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I hope that you can agree with me when I say that…

“… Store bought fruit and vegetable juices are not healthy.”

Our Top Picks​ For The Best Juicer Machine

Our Recommendation: There are many great juicers, but we recommend the Omega Nutrition Center Juicer.

* See our reviews below for more information in this guide.

Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Masticating Dual-Stage Juicer, Metallic

The problem is that they are often stripped of their nutritional benefits, sugar and sugar substitutes are added, and they contain chemical preservatives which may not be healthy for you in the long term.

What’s the solution? Juice at home. In this guide we will cover what we consider to be the best juicers for juicing at home. In our juicer reviews we will look at the pros and cons, ratings, and comparisons to help you make an informative buying decision.

Top 10: Best Rated Juicers

Compare juicers in our juicer comparison table. Please note that there are many top rated juicers in the market and this is a sample of what we consider to be among the best.

Juicer Brand


Best Used For

Our Rating


Leafy Produce


All Produce


All Produce


Soft Produce


Citrus Fruits

Steel Blade

Soft Produce


Soft Produce


All Produce


Soft Produce


Soft Produce

Juicer Reviews

SKG Juicer - Wide Chute Slow Masticating Juicer

SKG Juicer - Pro's & Con's

  • Wide chute for large produce
  • Lot's of rubber for noise and vibration reduction
  • Reversal button to clear jams
  • 18" tall - too tall for us
  • Need a filter if you dislike pulp
  • Not easy to clean
  • Limited color options

What's oxidation, and why does it matter? If you've ever sliced an apple only to see it turn brown, you know the damage caused by oxidation.

The SKG slow masticating juicer grinds your produce slowly. This 60 RPM motor which:

  • Doesn't heat your produce as it grinds it, so antioxidants are not released
  • Slowly crushes fresh juice from the produce, resulting in a fresher juice with great taste.
  • For pulp lovers, this juicer will create a hearty drink. If you don't care for pulp, you will want to filter your fresh juice before bottling.

This unit has a very small footprint, only 6 x 9 inches, but stands 18 inches tall. This may be too tall for you depending on your height and counter top height.

The 3 inch insertion chute gives you plenty of space for the largest produce. There is a reversal button to help you clear jams, and if the machine becomes clogged or overloaded, it will power down for an hour rather than burning up.

Check out the SKG Juicer on Amazon​ for more information and pricing.

Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus

Breville  JE98XL - Pro's & Con's

  • Cleaning tools included
  • Mesh filter for pulp separation
  • Some dishwasher safe parts
  • Simple operation
  • Noisy
  • Can splatter
  • Average juice yield

The Breville JE98XL features a high and a low setting. Tender greens and citrus fruits will work well on low. More dense produce can be thoroughly juiced on high. This unit features a 3 inch food chute, so apples, beets and pears should fit with no chopping.

The Breville offers great flexibility. If you plan to compost your pulp, you can line the container with a plastic bag for an easy transfer to the compost container. If you don't keep things clean, it's possible for pulp to splatter from the unit in both the entrance and exit.

Finally, the Breville features a simple cleaning brush to make sure you've removed all pulp from the blades and filter. Once you've got the unit disassembled and rinsed, it can all be washed on the top rack of your dishwasher.

The juice jug of the Breville offers a froth separator to make sure you get to enjoy pure, sweet juice without air. The pitcher itself will hold a liter of fresh juice for easy separating and storage of your juice.

Check out the Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus on Amazon​ for more information and pricing.

Jack Lalanne’s Fusion Juicer

Fusion Juicer - Pro's & Con's

  • Wide shoot
  • Pulp separation
  • Juicing guide
  • sh
  • Lot's of parts to clean
  • Assembly can be tricky
  • Lower power than other juicers so it can clog quickly

The Jack Lanne SLH90 is an ideal juicer for any household. In addition to a wide shoot, ideally suited to fibrous produce including carrots and apples, it has a slower grinding speed for softer fruits such as oranges. This unit includes the Ultimate Juicing Book Guide for flavor combinations and optimum nutrition.

If you're interested in using your leftover pulp for other cooking projects, the Lalanne juicer would be a great fit for your kitchen. It produces a very dry pulp while extracts fresh juice for your enjoyment.

The Jack Lalanne packs a lot of juicing power in a small package. It's only 14 inches tall fully assembled, so you can easily find a spot on the counter for it or tuck it away in the cupboard. It seems a shame to store it, however. You can get this juicer in modern black, fashionable stainless, and retro aqua.

