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gas range reviews

Gas ranges and cooktops can be expensive. With a low end price point of several hundred dollars, it's important to choose the right appliance for your kitchen and budget.

Our Top Pick: Samsung NXH9500WS​ Slide-In Gas Range

samsung slide in gas range nx5889500ws

This buying guide will help inform you about the options present in modern stoves through our gas range reviews and features section.

You'll be able to determine which features are important to you and make an educated decision about choosing the best gas range for your kitchen.

Gas Range Reviews

In the following gas range reviews we will cover main features of each product and highlight a few areas of concern that you should know about before purchasing.

Samsung NX58H9500WS - Top Pick

This Samsung gas range is our top pick because it’s in a reasonable price range with enough value to cover most home chef’s needs in the kitchen. In our opinion, it's the best slide in gas range in the market right now.

Not to mention, this range is a real beauty to look at. You don’t need to worry about ugly side panels since this is a slide-in gas range. These features are what helped put this unit in our top rated gas ranges category.

samsung slide in gas range nx5889500ws
top rated gas ranges

30" Samsung NX58H9500WS Stainless Steel Gas Range

Top Features

  • Temperature Probe
  • Large LCD Display
  • 18,000 BTU Burner
  • Sleek Slide-In Design

A unique feature of the Samsung NX58H9500WS is that it has a temperature probe for the oven to control. This means that you can stick the probe in a piece of meat and have the oven automatically cook it to the perfect internal temperature.

A large LCD display helps with control options so you know exactly what's happening while you cook. The oven also comes with a warming drawer as well as a self-cleaning mode to help keep your oven spotless.

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The cooktop comes with removable grates to offer continuous grating (for sliding pans around), a special wok grate, and a central griddle section.

best gas range

There are two minor things to take note of. The control knobs on this unit are plastic and can break with regular use. The high heat on the burners isn't the easiest to control, you'll need a gentle touch to simmer with the powerful burners.

The price point of this range is quite reasonable considering the features and heat output. When browsing the other best gas ranges, keep the Samsung NX58H9500WS in mind.

LG LDG3036ST 30" Gas Range

LG offers the LDG3036ST 30” gas range that includes a double oven with convection. LG is a respected kitchen appliance brand so let’s have a closer look at this range.

30" gas range

30" LG LDG3036ST Gas Range

Top Features

  • 17,000 BTU Burner
  • Double Ovens (lower oven is convection)
  • Freestanding gas range (easier installation)
  • Can Be Converted To LP (liquid propane)

LG's offering comes with two ovens for complex baking and energy savings on small tasks. Its SuperBoil burner tops out at 17,000 BTU for high heat cooking.

Unlike the Samsung, where a small handful where the control knobs seem okay until they break, the knobs on this LG feel cheap. They're made of flimsy plastic which could be prone to breaking or even melting. They are very touch sensitive and may be turned on with a gentle bump.

Our investigation suggests that the flimsy knobs have been fixed and replaced with sturdy metal ones, but be sure to check the packaging and you understand what you're getting. Some retailers are still selling older versions.

double oven gas range reviews

The central burner is rather underpowered. This isn't a real issue because you still have four other burners to use. But we feel that is might have been better to leave it out to save complexity and cost.

It seems like we aren’t giving this gas range much praise, but we do like it. The cons pointed out are pretty much the biggest areas of concern that we could find.

This unit is freestanding, so it looks a bit nicer if it's not in between cupboards and doesn't overhang your counter tops. If you’re not on a tight budget, give the LG LDG3036ST consideration when you decide to buy a new gas range.​

Frigidaire FGGF3054MB - Best Budget Gas Range

We chose the FGGF3054MB as the best budget gas range because it has most of the features other gas ranges have, but at a fraction of the price. If you want gas but can’t afford to pay for higher end ranges, this might be for you.

best budget gas range

Frigidaire FGGF3054MB Gallery Series

Top Features

  • 17,000 & 14,000 BTU Burners
  • Convection Oven
  • Self-Cleaning
  • Comes In Black

There’s no lack of heat with a 17,000 BTU quick-boil burner and a 14,000 BTU backup!

