Justin Micheal

Title: KitchenSanity’s Founder, Food Writer and Editor.

Expertise: Cooking and Food Preparation


  • Over 30 years of daily cooking
  • Worked in a retail meat-cutting environment
  • Completed Food Handler Certifications

Justin Micheal is the culinary whiz behind KitchenSanity.com. With over three decades of daily cooking under his belt, he’s your go-to guy for everything food-related, including coffee. Justin’s experience is as rich as a well-seasoned stew.

His inspiration and cooking journey began when he was young. Instead of watching cartoons, he was more interested in learning about food through cooking shows such as Emeril Live, What’s For Dinner, Martha Stewart, Good Eats, Master Chef, and The Urban Peasant.

Justin is an expert home cook and a certified pro. He’s earned multiple Food Handlers Certifications while working in a retail meat department. That means he knows his way around a butcher block and can guide you through handling raw meats like a champ.

Over 30 years of cooking experience means that it’s not just a hobby but his lifestyle. Justin loves to tinker in the kitchen, experimenting with recipes and trying new kitchen gadgets. Through this, he can share the little tips and tricks that make cooking easier.

Food safety is a deal-breaker! Justin’s got you covered with articles on expiration dates and the proper handling and storage of food. He helps ensure your creations are tasty and safe from fridge to fork. Justin’s how-to guides are your kitchen lifesavers. He tests, tries, and writes to make your life in the kitchen a breeze.

About KitchenSanity

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