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We've all seen the promises! "This gadget will change your life!" Most of the time these promises turn out to be false, but every now and then, a tiny hand-held gadget comes along that offers to break the "too good to be true" mantra! You see it on TV and honestly wonder, “Does it really do all that?” They claim it’s the best vegetable spiralizer.

Veggetti Reviews

First, let's take a look at the Veggetti Spiral Vegetable Cutter.

Anyone who suffers from gluten diseases such as Crohn’s or Celiacs Disease, often find themselves having to forego old favourites such as pasta dishes and some of the best summer side dishes, because the pasta replacements tend to be very expensive.

Veggetti As Seen On TV

There are only so many ways that vegetables can be cut, cooked and presented if you don't have a Red Seal certificate on your kitchen wall. The Veggetti could change all that! If I sound excited, it's because I am.

I have known people who are unable to eat regular pasta because of these conditions and I am thrilled to have come across this unique kitchen gadget that can spiralize vegetables like spaghetti!

The Veggetti works by having one end forced onto the vegetable, and being twisted while the other hand twists in the opposite direction. Using one of two settings, this combined twisting action feeds the vegetable through the blades, resulting in spaghetti-like strands coming out the side of the unit.

For those not familiar with using such a kitchen tool, a small sample recipe book is included with the product.

Vegetables that work best with the Veggetti are:

  • Zucchini (Most popular for "spaghetti noodles")
  • Carrots
  • Squash
  • Potatoes
  • Cucumbers
4 Veggetti Recipe Ideas

However, it will work with almost any vegetable that is 2.5” across in diameter or smaller. Sweet potatoes are a challenge to spiralize because they are quite hard. A simple solution is to warm them in the microwave before trying to turn them in to vegetable strings.

Where to buy Veggetti pasta makers?

>>> Buy Veggetti on <<<​

Once your veggie noodles are made, it only takes a minute to cook them. You do not need to cook them as long as you would pasta. Otherwise, they will become mush.

Veggetti Pro​ Review

Veggetti Pro Vegetable Spiral Slicer

Why upgrade to the Veggetti Pro?

  • 3 Interchangeable blades
  • Non-slip base
  • Handle to hold and slice vegetables. This helps prevent injuries when spiralizing.
  • Easier and faster to prepare large quantities of vegetable noodles

The standard Veggetti is great for 1 or two people, but if you have a family to feed the Veggetti Pro is going to make things a lot easier.

We also believe this version is safer to operate, as you can see there is less need for hands and fingers close to the cutting blades.​

Cleaning the Veggetti

While cleaning can be done by hand, the sharp nature of the blades make it a relief to most users that this gadget can be washed on the top rack of your dishwasher.

If you don't have a dishwasher, or if your dishwasher is low-powered, a high-powered spray handle attached to your kitchen sink should do the trick.

Again, whatever you do, do not allow your fingers anywhere near those blades! One reason we had to take a star off in our Veggetti review is because of this fact.​

Before You Purchase

There are two drawbacks to this vegetable noodle maker.

Veggetti Zucchini Spiralizer

The first is that of the twisting action. A cook with arthritis in his or her wrists may find this unit aggravating their condition.

The second is the blades. By nature of what this product is designed to do, the blades are very sharp! The most frequent review of this product online is users cutting themselves within the first few uses.

One way to prevent getting cut is to leave the part of the vegetable you'll latch the unit onto, unpeeled. The user manual does not suggest this, but as noted by a few users, latching the unit onto an unpeeled surface allows it to grab better and hold on tighter.

Do not attempt to force the Veggetti to spiralize the entire vegetable or you will get hurt.​

Of course, you could always purchase the Vegetti Pro to avoid that situation.​

There is very little waste from this gadget and those who are not bothered by this greatly enjoy the snacking while cooking as they nibble on the small chunks left over by the cutter. You will end up with about 1.5 inches of vegetable left. Just enough to nibble on.

​Is The Veggetti Worth It?

For those who are vegan, for those who have wheat or gluten issues, or just for those who want a new way to present their cooked vegetables, the Veggetti Spiral Vegetable Cutter is a definite consideration for your kitchen. How does cutting your calories down sound? Check out this example of ordinary pasta versus vegetable pasta from the Veggetti:

Pasta vs Veggetti

Remember those blades are sharp, and be careful when cleaning it and you will enjoy vegetable spaghetti for a long time to come.

Not every product that we review is worth purchasing, but this item has landed on the wish list, quite decidedly! Eating healthy is important for everyone these days, and this little device makes it that much easier to do. The price isn't bad either. What do you think?

Eileen - last year

I am still getting used to the Vegetti. I am one of those who is intolerant of not only wheat, but also it seems grain of any kind. This gadget has provided a way for me to enjoy pasta-like meals with my family again!

    KitchenSanity - last year

    Glad to hear that you are enjoying meals with your family again!

    Are there any particular recipes that you love to make with your Vegetti?

Cathy Morris - last year

Loved the idea of low cal, gluten free pasta. Had some at a restaurant and then bought the Veggetti. All I can say is , Ouch! My poor fingers. I gave it to my son and his wife.

    KitchenSanity - last year

    Hi Cathy,

    We just updated our article to talk about the Veggetti Pro! This will definitely solve the issues you’ve had with your fingers!

Luci - last year

I love this small device and prefer it over my spiraler, which was marketed long before the Vegetti, Spiraler. Carefulness must be exercised.

Merry - last month

how long do you warm the sweet potatoes for in the microwave?

    KitchenSanity - last month

    Hi Merry,

    Sweet potatoes can cook fast and will become extremely hot (Please use some sort of heat resistant gloves when handling them).

    If they cook too much, they won’t spiral. If they don’t heat enough, you might be tempted to use too much force and create an accident (that’s why I prefer the pro version to remove my hands from the situation as much as possible).

    It will depend on the size of your potato and strength of your microwave. I’ve tried microwaving for 30 seconds at a time and check to see how it spirals between each heating attempt. Unfortunately they aren’t the best vegetable for spiralizing.

    Thanks so much,

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