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Our Tea Guides – From Leaf To Steep

One of the world’s ancient delicacies is tea. It originated in Asia and spread throughout the world, where it is now enjoyed by many. In fact, other than water, tea is the world’s most consumed beverage.

Classic tea is made by pouring hot water over tea leaves, or a tea bag. But it can also be served cold.

There are many other components to consider for new tea connoisseurs:

  • Whether you should buy loose tea leaves or tea bags
  • Accessories necessary for loose tea leaves
  • Whether to dunk the tea bag or pour hot water directly over the tea bag
  • The many different kinds of tea and any medicinal benefits
  • Whether to buy caffeinated or decaffeinated tea
  • Whether to add cream, sugar or any other condiment
  • The best way to make iced tea

Those who are true tea connoisseurs will have adamant opinions about their tea habits. But you will want to make your own choices. That’s why we have this section of the website dedicated to tea.

From the myriad of types of tea to how best to prepare, serve and enjoy it, we have the answers.