Surprisingly, this range comes with a temperature probe for programming your oven use. The bottom oven rack extends automatically as you open the door, and a convection fan helps make sure that everything you bake comes out at an even temperature.

Purchasing a warranty with this range is likely to be cheaper than repair options, especially considering that circuit problems might not manifest for three years or more.

While some problems can be fixed by unplugging your stove and plugging it back in, others require you to purchase $200+ control board replacements in order to fix the problem.

black gas range top

While the oven is in use, the stovetop and burner control knobs might get VERY hot. Given how cheap this range is, you can certainly afford a few potholders.

However, if you have kids in the house or you're worried about accidentally burning yourself, you might want to look for a range with better heat ventilation.

It's freestanding, meaning it's not as much of an eyesore without a cupboard covering up each side. Unlike some other freestanding units, however, the oven controls are in front of the burners, which can be a problem the way this unit ventilates heat.

When buying big items on a budget you kind of have to expect a few quality or functional issues to arise.

We’re convinced that the few issues this gas range has, the Frigidaire FGGF3054MB is a top contender for the best budget gas range on the market.​


General Electric is one of the best gas stove brands. GE's midrange option comes with a 20,000 BTU burner and a double oven.

It's a beautiful range that can be an absolute pleasure to cook on with no back panel. This makes the 30" cooktop feels gigantic, not a bad thing.

ge cafe model # cgs990setss

GE Cafe CGS990SETSS 20,000 BTU Double Oven

Top Features

  • Large Cooktop
  • Ball-Bearing Oven Racks
  • 6.7 Cubic Feet Double Oven With Convection
  • 20,000 BTU Burner
  • 5 Sealed Burners

Unlike many ranges, all of the controls are in front of the cooktop, meaning there's no risk of burning yourself if you adjust the oven while you cook.

It comes with all of the modern amenities you want in an oven: ball-bearing racks, delayed start, a temperature probe and a sophisticated timer.

The bottom oven includes an additional electric heating element for quick preheats and is digitally controlled.

cgs990setss griddle

The upper oven is controlled by a single knob which might have an effect on effective heat distribution. For example, it’s possible to burn the bottom of a pan of brownies while leaving the top raw.

That said, the bottom oven is excellent and the top one is at the very least a fully featured warming drawer.

While we're certainly a bit disappointed in the top oven, the rest of this range is excellent. The cooktop is large and powerful, and the bottom oven is more than large enough to handle any baking task.

The unit is a bit on the expensive end. While prices can change, at the time of this writing it is well over twice the cost of the Frigidaire range mentioned. However, the overall quality may justify the price.

If you’re buying a gas range and hope to keep it for the long haul, check out the 30” GE Cafe CGS990SETSS.

Gas Range Features Guide

BTU And Burner Heat

One of the easiest things to quantify about your range is the amount of heat the burners put out. Burner heat is measured in British Thermal Units (BTU).

Most cooktops have at least one large burner for high heat (often about 12,000 BTU) and one that's deliberately on the low end for precise low temperature cooking (usually around 5,000 BTU).

A 12,000 BTU burner on high heat will be hot enough if you occasionally cook with a wok.

Some 'pro' models have a much higher range of heat available, with the big burners going up to 20,000 BTU or more. Depending on what kind of cooking you intend to do, this higher heat setting could be a lifesaver -- or a complete waste of money.​

Gas Range Layout and Design

Appliance manufacturers have innovated range design quite a lot in the last few years.

Modern ranges often come with a lattice structure that covers the entire top of the range, enabling you to slide pots and pans from one burner to another without having to lift them over gaps.

Some others come with a central fifth burner or even an integrated griddle in between the outer burners.

It can be tricky to use all five burners at once due to space issues, but if you find yourself cooking a lot of small items at once it might be a feature worth investigating.​

Range Size - Fitting In Your Kitchen

Gas ranges vary in size from 30" to over 42" for some industrial models.

Be sure to measure your kitchen before you purchase anything. Most appliances manufacturers have a range of options available for common sizes.

Range + oven combos tend to come in one of two styles:

Freestanding Gas Ranges - with solid sides and oven controls usually located behind the cooktop.

