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Our Food Preparation Tips, Guides & Reviews

Every cook needs to know the basics of food preparation. It’s important to be able to follow recipes, to know how to measure properly, to know the different forms of mixing foods, or to understand how to cook meat.

There are many components of preparing food. For instance, it’s important to know different methods of preparation, such as:

  • How to sauté
  • How to sear
  • How to fry
  • How to boil
  • How to blanch
  • How to use a double boiler

Those are just a few basic preparation examples. There are different tools, methods, and combinations of ingredients that make food more flavorful or more easily digested.

Often, there are specific steps that must be followed to ensure success. There are different ways to cook, from a slow cooker to a microwave. There are also considerations around food safety, like handling raw meat, or food contamination concerns.

All of these different considerations around preparing food have been gathered in one place for your convenience.

Our food preparation section will give you the know-how to prepare any type of meal in your kitchen.