How Long Does Dragon Fruit Last?

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Most people know that keeping things cool will make them last longer, but what about storing dragon fruit at home?!

Does dragon fruit go bad, how long does it last, and how should you store it to ensure it stays fresh?

This guide will explore the optimum storage conditions for your dragon fruit and how long it can be stored under those conditions.

Dragon Fruit Shelf Life

Even a quality dragon fruit can go bad quickly. In our experience, you should eat dragon fruit as soon as possible because it goes downhill quickly once when it gets home.

The times in the chart below are maximum time frames under the best conditions and not guarantees.

Dragon FruitIn The FridgeOn The Counter
Whole1 Week And A Half2 Weeks
Sliced Or CutUp to 1 day2 – 4 hours

How Long Does Dragon Fruit Last In The Refrigerator?

In general, it’s best to keep whole uncut dragon fruit somewhere cool, around 50 degrees Fahrenheit. If you can manage to keep it at this temperature, your fruit may last up to 2 weeks if it’s exceptionally fresh.

Unfortunately, how long dragon fruit lasts will depend on how long it’s been sitting on your grocery store’s shelf or on a truck during transport.

To keep foods cold, prevent bacteria growth and prolong spoilage, the average refrigerator should be kept below 40°F (5°C).

Suppose the temperature dips below 41 degrees Fahrenheit for whole dragon fruit (in the fridge). In that case, the USDA says you can expect about a week and a half of storage time. Again, this is the best time frame for super fresh and healthy dragon fruits.

How Long Does Cut Dragon Fruit Last?

If your dragon fruit is cut, it will only last a couple days before it begins to spoil. However, when mixing your dragon fruit with other foods, such as a fruit salad, it may keep the other food in the mixture for as long.

pitaya dragon fruit salad

If your dragon fruit has been kicking around on the counter, cut pieces have been exposed to air for too long, it will start to decompose much more quickly.

So the best way to preserve cut dragon fruit is by keeping it cool and cutting only what you need immediately.​

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Whole Dragon Fruit Chilling Injury

Chilling injury is a common problem with fruits and vegetables. It occurs when they are stored at temperatures below their optimum range.

Chilled fruits and vegetables may develop soft spots, discoloration, or poor flavor. In some cases, the tissue may rot quicker.

Dragon fruit is particularly susceptible to chilling injury on its leathery skin. The best way to prevent it is to store the fruit at its optimum temperature of 10 °C (50 °F). If the temperature dips below 5 °C (41 °F), the fruit should be used within a week and a half.

How To Tell If Dragon Fruit Is Bad

It is essential to watch for any signs of spoilage to prevent anyone from getting sick from consuming your fruit.

The following are all indicators that your ripe dragon fruit is no longer fresh:

  • Moldy odor
  • Browning, Yellowing, dark spots
  • Slimy film on the flesh
  • Sponginess
  • Splitting open
rotten dragon fruit

If you’re not sure whether or not your uncut dragon fruit has gone bad, press it gently with your thumb. If it is quite soft and spongy, that’s a good indicator it’s close to spoilage.

Before your dragon fruit has completely spoiled but is not enjoyable to eat sliced or cubed, you might be able to puree it to make a dragon fruit sorbet or smoothies.

At any point you see mold or very dark spots, it’s best to discard them. Spots may be of different colors depending on the color of your dragon fruit variety.

If you have cut dragon fruit with a slimy film over it, or your dragon fruit tastes off, we recommend discarding it.

How Can I Keep Dragon Fruit Fresh Longer?

The best way to keep your dragon fruit fresh is to store cut pieces in an airtight container in the fridge.

Consider adding a little lemon juice to help prolong it. The lemon juice will slow bacteria on the fruit from breaking down the tender flesh.

You can also wrap whole fruits in plastic wrap and store them in the fridge. Just be careful of condensation build-up, which can harbor bacteria and mold.

The longer you keep your dragon fruit refrigerated, the more potential it can absorb other odors and overpower that mild sweet taste you expect.

If you have a lot of dragon fruit that won’t be consumed quickly, consider freezing dragon fruit pieces for a later date. Frozen dragon fruit can be used in sorbets, smoothies, or yogurt.

Thoughts On Keeping Dragon Fruit Fresh

It’s important to store dragon fruit properly to stay fresh and retain its mild flavors.

Sometimes you might get a bad piece of fruit because of the variables out of your control. Unfortunately, it will be an expensive loss.

With a bit of care of things you can control, you can enjoy fresh dragon fruit for days, weeks, or even months when frozen.

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