Check out Jack Lalanne’s 100th Anniversary Fusion Juicer on Amazon​ for more information and pricing.

The Champion Juicer

Champion Juicer - Pro's & Con's

  • Not just a juicer - make butters and sorbet
  • Average to clean
  • Heavy @ 26 pounds
  • Low spigot height
  • Not dishwasher safe

The Champion juicer is an extremely heavy duty grinding tool that you can use to juice, make nut butter and sorbet. This tool is extremely simple; simply change out the cover from strainer to solid and you can easily move from juicing to grinding nut butters.

This is a heavy tool; more than 26 pounds. While it won't require a lot of storage space, you will want to avoid keeping it in a high cupboard.

It should be noted that the Champion GI-NG-853S is built a bit low. It's only 11 inches tall, so slipping a pitcher or tall glass under the spigot could be a challenge. Be sure to use a wide mouthed vessel to collect the juice you've just created.

Check out The Champion Juicer on Amazon​ for more information and pricing.

Best Juicer - Omega Nutrition Center

Omega J8006 - Pro's & Con's

  • Not just a juicer - make butters, sorbet, grind coffee
  • Color options
  • Quiet compared to centrifugal juicers
  • Need to feed it slowly
  • Wide chute is smaller than others

The Omega J8006 juices at low RPMs for cold juicing. The dual step process makes it possible for you to extract plenty of nutritious juice from the pulp.

In addition, because this tool is a grinding juicer, it can be used for other homemade healthy treats, including freshly ground coffee, homemade nut butters and sorbet.

This Omega juicer features a wide food shoot with a small tray at the opening, so no matter what you're juicing, you can keep on feeding fresh produce through this versatile machine. The dual stage juicing system will lessen the risk of pulp in your juice and make sure you're extracting the healthiest possible beverage.

Be aware that you can get an Omega J8006 in several colors, including lime, purple and aqua, so no matter your decor, your juicer will match!

Check out The Omega Nutrition Center Juicer on Amazon​ for more information and pricing.

BELLA High Power Juice Extractor

BELLA Juicer - Pro's & Con's

  • Wide chute
  • Rubber feet
  • Fairly consistent texture
  • Not "long term" dishwasher safe despite the claims
  • Juice may contain pulp and froth

The Bella 13694 is a chopping juicer and works efficiently by rapidly chopping up any produce fed to it through the stainless chopping blade. This tool features a detachable pulp container. Additionally, though your juice may contain pulp and some froth, you can be certain of serving pure, sweet juice thanks to the micro mesh filter.

BELLA (13694) High Power Juice Extractor, Stainless Steel

The Bella 13694 can be easily disassembled, and nearly all of it can be cleaned up in your dishwasher. This unit includes a 1 liter pitcher for capturing fresh juice and has a removable pulp container with micro mesh filter. The wide mouth for produce can handle an entire apple whole, so your juicing routine will be quick as it requires little prep work.

The Bella has a high and a low setting, so from strawberries to carrots and any texture in between, you can be assured of a consistent juicing texture.

This unit offers a locking handle to secure the lid and food shoot as well as rubberized feet to keep it stable on your countertop as you work.

It should be noted that while many parts are said to be dishwasher safe, but we have found the plastic chutes and other components may fail after a round in the dishwasher. Dishwasher heat can be brutal!

Check out the BELLA Juice Extractor on Amazon​ for more information and pricing.

Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer

Kuvings Juicer - Pro's & Con's

  • Makes juice or sorbet
  • Crushes rather than chop to reduce oxidation
  • Simple operation & easy to assemble
  • Recipe book
  • 18" Tall
  • Moderately heavy @ 15 pounds
  • Cleaning discharge chute can be difficult even with brushes

Kuvings juicing technology works by crushing produce, rather than chopping it.

This reduces oxidation and delivers the healthiest possible juice serving right to your glass. The blade of the Kuvings juicer does not spin and cut or chop the produce so juice can be extracted, but grinds it. You will not have to worry about this blade going dull, and the large food chute makes it fast to use and easy to load.

Finally, if you add frozen fruit to the Kuvings juicer, you can make your own sorbet!

While the Kuvings is a very versatile tool, is should be pointed out that long-term storage could be a challenge. The unit stands nearly 18" tall, so it may not fit under a standard kitchen cabinet. Additionally, this unit weight in at nearly 15 pounds, so storage in lower cabinets is recommended.

Check out Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer on Amazon​ for more information and pricing.