Slide-in Gas Ranges - often with lips on either side of the cooktop designed to slightly overlap the counter on either side and oven controls sometimes on the front with the burner controls.

There usually isn't too much difference between the two styles, but if the side of your oven is going to be visible, you might want to lean towards a freestanding unit.​

Before purchasing a range, please make sure that you know which type of gas the hookups in your home provide and verify that the unit you're looking at is compatible.

Most modern gas ranges come with conversion kits to allow you to use them with either natural gas or propane.

Oven Design

The oven attached to your cooktop can come with a number of modern amenities designed to make your job easier. Several ranges offer a convection fan in the oven to circulate air and help foods cook more easily.

Many come equipped with temperature sensors or probes in the oven to control your baking more effectively -- enabling the oven to automatically shut off after hitting a certain temperature, or to hold an exact temperature for the entire baking process.​

Double Ovens

double oven gas range

30" LG LDG3036ST Double Oven Gas Range

Some ranges even come with two separate oven bays to really allow you to multitask. Having an additional oven can be a godsend for complex baking tasks (especially around holidays!).

I can't imagine most home chefs actually use this feature more than once or twice a year, and the two ovens can feel a bit cramped when compared to a single large one.

Programmable Controls

Surprisingly, a number of the best gas stoves come without any sort of modern concessions.

While LCD displays and complex cooking routines come standard on a number of less expensive models, at least one high-end manufacturer sells units with only the most basic controls.

Available features include automatic pizza cooking, precise preheating, and cook timers that automatically shut off your oven. Before you go nuts over these offerings, consider how many of the buttons on your microwave you actually use.

If you're anything like me and you only use the 'add one minute' button, you probably shouldn't value programmable controls too highly.​

Warranty And Durability

Not all of the best gas ranges are created equal. Some ranges have control knobs that melt, circuit boards that cook or even faulty gas hook-ups that can cause totally uneven cooking.

The warranty options for gas ranges are NOT something you should dismiss out of hand -- a few hundred dollars at the time of purchase can save you thousands over the next several years in repairs and replacements.

Be sure to assess risk levels for the ranges you're considering and purchase a warranty or repair plan appropriate for the level of risk your purchase entails.

Alternately, purchase a range that's reliable and durable -- even if a cheaper range plus a warranty is cheaper, it might not be worth the hassle of having to call someone.

Gas Range Safety Options

Modern ranges are pretty safe. Two major concerns you might have are accidental ignition and child-safe controls. Some gas ranges have knobs you can activate accidentally with a gentle bump.

If you have small children (or are just worried about not noticing you turned on a burner!) you may want to investigate models with electronic child locks for the controls.

The best rated gas ranges won't activate at all until you hold a button or input a special sequence of controls. This makes it pretty hard for a child or absent-minded adult to accidentally start a fire.​

Pros And Cons Of Gas Stoves


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  • Upfront costs are often more than that of electric stoves.
  • Installation is more technical because gas lines are involved. It’s wise to choose professional installation for safety reasons.
  • In gas ovens it’s possible for uneven oven temperatures without convection. Also, uneven flames for burners if near a window or drafty area.

Final Thoughts - Choosing A Gas Range

With the features and reviews highlighted in this guide, you should now be able to reflect on your cooking needs and select the best gas range for your kitchen and budget.

If you're like me, the BTU output of the burners will be especially important since cooking on top of a stove is where I spend most of the time cooking.

Having low BTU and high BTU burner options means that you can cook a variety of meals from delicate sauces to stir-frying which requires intense heat needed when cooking with a wok.​

If you are a casual baker, the oven options may not be so important to you.

However, if you love to bake, and bake a lot at the same time, might instead want two separate ovens, programmable controls, or a convection fan for even heat distribution while you bake.

Whatever features you prefer, make extra certain that you measure the space for your range and get your gas hookups checked by a professional. While it might seem incredibly basic and intuitive, you wouldn't believe how many people try to return appliances that simply don't fit in their home.

Did you enjoy this guide? Let us know in the comments below with your thoughts, experiences and gas range reviews of your own.​

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