How To Get Rid Of Roaches & Kill Them All!

If you’ve seen one roach, you’ve got more. Roaches like dark crevices, preferably loaded with moisture and food crumbs.

They will move into the crevices under cabinets and feast under your sink unless you take decisive action to wipe out the current infestation and make newcomers unwelcome.

Make sure pets and children do not have access to any type of cockroach bait, as it can cause serious harm or death.

Confirming What Sort Of Infestation You Have

Roaches are versatile and diligent pests. They can live on very little food and are happy to hang around and wait for more in the dark corners of your home.

German roaches are a fairly common pest and are between 1/2″ and 1″ long. Because they breed quickly, they may build up resistance to chemical traps. Natural methods will take longer but can be more effective in the long run.

When studying how to kill German roaches, be aware that most natural pest control methods for German roaches will also be effective on other small roaches, including the oriental roach and the brown-banded cockroach.

How To Kill Cockroaches

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You can blend a concentrated mixture of dish soap and water to squirt any visible roaches; this mixture will smother them, as roaches breathe through their exoskeleton. Sprays act quickly, but they are not a long-term solution.​

Mixing ammonia and water and pouring it down toilets and sinks will clear out the roaches nesting in your drain pipes.

Does bleach kill roaches? When poured down your drain, bleach will work as well as ammonia to destroy roaches in your pipes. It should be noted that bleach and ammonia should NEVER be mixed, even in your drains.

Home Remedies For Roaches

One of the urban legends about cockroaches is that they enter your home via paper bags from the grocery store.

While this may or may not be true, it’s important to note that cockroaches can live on the glue in boxes and bags, so even if you don’t have human or pet food around, you may still find roaches.

For a simple homemade cockroach bait:

  • combine one part powdered sugar with three parts boric acid and
  • place this bait under sinks, around trash cans, and behind refrigerators.

The roaches will feast on the sugar and die from the boric acid. They’ll also track the poison back to their nests.​

There are a variety of recipes for how to kill roaches with boric acid – including a mixture of cornstarch and boric acid. If leaving sugar and cornstarch sprinkled under your cupboards makes you worry about ants, don’t – this mixture will kill them, too.

Place Pest Control Inside Your Walls

Diatomaceous earth is an abundant silica powder that kills pests by clinging to their feet and legs and poisoning their food sources and nests. Natural pesticide experts can apply this product to the inside of your walls through your outlet openings.​

If you’re using it to get rid of roaches, clean the area thoroughly, then dust it with diatomaceous earth. You can also add this product to crawl spaces. Be sure not to pile it up; only lightly dust the area, as roaches won’t walk on piles of this product.

How To Get Rid Of Roaches Naturally

There are several methods of making your home unwelcome to roaches without resorting to chemicals. For those with pets and small children, toxic pest treatments can be worrisome.​

home remedies for roaches

Here is a quick and easy roach bait method which you can use and reuse:

Take an old jar lid and coat it with a heavy layer of petroleum jelly. Bait it with a bit of food and check it in the morning.

If you do have a roach infestation, you’ll most likely have caught one or more in the petroleum jelly.

Other easy applications to send roaches scurrying include bay leaves inside your sink cabinet and mothballs near your sink.

Additionally, roaches seem to hate peppermint, so mixing up a spray bottle of water with ten drops of peppermint essential oil is an excellent roach repellent. Cypress oil is also effective in repelling roaches.

Curiously enough, roaches don’t care for cucumbers, so cucumber peelings in your trash may limit the number of roaches your garbage attracts.

Apparently, they also aren’t fond of lemon. Consider adding a bit of lemon to the water you use to wash your floors to encourage roaches to live elsewhere.​

How To Keep Roaches Away​

If you’re moving into a new place or have just had your home treated for roaches, there are several things you can do to keep them out of your space in the future.

  1. Don’t feed them; empty your trash regularly or purchase a lidded trash can. Don’t leave food in the sink. Wipe down cabinets and sweep up any dropped pet food you find. Keep your toaster free of crumbs and your oven clean.
  2. Get leaks fixed; a slow drip under your sink can provide a warm, musty place for roaches to linger.​

Disinfecting Your Home Is Critical

Many roaches like food in whatever format they can get it, but some eat rotten vegetation and rotting flesh. Whatever roaches eat, they generally crawl all over.

If you find roaches or roach droppings in your house – the droppings look like black pepper under your sink or in a dark corner – spend some time cleaning and thoroughly disinfecting your home so you’re not at risk of infection from bacteria.​

Final Thoughts

Roach infestations are a serious concern. Exposure to roach exoskeletons can function as a trigger for asthma and cause respiratory distress. Bacterial infections from cockroach contamination can seriously harm young children.

If you’ve noticed roaches or small grains of black pepper-sized roach waste, you’ve got an infestation to address.

If you’re in an apartment, work with your landlord and neighbors to tackle the infestation together and make the whole building less friendly to these dangerous pests.​

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