Juiceman Automatic Citrus Juicer

Juiceman Citrus Juicer - Pro's & Con's

  • Can tackle small and large citrus fruits
  • Few parts means it's easy to clean
  • Small profile
  • Only for soft citrus fruits
  • Juice reservoir is small
  • Can get clogged after juicing 1 fruit

If fresh-squeezed orange juice or grapefruit juice is your favorite treat, the Juiceman JCJ150S is an ideal tool for your kitchen. This unit offers two juicing cones so both large and small citrus fruits can be easily juiced.

It's important to note that this tool is built for soft citrus fruits only. If you're planning to juice more dense produce such as apples or carrots, this unit is not your best choice.

However, this little juicer will brighten dreary winter mornings when you fill your glass with fresh, sweet orange or grapefruit juice. It's only 7 inches square and less than 11 inches tall. It can enjoy a bit of space on your countertop or easily be stored for when citrus fruits are in season

Check out the Juiceman Automatic Citrus Juicer on Amazon​ for more information and pricing.

Lexen Manual Wheatgrass Juicer

Lexen Wheatgrass Juicer - Pro's & Con's

  • Quick to put together and use
  • Easy to clean
  • Light weight @ 4 pounds
  • Wheat grass only
  • Manual operation
  • Made from a lot of plastic - we worry about it breaking in the future

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If you enjoy exercising while you juice, check out a Lexen GP27! This manual tool is easy to set up and mounts to your counter or table; then load it with fresh produce and crank away!

It weighs under four pounds and is easy to store. The Lexen GP27 features a flared hopper for easy loading. Taller foods such as wheatgrass will stand up easily until you start cranking, and smaller greens can be easily fitted into the hopper as well.

While the manual cranking action of the Lexen GP27 may seem a bit rustic, this unit is extremely easy to take apart and clean.

Additionally, if you're juicing wheatgrass, you want to keep an eye on it, and high speed juicers may pulverize wheatgrass. However, tough fibrous produce like beets or apples may not work at all, and if they do, you'll be at it awhile.

Check out the Lexen Manual Wheatgrass Juicer on Amazon​ for more information and pricing.

Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juicer

Hamilton Beach Juicer - Pro's & Con's

  • Juice almost anything
  • Easy to clean (except the filter)
  • Budget friendly
  • Some parts not dishwasher safe in our opinion (clear plastic can fog easily)
  • Can miss small pieces of fruit

The Hamilton Beach 67850 offers dedicated juicers plenty of flexibility. The juicing blade is a spinning bowl that easy chops any produce you add to the large food chute.

There is plenty of space in the pulp hopper, and the juice pitchers attaches directly to the spout so you will not lose any of your fresh, healthy juice. To help with cleanup you can line the pulp hopper with a plastic bag and discard it when finished.

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The 67850 offers two speeds, so soft produce such as oranges and strawberries will work well in this juicer.

Finally, when your juicing session is done, cleanup is a breeze. Hamilton Beach has designed a cleaning tool that brushes out the bottom of the cutting blade while clearing away pulp from the side. And once you've got your juicer taken apart, the whole unit will go right into the dishwasher.

Check out the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juicer on Amazon​ for more information and pricing.

Types of Juicers

There are different kinds of juicers that handle different tasks and are specifically built for them. Some are better geared for hard fruits and vegetables, while others are able to juice leafy greens without getting clogged.

Let’s have a look at some of your options:​

A) Centrifugal Juicers – These juicers are the most common, the fastest, but also the least productive if you don’t want juice left in your pulp.

How do they work? Once your produce is forced through a sharp mesh in to pulp and then the pulp is spun to force the juice out of it.​

These juicers, due to their high speeds, tend to encourage oxidization, meaning your resulting juice should be consumed as quickly as possible.

Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juice Extractor

You may think that a blender could do a similar job for juicing, but even the best immersion blenders aren't able to remove moisture from the pulp efficiently.

B) Masticating Juicers – These are sometimes called Masticating (single auger) or Triturating (twin auger) Juicers. These are much slower juicers with a much higher grade of juice as a result.

How do they work? Your produce is squeezed with great force using the auger(s) slowly to prevent heat buildup.

Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Masticating Dual-Stage Juicer, Metallic

The juice created from these units can be stored for longer periods of time. For those who live life on the run, auger-based units may not be a wise choice. This type of machine works very well with wheatgrass.

C) Citrus Juicers – These units are generally much smaller, and tend to be for single-cup usage. As their name implies, they have been optimized for use with citrus fruits (such as Oranges For Juicing), although some might be able to handle pomegranate.

