This Is Food Explained: Simple Guides To Food & Ingredients

Justin Micheal

Food Writer & Editor in Chief For KitchenSanity

Justin Micheal is KitchenSanity's founder, food writer and editor in chief. As an expert home cook with over 30 years of daily cooking experience and food handler certifications, he's a pro at experimenting with recipes and a stickler for food safety. He writes informative and detailed guides about cooking basics such as proper food storage, cutting and cooking methods, and choosing the right products to make cooking easier.

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Have you ever wondered what’s really in your dinner? Or maybe you’re scratching your head about the best way to keep those veggies crisp in the fridge. Or is there really a difference in using one ingredient over another in your favorite recipe? You’re in the right place.

Here’s a bunch of handy guides lined up to demystify food and ingredients for you. Got a hankering to uncover new flavors? Check. Need the lowdown on keeping things fresh and tasty? We’ve got it. Or if it’s smart shopping tips you’re after, you’ll find those here, too.

Whether you’re just starting out in the kitchen or the go-to chef in your house, there’s always something new to discover that will change how you think about and interact with the food on your plate.

Food 101 Guides Different Types Of Food

Here, we get to the basics of different types of foods. These guides will help you understand what you eat and how to select, prepare, and enjoy these everyday favorites.

What’s This Food? Simple Answers

If you’ve already got the basics down, there are many foods that you may not be familiar with. So, this is where you’ll get straightforward answers to more specific food questions.

Tastes Of Food

Taste is all about the incredible variety of flavors we experience, from the basics like sweet, sour, salty, and bitter to the unique profiles of foods that include Umami. Before you do a taste test of your own, look at our guides below. They’re packed with descriptions of various food flavors, helping you figure out what might tickle your taste buds.

Food Comparison Guides

Have you ever wondered how two ingredients differ in flavor or use? This section clarifies those distinctions, giving you the know-how to choose wisely for your recipes and meals.

See all of our food comparison guides here.

Ingredient Guides

This section is all about the magic of herbs and spices. Learn what they are, how best to use them, and why they’re essential in your pantry to add extra flavor to every meal.



Food Substitutes & Alternatives

Have you ever found yourself short of an ingredient while cooking? Of course, but no worries! In this section, we’ve got you covered with smart substitutes and alternatives. It’s all about making your cooking seamless and delicious, even when missing a few items from your grocery list.

See all of our food substitute guides here.

Shelf Life & Expiration Guides

We’re putting a lid on any confusion about shelf life and food safety. Say goodbye to the guesswork of when to keep or toss your groceries. From the back of your fridge to the depths of your pantry, we’ve got practical, easy-to-follow guides that ensure your food stays fresh and your meals safe.

Spoilage Guides

See more about reading expiration dates here.

Shelf Life Guides

See all of our shelf life guides here.

Looking for the perfect beverage to pair with your meals? Check out our guides about Drinks for tips, recipes, and more.

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