Culinary Tours & Cooking Vacations In Italy

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Everybody loves Italian cooking, and Italy is one of the most exciting and romantic vacation destinations you can choose. What could be better than combining a fun filled Italian vacation with an authentic course in Italian cookery?

Whether you just want to learn a few basics or return from your relaxing, enriching Italian vacation with full-chef qualifications, there is an Italian cookery vacation package that is just right for you.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits and joy of embarking on an Italian cooking vacation. We will also share some valuable information about the types of vacation packages that are currently available.

Enjoy A Day Trip Or A Season Or Anything In Between

There’s something for everyone with this innovative type of holiday. People traveling alone, couples, groups of friends and family members all enjoy the fun and adventure of cooking vacations in Italy.

Not only you have a grand time while on vacation, you come away with a skill that will last a lifetime. You’ll be able to prepare authentic Italian meals for your friends and family members and share stories of your fabulous holiday for years to come.

Italian cooking vacations are available in a variety of lengths of time. You can take a day trip with a single course learning to create a specialty dish, or you can get away for a week and learn to prepare a variety of authentic Italian dishes. Semester-long courses are also available.

When you aren’t cooking, you can enjoy such diverse activities as:

  • Touring Local Attractions
  • Horseback Riding
  • Olive Oil Tasting
  • Hunting Truffles
  • Wine Tasting

There’s so much to see and do all over Italy, that no matter what sort of cooking vacation you decide upon, you are sure to have the time of your life.

Cooking Course Opportunities

Italy is home to a vast array of high quality culinary schools at every level of education. Everyone from high school students to graduate students can enjoy learning Italian cookery in a professional setting.

Tomato Basil And Asparagus Italian Shop

Take a single class in the midst of an eclectic holiday or stay for a semester and earn a diploma. No matter what your interest in Italian cooking, you are sure to find exactly the right package to suit you.

In the summer time, some of the top professional cooking schools in Italy offer short courses for holiday revelers who simply want to learn a few Italian cookery basics. These specially prepared classes provide the perfect opportunity for travelers to improve cooking skills, learn kitchen organization techniques and pick up great tips on selecting the best quality ingredients to create the most authentic Italian meals.

Summer courses are often included incomplete holiday packages that offer a wealth of activities, experiences and fun. Here are just a few examples:


Tuscookany Home Page

In Tuscany, you can take a weeklong cooking course at Tuscookany. Not only will you learn prepare delectable organic Italian meals, you will also enjoy complete immersion in the countryside of Tuscany.

You will stay in a gorgeous country villa with ample opportunity for enjoyable daily activities.

Nearby towns offer artistic and historical attractions. Pick up curios, souvenirs and great buys at local ceramic studios, wineries, olive oil producers and more.

The Observer newspaper rated rated Tuscookany as a top cooking school in Italy. Book your classes at:


cook in umbria homepage

In Umbria you can enjoy a complete holiday package at the family-run, Let’s Cook in Umbria.

Get cooking classes, lessons in the Italian language, interesting tours and room and board all for one great price. In this comfortable family setting, you can collect fresh fruits and veggies and free range eggs every day and prepare the freshest and most delectable Italian dishes.

Additionally, holiday packages are available for individuals, couples and groups of six. Purchase a gift voucher to present your favorite person with the best present ever.

Several different types of courses are offered, ranging from one day in length to full week courses.

Ready to cook in Umbria? Get started at


taste of italy homepage

You can enjoy a six-day holiday package with a Taste of Italy Italian cookery vacation in the heart of Bologna.

In this course, you will learn how to prepare a wide variety of authentic Italian dishes from the local area. You will also learn how to pair wines with foods.

When you are not cooking, you can take advantage of enjoyable local tours. Your lodgings will be a lovely four-star farmhouse/hotel.

For the most authentic cooking lessons in Bologna, visit


the international kitchen homepage

Another popular six-day Italian cookery holiday is held in two locations:

  • The classic Italian city of Venice.
  • The charming island of Murano.

In this course, the Venice Cooking Odissey, you’ll learn to select produce at the Rialto food market, and then you will learn to prepare it in the kitchen of one of the most prestigious restaurants in Venice, L’ Osteria Degeli Assassini.

On the third day of your course, you will travel to the tranquil island of Murano where you will stay for the remainder of the course.

A Venice Cooking Odyssey at


Piemonte is a UNESCO world heritage site. It is also the home of the Slow Food Movement. Here you can enjoy a weeklong Italian Way Cooking Holiday complete with day trips to local wine cellars and vineyards, tours of nearby towns and villages and fascinating and enriching cooking classes.

You will lodge in a traditional farmhouse/hotel called Hotel Bellavista. This is located in Bossolasco which is a quiet hilltop village. You are sure to enjoy your stay and return home refreshed, enriched and delighted.


the awaiting table homepage

If you would prefer a town setting, you are sure to enjoy professional Italian cookery courses at one of the two campuses offered by The Awaiting Table cookery school in Puglia’s Salento area. At both campus locations, you will find award-winning courses in food preparation and wine appreciation.

You will stay in the center of the historical town of Lecce where you can enjoy visiting the local farmer’s market and fishmonger daily to select fresh ingredients for your coursework.

Learning how to select the best ingredients and where to source them is a big part of the learning experience at The Awaiting Table.

Start your course at The Awaiting Table

An Italian Cooking Vacation Is The Experience Of A Lifetime!

These are just a few of the many offerings you will find in Italian cookery course vacations. When you take part in one of these enjoyable, enriching and exciting holidays you will meet fascinating people from around the world. You will have a delightful time and learn a valuable skill that you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

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