Best Deep Fryer Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Deep Fryer Reviews

A dedicated deep fryer can be extremely useful if you fix deep fried foods often. It serves as a handy place to store your frying oil and some home deep fryers offer an oil filtration cycle.

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Deep fryers generally come with a wire mesh basket to make it easy to remove the food from the hot oil. Some have built-in timers and temperature controls that let you know when the oil is hot enough. Let's take a closer look at home deep fryer features and review some units that may interest you.

Deep Fryer Reviews

The DeLonghi deep fryer offers several unique and useful features for crisp, tasty fried foods without flavor contamination or inaccurate temperature risk.

This unit uses less oil by rotating the mesh frying basket at an angle so the food is constantly being cycled from oil to air. If you prefer to change your oil often to reduce the risk of flavor contamination, this rotating design might save you money.

An adjustable thermostat with indicator light makes it easy to monitor oil temperature, and a clear panel on the top of the fryer gives you a great view of your food as it crisps.

The DeLonghi also offers dual air filtration to cut down on odors and a patented draining system that enables you to easily drain, filter or discard your oil as needed.​

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Fryer Parts And Accessories​

Deep Fryer Baskets

A deep fryer basket is handy to help lower and raise food out of hot oil. This helps prevent splashing, accidental drops, and makes it easier to fry foods safely. To reduce burn and fire risks, you will need a long-handled fry basket.

Typically, a deep fryer will come with a rectangular or circle wire mesh basket depending on the shape of the fryer itself. However, there are other types of baskets that may help fry specific foods such as:

Fish & French Fries – There really isn’t a difference between a fish fry basket and French fry basket. You can use the standard basket that comes with your fryer. In either case, you want a deep basket to hold a lot of fries or a couple pieces of fish at one time.

Tacos – A taco shell deep fryer basket will help retain the taco shape while frying. This would otherwise be impossible without it since the shell would not keep its curled shape while frying.

Turkey – If you are using a large pot for frying a whole turkey, you will definitely need a way to raise and lower it from the hot oil. Aside from special turkey frying kits, there are baskets designed to hold turkeys. These are generally much heavier and stronger to be able to hold the weight of a turkey.​

Temperature Controls​

No matter which deep fryer you get, it's important to confirm the oil temperature once the fryer has heated. Frying at too low a temperature will result in soggy, oily food. Frying too hot might cause the oil to splash or bubble violently, burn food, or possibly catch fire.

Per cooking authority Janet Zimmerman with Cooking For Two most deep fryers for home use claim to reach up to 375 degrees Fahrenheit / 191 degrees Celsius, but it would be wise to test the oil temperature to make certain the fryer is providing accurate information.

Sizes And Styles

While a large fryer may enable you to fry a larger batch, you'll get a more consistent cooking temperature and outcome using a smaller fryer. It will require less oil and heat up more quickly.

Oil Filter​s & Odors

Over time your oil will start to degrade and collect bits and pieces of old fried food. And worst of all, start to smell and affect the taste of your food.

Some deep fryers have a small pump with an oil filter. This filter will need to be change often but can help keep your oil fresher longer.

We like to change our oil often, so scooping out left over bits with a deep fryer skimmer works great for us.

Aside from using a mesh skimmer, another way to filter your oil is to pour it through a fine mesh or cheese cloth to catch any fried bits. Keep in mind that the oil will need to be slightly warm to the touch to be poured effectively. Never pour hot oil!​

Deep Fryer Safety Features

Deep frying is inherently dangerous, but it can be quite enjoyable to do at home. There are a few safety concerns and features to consider.

Power Cord

An easy to access and remove power cord is critical in the event of a fire or emergency. It may lessen the chance you'll be burned while using your fryer. Most power cords these days are magnetic that pop in and out of the fryer easily.

Automatic Shut-Off

Some deep fryers have a timer and/or an automatic shut-off feature to turn off the machine.Even if you plan on deep frying for a while, you should make use of a timer just in case you become busy while preparing other things in the kitchen.

The Right Accessories

​If your deep fryer has any type of splatter controls, we do not recommend circumventing it in any way shape or form.

You might be tempted to use 3rd party accessories such as a taco basket with your fryer, but we recommend only purchasing accessories designed for your unit. Some 3rd party accessories circumvent the correct usage of your fryer and may be dangerous to use.

Additional Frying Safety Tips

Check the oil temperature with a separate thermostat the first few times you use your fryer to make sure any built-in temperature gauges are working accurately.

Never add water or moisture to hot oil!​

Never leave your fryer unattended and if the oil starts to smoke, turn off the fryer immediately to avoid a grease fire. Keep a box of baking soda close by and use it to smother flames. A small fire extinguisher is also a great kitchen tool to keep close by.​

Oils for Deep Frying

For deep frying, peanut oil is an excellent choice. It doesn't smoke or burn until 450 degrees Fahrenheit / 232 degrees Celsius, so you're less likely to generate a great deal of unpleasant smoke or start a fire with peanut oil because home frying units generally don't get that hot.

It should be noted that peanut oil is not inexpensive. However, if carefully stored, peanut oil can be used repeatedly. SEE ALSO: Best Oil For Deep Frying

Cooking authority Caitlynn Lowe recommends storing your cooled peanut oil in the refrigerator in a container that is airtight and doesn't allow in any light. Light and air will speed the spoiling process and result in rancid oil.

Once the oil has reached 350 degrees Fahrenheit / 177 degrees Celsius it can be considered sterilized.

However, some fried foods such as fish can leave their flavor behind in your oil, so be prepared to replace it if you're bothered by the taste or smell of your peanut oil.​

Final Thoughts

A dedicated deep fryer is handy for any home cook who deep fries on a regular basis. You'll get better quality results thanks to an accurate thermostat reading and reduce cleanup with spatter controls available on many of the counter top units available. Finally, you'll have somewhere to easily store your oil until the next time you need it.

Did you enjoy this guide? Let us know in the comments below with your experiences and questions. Happy frying!​

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