Knife & Tool Guides

Special knives and tools are like secret ingredients in your cooking toolkit. It’s about having that special gadget that turns tricky tasks into a piece of cake. Let’s gear up your kitchen with these nifty tools!

Knife Anatomy & Usage Guides

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