Juicing For Health

Juicing For HealthWhat Is Juicing?

Juicing is the method of extracting juice from vegetables or fruit. The resulting juice contains the nutrients from that produce in a more concentrated and easily digestible drink. There is also the opportunity to add the leftover pulp to the drink to increase ones daily fiber intake.

There are different methods and different types of juicers available for your home kitchen. The 3 main types of juicers are centrifugal, masticating, and twin gear juicers. Each one provides advantages over the next but ultimately the price may be the deciding factor as to which one you will choose.

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Juicing Benefits

There are many reasons that people decide to start juicing. In general, people juice for health benefits. The Doctor Oz show is often reviewing juicers and promoting the benefits of juicing that can change a person’s life. Other popular media stars, like Oprah, also tout about the benefits of juicing and it’s easy to fall victim to the claims as solid medical and dietary advice. There is little to no actual research done to prove most juicing claims.

The health benefits of Juicing can be sorted in to 2 categories:

  • Juicing for weight loss – Depending on the source, these juicing diet plans are used to incorporate more fat fighting nutrients in your diet or to replace meals with juice.
  • Juicing Detox & Juicing cleanses – Often used to “purge” the body of chemicals, mucus, old membranes and to restart the body.

Some juice enthusiasts say that you can replace solid foods by juicing alone and that your body will absorb more nutrients from juice rather than from pulp or whole foods. But aren’t our bodies designed to process food?

In our opinion, juicing should complement a balanced diet and not replace it.

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