How Many Calories In Coffee?

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Knowing how many calories in coffee is crucial if you are to succeed at any weight loss or weight control program.

Consuming calories in liquid form can lead to weight gain, especially in a typical diet in the western world. In this article we will focus on the amount of calories in common coffee drinks in table format.

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The information collected and displayed in the following charts are accurate at the date this article was published. Calorie numbers may not be 100% accurate due to inaccuracies of home or restaurant measurements and ingredients.

The “N/A” symbolizes either “none” or “not available”. You can typically calculate the number of extra calories from additives if you use the base calorie count of 1 cup of black coffee at 5 calories per cup.

For our purposes where indicated:

  • 1 cup = 8 US fl Oz (fluid ounces)

The following should be taken as a general guide. It should also be noted that we tend to add more extras at home than we’d like to believe.

Hot Coffee Calories

Here is the heart of most coffee beverages. You can see that black coffee has very few calories and that it’s the extra ingredients that give coffee calories.

Coffee DrinkSizeDairySugarCalories
Black Coffee1 cupN/AN/A5

Instant Coffee

1 tspN/AN/A4
Coffee With Cream & Sugar1 cup1 tbsp half & half1 tbsp64
Coffee With Cream1 cup1 tbsp heavy creamN/A57
Hazelnut Coffee1 cupN/AN/A20
Latte1 cup2% MilkN/A124
Cappuccino12 OzNon-Fat MilkN/A75
Espresso1 OzN/AN/A3
Bulletproof Coffee1 cup1 tbsp butter, 1 tbsp MCT oilN/A215


Iced Coffee Calories

The following chart contains the calories for common iced coffee beverages. Since these drinks can be made differently by different people, we’ve made estimations based on caloric calculators and the sources listed below.

Coffee DrinkSizeDairySugarCalories
Iced Coffee1 Cup1 TBSP 2% Milk1 TSP25
Vietnamese Coffee1 Cup4 TBSP Sweetened -Condensed MilkN/A245
Thai Iced Coffee1 Serving4 TBSP Sweetened -Condensed MilkN/A184
Wawa Iced Coffee16 oz1 tbsp whole milkN/A200


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Starbucks Coffee Calories

The following chart contains the calories for popular Starbucks coffee drinks. The measurements of their sizes are as follows:

  • Short​ – 8 Us fl Oz
  • Tall – 12 US fl Oz

Starbucks drinks larger than Tall such as Grande (16 Oz), Venti (20 Oz), Venti Ice (24 Oz) and Trenta (31 Oz) will add to the caloric values.

Coffee DrinkSizeDairyCalories
Caramel FrappuccinoTallWhole Milk320
Coffee FrappuccinoTallBreve Milk190
Light Coffee FrappuccinoTallNon-Fat Milk110
Hazelnut Coffee (Macchiato)TallWhole Milk200
Flat White CoffeeTallWhole Milk170
Small LatteShortWhole Milk110
Iced Caramel Latte (Skinny)Tall2% Milk90
Caffè MochaTallNon-Fat Milk260
Iced Coffee (Sweetened)Tall2% Milk



  • ​Starbucks – Nutrition Menu

Coffee Shop & Restaurant Coffee Calories

The following restaurant and coffee shop values are an estimation. You may receive a drink that has more or less of the indicated values at the time of purchase. It’s also very common to order two beverages at the same time that vary greatly in calories.

Coffee DrinkSizeDairySugarCalories
7 Eleven coffee12 fl OzN/AN/A10
McDonald’s iced coffee (french vanilla)6 fl Oz (medium)N/Asugar-free french vanilla syrup120
Peet’s coffeeLatte Macchiato16 Oz (medium)2% milk, no whipped creamN/A210
Panera hazelnut coffee16 Oz (medium)N/AN/A20
Alterra coffee Fabulous Froth1 packetN/AN/A47
Speedway coffee English Toffee12 fl OzYes N/AYes N/A220


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What We’ve Learned

The majority of calories in coffee comes from additives such milk, cream, sugar, and syrups.

It’s easy to overlook the calories that we consume in a single cup of coffee. Some ranging up to a ¼ days’ worth of calories based on a 2000 calorie per day diet.

With this knowledge we can either reduce the amount of coffee beverages we consume or choose to drink those with fewer calories.

The choice is simple, but not always easy when we’re feeling low on energy and need that delicious boost of energy.

Written By Tara Williams

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