How Long Does Fudge Last?

how long does fudge last

Leftover fudge is a great problem to have, but air exposure can ruin the flavor. By keeping the fudge wrapped in multiple layers, you can reduce the risk of ruining this wonderful treat.

How Long Does Fudge Last? The best rule of thumb for how to store fudge is this: If you're going to freeze it, leave it uncut. Once it's cut, it needs to be kept airtight with double-wrapping techniques as described above. Per food authorities with Leaf TV, if your house is cool, fudge can be stored at room temperature for up to two weeks.

If it sits in sunlight it will soften, and any source of warmth will increase spoiling of the fats in fudge and any nuts included.

Should fudge be refrigerated? The greatest risk to fudge in the refrigerator is dehydration. Keep fudge in airtight containers and wrappings (preferably multiple wrappings) to reduce the risk of it becoming dry or developing a powdery film.

Risks Of Storing Fudge

Fudge has several risk factors, including oxidation of the chocolate. Oxidized chocolate will have a white powder on the outside. This powder can be hard to discern from mold; oxidation is safe to eat and mold is not. Oxidation can be avoided with an airtight seal.

Other risks include the fats and nuts in fudge going rancid. If you plan to store your fudge long-term, freezing it can avoid anything in it turning rancid.

How To Store Fudge In The Refrigerator​

Wax paper is a great surface on which to store fudge as wax paper doesn't cling. Your fudge will maintain its flavor if you build it an airtight envelope.

  • Cut the fudge into small pieces and arrange them close together on a piece of wax paper twice as large as your pan of fudge.
  • Set the fudge in the middle so you can wrap the wax paper over it.
  • Once they're settled, wrap the wax paper up and over the fudge to completely seal it. Roll the wax paper for an airtight seal.

Make a similar sized envelope with aluminum foil and double seal the fudge. Should you open the envelope to serve (or sneak) some of this delicious treat, be sure to reseal both the wax paper and the aluminum foil.

Can You Freeze Fudge?​

can you freeze fudge

Yes, but fudge should be frozen prior to cutting. As frozen foods thaw, condensation builds up. Excess water is a great breeding ground for bacteria, so if you freeze your fudge in a block you can wick away this water easily.

Double wrap your fudge in plastic and aluminum foil, then wrap this whole bundle in a freezer bag.

Squeeze out as much air as you can for a snug seal. When you're ready to thaw your fudge, thaw it in the refrigerator to reduce excess condensation turning your fudge to soup.

Once it's thawed completely in the freezer, you can bring it to room temperature before cutting, then either serve at room temperature or return it to the refrigerator. The question of how to store fudge seems to always return to one truth: air exposure will negatively impact the flavor of fudge. To keep it moist and chewy, keep it sealed.​

Does Fudge Have Gluten?

The most likely answer is "probably not" as fudge is generally made with naturally gluten free ingredients like sugar, sweetened condensed milk, butter and chocolate. Gluten free cooking authority Nicole Hunn offers three easy fudge recipes (chocolate, vanilla and peanut butter) for a guaranteed gluten free treat.

It should be noted that many fudge recipes call for nuts, and nut allergies can be extremely dangerous. If you're making fudge with nuts or peanut butter, it's a good idea to post this information to reduce the risk of making someone sick.​

​Final Thoughts

Because fudge is a traditional treat during high-stress holiday times, making it ahead and freezing it is a great option. With a careful sealing process, you can prepare your delicious fudge early and reduce some of your holiday baking stress.​

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