How do they work? This could be classified as a type of cold press juicer since the hand is used to press the fruit against a reamer, but unlike commercial juicers where fruits and vegetables are pressed between two steel flats.

Juiceman JCJ150S 40-Watt Automatic Citrus Juicer with 2 Juicing Cones

D) Manual Juicers – These don’t require electricity, just you turning the hand crank to press out your juice.

Most manual devices are either built for wheatgrass, or citrus fruits. Between the two types, the wheatgrass version has the wider range of fruits and vegetables that it can handle.

The Original Healthy Juicer (Lexen GP27) - Manual Wheatgrass Juicer - Kale, Spinach, Parsley and any other Leafy Green! Featuring a masticating live-enzyme cold press process!

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What Is The Best Juicer For The Money?

Now this is a highly subjective question, and the answer will be different based on what you need the juicer for, what your expectations are, and what your budget is.

5 Questions to consider before buying a juicer:​

  • What are you intending to juice? Soft fruits like pears or hard vegetables like carrots? Do you intend to juice wheatgrass or other leafy greens?
  • What is your current lifestyle like and do you see that staying the same or changing in the future? What health benefits are you hoping to obtain?
  • Do you need your juice quickly? Remember that speed of creation does have an effect on the quality of the juice. Do you have the time?
  • Pulp! Do you need the pulp in your juice for the extra fiber? Do you need the pulp completely screened out and as dry as possible?
  • How much can you afford to spend on a juicer? High-quality tends to come with high-cost, so know your budget before you go looking. Be sure it will continue to meet your needs 5 years into the future.

If you are new to the concept of juicing, investing in a masticating or tritulating juicer may be a great option. They produce juice that lasts longer and manual juicer models may impact your personal budget less than electric models.

Juicing Benefits

More of us want control over the nutrition that we place in our bodies, but it's hard to trust large juice companies because we don't know exactly what we are ingesting. The best way to combat that is by juicing at home.

Main Benefits Of Juicing:

  • It's healthy in moderation! Raw access to natural plant nutrition.
  • Easier access to phytonutrients as the fibrous parts of the plant are initially broken down for you in the juicing process.

Many people are creating specific recipes to address specific needs. It's important to note here that there are many health claims being touted online, but not all are backed by medical science. However, three popular examples are:

  1. Adrenal Fatigue – juice recipes for healing the adrenals require blending or juicing to put them together.
  2. Blood Pressure Regulationbeet juice recipes involving beets, apples, and celery definitely require a machine that will break them down.
  3. Increased Fiber Intake – As people learn how to pay attention to how their body functions, a home-made juice can give them a quick way to get the necessary fibre into their system to keep their intestinal tract healthy.​

The Do-it-Yourself group believes that if you make juice from scratch, it will be healthier than what you can get commercially at the store. These people get a sense of satisfaction knowing they are not relying as heavily on the big food companies.

We’ve alluded to them in the list above, but juicing does have its benefits. It is a well-known fact that most fruits and vegetables retain certain vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients in their raw states, and lose some in their cooked state. See ScientificAmerican for more details.

People, who want cooked vegetables without losing nutritional value, will steam as opposed to boil their vegetables. In some cases, this act of steaming releases nutrition that raw might have trouble releasing.

Generally-speaking, raw is better for you, but if you don’t have time to sit there and chew your way through a pile on your plate, juicing comes in very handy.

Secondly, juicing makes those phytonutrients easier for your body to access. There is some debate about the fact that when you chew your food, nutrition is unlocked by that initial dose of digestive liquid in your saliva and that the lack of chewing means your food doesn’t get that initial release.

We have discovered that if a smoothie is not completely liquefied, the act of chewing up remaining small chunks does activate the saliva jets.

This trick can be applied to juicing efforts as well, due to the fact that juicing does create left-over pulp to varying degrees, and that pulp can be put to use in further food preparations for other dishes in the kitchen.​

Final Thoughts

As society gets more and more health-conscious, industries are building up around the delivery of food preparation methods that allow for healthy nutritional intake on busy schedules.

Even the concept of drinking juice has experienced incredible change as people realize they don’t just want to be drinking colored sugar water with vitamins added.

The idea of juicing for health has solidly taken hold, creating a plethora of healthy juicing options and has created the need for juicing machines at home.

In this guide we explored some of the top rated juicers on the market for home use. While no juicer is without flaws, we hope we were able to help you make a more informed buying decision

Did you enjoy this guide? Let us know in the comments with your favorite juicer and juicing experiences.​

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