iCoffee Davinci Review – Is The RSS300-DAV Worth It?

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The original and well-known single-cup coffee maker brand is Keurig. But if you’re looking for a different option, and one that has some new and original features, the iCoffee Davinci may be for you.

I took a look at the RSS300 model to explore those features, and share with you my thoughts.

iCoffee Davinci Features & Specs

Brewing Technology

iCoffee has developed a “spin brew technology” in its Davinci coffee brewer, and branded it as brewing “faster than fast, hotter than hot, and smoother than smooth.”

The brewer uses pods, like others in our single cup coffee maker reviews, but the spin brew technology is unique in the way it gets the water through the pod to make the coffee that goes into your cup.

Rather than just forcing hot water through the pod with a sharp tube or needle that pushes into the pod and forces hot water in, it has a spin brew needle that inserts into the pod.

It then pushes water in and also spins, using jets to spin, steam and stir right inside the pod.

iCoffee claims this spin brew technology creates a “mini French press effect” and will extract all the flavor of the coffee to make a smoother cup of java than other single cup brewing systems.

iCoffee also states that no other single serve brewer can do what iCoffee does with this technology. This all happens in under a minute so that you will be enjoying a fresh cup of coffee quickly.

Brews & Settings

The brewer also features what Davinci calls its OneTouch brew system. You can select, with one press of a button, from five sizes of coffee – 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 ounces.

The system is guaranteed to accept all coffee pods, making it attractive because you can buy whatever type of pod and feel confident that it will work.

This includes K-cups, RealCup, One Cup, and all private label cups.

You can also use your favorite ground coffee, or make tea, with the iCup Reusable, a pod that comes with every brewer.

This is a nice accessory to have because often you have to purchase a reusable pod separately. Those who hate to throw out plastic pods will appreciate this bonus with their purchase.

However, you can only use the iCup, so if you have other brands of reusable pods, you won’t be able to use them in this brewer.

Other Features To Consider

  • It has an energy saver mode that features an automatic shut-off.
  • It has a large, 55-ounce water reservoir that slides off easily to refill.
  • The drip tray is removable to accommodate large mugs, including some –but not all – travel mugs.

Accessories (Included & Optional)

The iCoffee RSS300 Davinci is a brewer that comes as is, ready to use out of the box. This includes the brewer itself, the removable water reservoir, and the drip tray.

It only has one accessory with it, the iCup reusable pod. It can be used for loose tea, or with your favorite ground coffee rather than purchasing pods separately.

Other accessories you can consider purchasing:

  • additional iCup reusable pods (because you can’t use any other type of reusable pods)
  • a storage drawer or stand to hold your purchased pods
  • coffee or tea pods (you will need these or ground coffee if you want to enjoy a cup of coffee right after purchasing the brewer!)
  • a travel mug that is about 7.5 inches or shorter, to fit under the brewer

There really isn’t much else you need to enjoy coffee from this brewer.

Things We Like & Don’t Like

Like anything, there are options on this brewer that are great, and some that are not-so-great.

The single button brewing is a nice, easy way to make coffee. To be honest, it is actually two presses of the button! You have to select your coffee size from five options, and then press the “brew” button. But it is still an easy way to get a fast cup of coffee.

If you like the robust flavor of a French press, you will like the spin brew technology that makes a similar cup of coffee.

I like the fact it will accept any purchased pod. I also like the fact that it comes with a reusable pod because it gives it a built-in environmentally friendly factor.

I don’t like the fact that I can’t use any other reusable pods.

The downside of the single-button selection is that there’s no way to adjust brew strength. You have to like the flavor that comes out in the cup size you like, as there is no way to make it stronger or less strong.

Who Is The iCoffee Davinci For?

The Davinci brewer is ideal for those who like a stronger, hotter cup of coffee than one brewed with a Keurig single cup brewer or another similar system.

The Davinci’s spin brew technology makes a cup of coffee that is closer to the flavor and robustness of a French press, while still delivering the convenience of a press and brew system.

If you want the French press flavor in under a minute, with a lot less work, this may be the brewer for you.

This is also a great brewer for those who want the flexibility of using any pod available on the market. Some of the newer Keurig systems are compatible only with “approved” Keurig pods, which is a downfall for some consumers.

iCoffee Davinci FAQs

How large a cup of coffee is brewed by the Davinci?

There is a choice of five brew sizes – 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 ounces.

What kinds of coffee or tea pods are accommodated in the Davinci?

The system is guaranteed to accept all coffee pods, which includes K-cups, RealCup, One Cup, and all private label cups.

Can a reusable pod be used in the Davinci?

Yes, but only the iCup Reusable pod that comes with the brewer. You can then use your own favorite ground coffee, or make tea. You can also purchase additional iCups. You can’t use other reusable pods.

Can a paper filter be used in the reusable pod?

No, you can’t use paper in the Davinci. You have to use a purchased pod or the iCup reusable that comes with the brewer.

Can you use a travel mug under the brewer?

The drip tray can be removed, accommodating larger coffee cups and some travel mugs. The largest size is approximately 7.5 inches tall.

Can you adjust the brew strength of your cup of coffee?

No, the only setting on the Davinci is the size of the cup of coffee, which has five settings. It is not possible to adjust the brew strength, although the coffee brewed is similar to the strength and smoothness of a French press brewer.

Can a carafe be used with this brewer?

No, it brews a maximum cup size of 12 ounces.

What We Think Could Have Made It Better

There are a couple of options that would be nice additions to this brewer, to make it more attractive.

First, it would be great if it was possible to adjust the brew strength. This would allow you to select the size of cup you want (10 ounces, for instance) and in a stronger or less strong brew.

Those who want to be able to adjust the strength will have to settle for finding a size of cup that matches their tastes, or a type of coffee that is suitable.

It would also be nice to have a design that accommodates a larger travel mug. With the drip tray removed, it holds a mug of approximately 7.5 inches, so you may have to find a suitable travel mug if you want to use the brewer with your go-mug.

Having said that, being able to fit it under the counter is more important to some people, and at approximately 13 inches high, that size may be the more crucial feature.

Final Thoughts

The iCoffee Davinci is a nice addition to the choices available in single cup brewing systems.

It is great for those who like a cup of coffee that is a little bolder than other brewers, and those who want the flexibility of using any type of pods in the brewer.

It is also a good eco-friendly brewer because it comes with a reusable pod and you have the option of purchasing more reusable pods.

If these features are important to you, the iCoffee Davinci may be the ideal single-cup system for your household.

Written By Tara Williams

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