Juice Diets – Juicing To Lose Weight

Juicing for weight loss has become a hot topic for those who are determined to shed off extra pounds and keep them off.

As with any diet program, there are pros and cons when going on a juice fast or cleanse, especially for first timers who are juicing to lose weight.

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Warning: Always consult a professional, such as your doctor, before going on any type of diet, cleanse, or fast.

Does Juicing Work?

Weight Loss

There is a reason why juicing became very popular for people with weight management problems. It is by far among the most effective techniques that do not include having to starve oneself.

A number of juicing diets make for dramatic weight loss (some up to 20 pounds per month), without the strain of rigorous daily exercise.

Improved Absorption of Nutrients

While people can load up on healthy foods, getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals does not always happen. Consuming vegetables and fruits in juice form allows the body to absorb most of the necessary nutrients without much challenge. This is good news for people with specific nutrient deficiencies.

Promotes Better Digestion

Juicing precludes the consumption of solid food so the digestive tract gets its well needed rest. Considering that many people are hooked on fast food and pre-prepared meals, a juice diet plan can allow for better digestion as it is easier to process liquids that tough proteins and complex carbohydrates. As a result, the colon as well as intestines become cleaner and bowel movements are much less extraneous.

If you are looking to use juicing for the purpose of cleansing your digestive system, below are 3 cleansing diets you might want to try.

1. The Master Cleanse

This cleanse has been around for decades, but it was brought to the mainstream by singer-actress Beyonce Knowles. In a nutshell, it is a 10-day program that requires drinking the lemonade cleanse (doused with cayenne pepper, grade B maple syrup) and not much else. It also requires a laxative or a sea salt mixture.

The fo​llowing video with RositaAppleBum breaks down the Master Cleanse and how she lost 10lbs.

This cleanse is quite stringent and its restrictions include the consumption of anything solid as well as all other types of beverages. Its results, however, can be quite dramatic, for those who can survive the challenge of drinking only lemonade, laxative tea and saltwater for more than one week.

Some celebrities and well known personalities have tried the Master Cleanse and swear by its effects.

However, many others have also commented on how difficult it is to finish the program mainly because of the severe food restrictions.

2. 10-Day Green Smoothie Challenge

For those who are interested in loading up on fiber and phytochemicals, this program is quite promising. As the name suggests, this cleanse is a 10 day program where you drink smoothies comprised of green vegetables, fruits, and water. Here are some great juicing articles:

This program is mainly for detoxification and is recommended for people who are looking to not only lose weight but also cleanse their liver, kidneys, and colon.

There are five phases/modes in this challenge namely:

Full Cleanse - Consume only smoothies, approved snacks, and tea or water for 10 days.

Modified cleanse - You are allowed 2 smoothies (one for breakfast and one for lunch), 1 approved healthy meal for dinner, and water/tea for 10 days.

Breaking the cleanse - Going back mostly to solid foods, but eliminating fast food and other unhealthy treats.

Repetition or Extension of cleanse - You can decide to extend the full/modified cleanse for better results.

Continuous weight loss - You steadily lose weight while keeping a balanced and healthy diet.

3. Martha's Vineyard Detox Diet

This 21-day program is as ambitious as it is buzz worthy. This detox diet promises to shave off 1 pound per day for 21 days and beyond.

Among the requirements include drinking liquids every 2 hours, taking laxatives, and doing enemas. It does require a lot of work and patience, especially since enemas may not be your first choice as a daily health regimen.

Those who find this cleanse effective, definitely hail it as one of the best, while others are not as impressed. Some of the side effects include headaches, cravings, and temporary incontinence.

Wendy Williams Diet Cleanse​

Dr. Roni DeLuz on the Wendy Williams Show explaining the 21 diet detox:

Other fringe benefits also include the following:

  • Clearer skin
  • Improved immune system
  • Excellent for detoxing

The Challenges

Severe Hunger Pangs - If it is your first time on a juicing diet, the most difficult to deal with could be hunger pangs or cravings. Many who take on a juice fest can experience extreme cravings for all sorts of things, mainly fast food and other greasy and salty fare. It is a normal reaction to yearn for the food you use to enjoy, and it is likely to subside after a few days to about a week.

However, in some cases, the hunger pangs become alarming enough that people just go back to eating solids after about a week of starting a juice diet.

Rebounding Weight - It is true that you can lose so much weight by juicing. But this might be just half of the story. Sometimes, juicing can cause what is referred to as yo-yo effect, in which you can gain back some, if not most of the weight lost. This does not have to be a major cause for concern, but it can be quite an annoyance especially if you lost a lot of weight. Some diets allow cheat days where you can eat solid or semi solid fruits or vegetables in order to curb the cravings.

What Do You Need to Get Started?

Excellent Selection of Fruits and Vegetables

Organic produce is best for consumption, whether it is intended for juicing or otherwise. If you do not have regular access to a Farmer's Market, there is always the local grocery produce section. Just make sure you choose the freshest picks as they have the most flavor and nutrients.

We have written an article on the best vegetables for juicing that should get you off to a good start.

Juicer or Blender?

Many assume that juicing diets can get expensive as they require the use of a juicer. This is a common misconception. Fact is, you can use a blender for most of the recipes as long as every bit of ingredient has been completely liquefied.

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If you find that juicing actually suits you as a weight loss method, you can always decide to invest in a good juicer later on. See our article How To Juice Without A Juicer.

Tip: When using a blender for recipes that require you to include skins and stalks, you might want to add a bit of water in order to help the breakdown process.

Choosing to go on a cleanse is certainly a positive step towards healthier living. It is important to know and understand the benefits as well as the potential drawbacks before deciding which program to use and for how long.

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