Ninja Coffee Bar Single Serve Review

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The Ninja coffee bar offers coffee lovers the chance to make coffee shop coffee drinks at home, but with all of the great coffee makers out there, how does the Ninja stack up?

In this Ninja Coffee Bar review, we will cover its features, pros, and cons to help you decide if this coffee machine is suitable for you.

Features & Specifications

Check out the Ninja coffee bar infomercial for just a few of the coffee drinks you can make with this versatile coffee making system.​


Counter space is important! No matter how big your kitchen is, having too many appliances on your counter makes the space look cluttered and messy.

If you’re a fan of dark, rich coffee but your spouse starts the day with a straight up cafe americano, you’re either dealing with two coffee pots in your space or multiple roasts, grinds and blends of coffee in your cupboards.

Cafe Americano? No problem. Once the water reservoir is filled, just add your favorite ground coffee, choose the cup size and select Classic Brew.

Do you need an extra jolt of flavor intensity to start your day off right? Once the coffee’s added, brew yourself a large travel mug of Rich Brew. You will be ready for whatever the day can throw at you!


If blended or whipped coffee drinks are your favorite treat, the Ninja is ready and willing to whip up your favorite frothy morning beverage. Because the Ninja offers a milk blender instead of a steam wand or milk frother, you can

  • easily clean up the frothing blades without having to clear the steam tube.
  • not deal with clogged tubes full of pressurized steam, and
  • avoid the mess that can come from milk reservoirs on coffeemakers.

As previously stated, you can set your preferred flavor intensity with a simple turn of the dial. Options include both standard and rich brew.

For deep coffee intensity, try the iced coffee setting. This brewing strength is designed to keep its flavor over melting ice.

You can also brew a single cup or a full carafe with an easy adjustment of the dial on the front of the machine. With the large water reservoir, you’re never more than a turn of the dial and a press of a button from a great cup of coffee.​


You can set the clock and the timer and wake up to an ideal brew first thing in the morning. Remember to

  1. fill the water reservoir
  2. set the brew intensity you like best, and
  3. make sure the clock is set correctly.​

Easy To Use And Clean

The water reservoir is removable for easy cleaning and descaling if necessary. You can also put the brewing process on hold to sneak a cup from the partially brewed carafe if time is of the essence.

This machine takes a #4 cone filter, or you can rely on the reusable Ninja coffee bar filter.

Once you’re ready to add milk or flavorings to your coffee, be aware that the Ninja coffee bar frother is easily removed for fast, safe cleanup.

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The Ninja coffee bar offers coffee lovers the chance to make coffee shop coffee drinks at home, but with all of the great coffee makers out there, how does the Ninja stack up?

In this Ninja Coffee Bar review, we will cover its features, pros, and cons to help you decide if this coffee machine is suitable for you.

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If you run into problems, Ninja Coffee Bar Troubleshooting is fairly easy when using our guide.

Additionally, whether you’re staying home to linger over a pot of coffee or you need to get on the road, you can brew directly into a large travel cup or into the Ninja coffee bar glass carafe.

Ninja Coffee Bar Models

Each Ninja coffee bar system includes a programmable coffee maker with Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology for your personal brew choice.

Variances between the model numbers include whether or not the machine has a milk frother attachment and the inclusion of a travel mug or iced coffee cup.

  • Model CF085Z features an insulated carafe 
  • Model CF092 features a glass carafe

Depending on the unit you purchase, you’ll enjoy a glass carafe for standard brewing, a carafe that tolerates the cold for iced coffees, and a permanent gold filter to save paying for paper cones.

You can also purchase extra travel mugs and iced coffee tumblers for 22 ounces of portable, delicious coffee.​

Ninja Coffee Bar Dimensions

Model #LWHWeight
CF080Z10.5″10.75″14.88″8.2 lbs
CF09111.34″15″16.34″12.7 lbs
CF11211.02″12.2″16.34″12 lbs
CF09715.28″15″16.34″15.1 lbs

Pros and Cons


With this machine, you can make regular coffee, a more intense brew, and iced coffee with one machine from one great brand of ground coffee.

If early morning is not the best time for you to be rummaging in the cupboard looking for the right coffee, this machine is ideal!

The Ninja coffee bar can make one cup or a full carafe, no matter how full the water reservoir is. If you’ve got a small household and need to brew and run, that water reservoir can save you a lot of fuss.

Fans of entertaining can treat their guests to a freshly whipped coffee drink with a touch of sweet syrup. The blending tool attaches to the side of the Ninja Coffee Bar and is easily detached for cleaning. Plus, you can enjoy a delicious coffee treat without the risk of steam tubes or coffee under pressure!

The iced coffee setting is crucial for summer treats. This setting is designed to stand up to melting ice. Be prepared for an intense flavor, and enjoy!

No Ninja coffee bar review would be complete without pointing out that this machine can’t make espresso, which requires pressure. However, the Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology brews your coffee under extreme heat and makes a lush, dark cup of intensely flavored coffee.


As previously state, if espresso is your thing, this machine may not work for you. This tool doesn’t brew under pressure. While the flavor intensity can approach the richness of espresso, you won’t get the crema you’re accustomed to from the Ninja.

However, you can enjoy a similar rich, dark flavor of Ninja coffee bar espresso from the iced coffee setting.

When considering a Ninja Coffee Bar vs Keurig purchase, be aware that the Ninja can’t provide the specialty non-coffee drinks such as hot cocoa or hot cider, as you can enjoy in the Keurig. However, multiple coffee flavors are possible with the Ninja.

As relates to the Keurig, if pod coffee is important to you, be aware that the Ninja does have a gold tone permanent filter in the latest product design. There are no pods for the Ninja.

This is not a small machine. It’s just over a foot tall and will take up a sizable amount of counter space.

However, no matter how strong of a brew you like, this machine can stand alone to provide your household with the caffeine they need every morning.​

Final Thoughts

Fans of a regular cup of coffee and fans of specialty coffee beverages can make great use of the Ninja Coffee Bar.

Thanks to the Sofia Vergara inspired recipes included with the Ninja model 2035244, you can enjoy multiple brews and blends of coffee, hot or iced.

There are 2 things that stand out to us the most that may influence your decision. The lack of true espresso creation and lack of flexibility and ease of use compared to a Keurig.

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