How Much Juice Is In One Lemon? [Juice Conversion]

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Fresh citrus adds bite and zing to sauces and dressings, but getting the ratio right can be tricky. Recipes may be inconsistent when trying to add fresh juice to a mixture.

So just how much juice is in one lemon?

juice of one lemon

The size and age of your lemon will have an impact on the amount of juice you can get out of it, but you can plan on getting 2 – 3 tablespoons of juice out of a standard lemon.

It can be tempting to slice a lemon in half, thinking you’ll use the other half very soon. Unfortunately, many home cooks later find that half lemon languishing forgotten in the produce drawer.

  • How much juice in half a lemon? About 1 tablespoon, and a wasted 1/2.
  • How much juice is in two lemons? You should be able to get five to six tablespoons.
  • How many lemons for one cup of juice? Go ahead and use up three lemons. Your result will be one cup and an extra tablespoon.

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Lemon Juice Concentrate

It’s probably best not to change amounts in a lemon juice concentrate conversion. That is, three tablespoons of concentrate equals the juice of one lemon.

Be aware that many reconstituted lemon juices contain lemon oil and may hold preservatives in suspension. If you’re attempting to use this in a beverage or uncooked salad dressing, it may be bitter.

Frozen lemon juice concentrate is usually meant for beverages and already has sugar added. Check your labels before buying to confirm.

Final Thoughts

The juice of one lemon can easily be extracted with a fork. Simply halve it, stab it with the fork, and squeeze the lemon while working the fork through the flesh. Collect the juice as it drips, and you’re done.

It’s important to note that this method of how to juice without a juicer will likely leave you with a bowl of seeds and flesh. If you’re really aggressive with the fork, you may even get a little pith in the juice. Strain your juice for best flavor.

Other juicing tools, include manual juicers, designed to help you crush the juice out of each half of a lemon.

You can freeze lemon juice in ice cube trays for a quick serving of about two tablespoons whenever you need it.

Lemons, like a lot of citrus foods, are best when fresh. If you receive a large amount of lemons, by all means juice and freeze them. Otherwise, you can stop and pick up one of these useful little fruits from nearly any grocer at any time of the year.

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