How To Make Waffle Fries

How are waffle fries made? In this guide you will learn how to make waffle fries at home using a simple waffle fry cutter and techniques to deep fry them.

How To Make Waffle Fries

How To Cut Waffle Fries

What are waffle fries? Waffle fries are white or sweet potatoes cut in a lattice work pattern with holes throughout.

Once the potatoes are cut, they're deep-fried. Some chefs shape or curve them to hold toppings. They are similar to French fries in taste and texture, but are round like waffles.

Mandoline Method

Homemade waffle fries can be made with a mandoline slicer with a waffle blade or a waffle fry cutter.

It's important to keep the slices thin so small holes appear in the weave.​

Scrub your potatoes. If using white potatoes, you may choose to leave the skin on. Sweet potatoes should be peeled.​

Crinkle Cutter Method

Crinkle cutters take force to work. If you're not well versed with using one, you might prefer to cut off two sides of the potato so the potato won't roll when you apply pressure.

This will make rotating the potato for the next cut much easier.

Remove the ends of the potato with the crinkle cutter and then rotate the potato 90 degrees so the crinkles on the cut end now run side to side instead of up and down and make the next cut.

How To Fry Waffle Fries

Per food fanatic Tessa McKnight, homemade waffle fries are best fried in a deep cast iron skillet. An electric skillet can work as well. Heat your oil to 375 degrees Fahrenheit / 191 degrees Celsius while you cut the potatoes.

Per home-making expert Martha Stewart, temperature is critical. Oil that is too cool will be absorbed and make the fries soggy. If the oil is too hot, the outside of potatoes will burn.

  • Fry the waffle fries in the hot oil, turning occasionally, until golden brown and crispy at the edges.
  • Layer a ceramic or glass plate with paper towels.
  • Remove the fries from the oil and spread them on the paper towels to drain. The oil will still be very hot, so don't drain your waffle fries on a plastic or paper plate.
  • Season to taste while still hot, and enjoy.

General Tips On Deep Frying At Home

Deep fryers take a lot of storage space and a lot of oil. If your experiences with deep frying at home have led to a spattery mess and a promise of "never again," take heart. Food expert Sue Veed has some great advice to keep your house smoke-free and your fries crisp.


Use oil with a high smoke point, such as canola or peanut. Do not deep fry anything in olive oil. Be prepared to discard the oil, but only use enough to cover whatever you're frying. Be sure to fry in batches for consistent texture and quality.

Pot / Deep Fryer

Use a heavy bottomed pot with high walls such as a stock pot. A wok will also work.

Food Preparation

Everything you're frying needs to be cut to a consistent size and should be dry before you lower it into the oil. Water on food is what leads to spatter.

If you're deep frying frozen foods, make sure there are no obvious ice crystals binding the food together and be prepared for spatter.​


Use bamboo or metal tools when deep frying, and separate foods in the oil to confirm an even cooking and a consistently crispy result. Have a candy or deep-fat thermometer ready to go so you can check the temperature before you add your first batch of food.

Commercial Waffle Fries

While French chefs have been stamping out thin and crispy latticed potato gaufrettes for generations, mass-produced waffle fries in the fast food industry date back to 1980.

Per food authority Hannah Raskin of The Post and Courier, a crude cutting tool that produced lattice pattern potatoes was shipped to Lamb-Weston Inc. They nearly abandoned the project, but were able to adjust the tool to work and put it into production.

Lamb-Weston Inc. is based in Oregon and is an authority on all things potato. This 60 year old company now sells prepared potato products on every continent. Their product line of criss-cut and waffle fries include southern-style, spicy, sweet and Yukon gold.

Final Thoughts

Waffle fries are a delicious treat and a nice change from the standard French fry. With just a few tools, some potatoes, hot oil and a watchful eye, you can easily make this yummy side dish at home.​

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