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Our Guides For BBQ, Grilling, And Smoking

There’s nothing more enjoyable for a cook on a warm summer day than taking your cooking outside.

Whether you live in a warm weather climate or you eagerly await the arrival of spring in your area, using a barbecue or grill is a great option for any cook.

Taking your cooking outside comes with different considerations than indoor cooking.

Some of those include:

  • The difference between barbecuing, grilling and smoking
  • Whether to use propane, natural gas, wood chips, pellets, etc.
  • What type of outdoor appliance to purchase (BBQ, smoker, etc.)
  • How to cook different cuts of meat, fish or seafood
  • What to do with vegetables and potatoes, and even salads
  • What kind of cookware can be used on a BBQ
  • What kind of utensils are needed for a BBQ

There are also safety concerns when taking food outside on a hot day, or when cooking with propane or gas. There seems to be a multitude of considerations that make outdoor cooking different than cooking inside, and in some ways more complex.

That’s why we have assembled all the resources you need to make your BBQ and grilling adventure a fun – and delicious – experience for everyone.