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Green Coffee Bean Extract Review

What is green coffee bean extract? GCBE is the unripened coffee berry (bean) which is ground up and concentrated to produce an extract.

Does green coffee bean extract work? There are many health benefit claims, but none with real substantial unbiased research to back it up.

In this green coffee bean extract review we will look some potential benefits, side effects, and even a way you can make green coffee bean extract at home.

Why Green Coffee Beans?​

Green typically denotes immature or unripened fruits or vegetables. Olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, coffee beans…wait… coffee beans? Okay. Coffee beans aren’t actually beans. They’re the bean-like pit that’s found inside the ripened berry-like fruit of the coffee plant.

Unripe Green Coffee Bean

These coffee berries (yes, they are fruit) almost always harbor two seeds (beans). Unlike the harvesting of most fruits, the coffee beans are the targeted product.

The remainder of the ‘berry’ is regarded as plant waste and gets carted away to become part of the compost that will fertilize still-growing coffee plants.

KonaRed - Hawaiian Coffeeberry Superfruit Powder, (60 servings in Tub)

That is, except for the berries that now find their way into a line of energy drinks from KonaRed.

The co-founder, Shaun Roberts, hails the coffee berry as ‘the next generation super-fruit’ because of the tremendous nutritional value, health benefits and age-defying properties in these berries.

It only makes sense, doesn’t it? Should the berries be any less nutritional or beneficial than the seeds within? So, the coffee berries from Kona, Hawaii now support a new facet of the ever-expanding personal fitness and wellness industries.

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Health Benefits Of Green Coffee Bean Extract

Research points to improved retinal health. It’s thought to help protect against diabetes by assisting the body’s ability to absorb glucose more readily and put less stress on the pancreas. Taking green coffee bean extract can also reduces blood pressure when taken daily according to studies.

doctor checking blood pressure

Yes, there’s more. The high level of antioxidants in green coffee bean extract may help the body combat toxins and free radicals. In good-news terms, the antioxidants may significantly slow down the process of aging.

Again, there are numerous suspected benefits that deserve proper research and conclusive results. There can’t be any concrete tie-in to better health without in-depth, formal, unbiased testing.

At the time of publishing this article, it can only be fairly noted that there haven’t been negative consequences resulting from the use of green coffee bean extract when used as directed.

What Is Chlorogenic Acid?​

At least one powerful antioxidant, Chlorogenic Acid, is a naturally-occurring compound that’s most abundant in raw green coffee beans. The roasting process destroys most of this beneficial compound.

Chlorogenic Acid in green coffee bean extract may help lower the levels of homocysteine. Decreased levels of homocysteine may, in turn, reduce the likelihood of heart problems. However, studies are still yet to be determined.

Imagine the benefits that might be had by reinforcing this particular compound in supplement form! Simply extract it from the green coffee beans and offer it up as a nutritional supplement in liquid, capsule or tablet form.

It’s the best way to derive the benefits from chlorogenic acid. After all, if coffee was brewed with green beans the taste would be disgustingly bitter!

Even if green beans were used to make a cup of coffee, the compound wouldn’t be readily available for absorption. It’s most effective when it’s concentrated, and, that only happens through extraction.

Green Coffee Bean Extract For Weight Loss

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A study concluded that between 180mg – 200mg the test subjects were able to reduce their weight compared to a placebo.

Some studies claim there’s a reduction in the absorption of carbs from the digestive tract when taking green coffee bean extract weight loss pills. This mimics the results of eating a low-carb diet even when the meals are carbohydrate-rich. Sounds magical!

Other studies are looking at the possibility that chlorogenic acid cuts the amount of fat absorbed from the dietary intake, decreases the fat that’s stored in the liver and supports the optimum functioning of adiponectin, a fat-melting hormone.

There’s also an indication that the extract might be responsible for an increase in body heat, thus triggering thermogenesis – the body’s natural burning of fat for energy.​

Green Coffee Bean Pills And Weight Loss Tape

It’s still not clearly understood why. And, an indication is not a concrete conclusion! On human test subjects, industry-supported studies aren’t completely void of bias and the findings are open to corruption.

Yet, again, some serious research is needed. In studies using animals as test subjects, there’s an indication that weight gain is inhibited.

While waiting for professional research to be conducted, there appears to be no harm at all in taking green coffee bean extract in the recommended dosage. It might make a positive difference. If it doesn’t, it isn’t really likely to do any harm.

The only real caution from the medical community is directed at pregnant or lactating women; they should not use green coffee bean extract weight loss supplements because there is a lack of evidence to show that there is no risk.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Side Effects

During informal research studies of green coffee bean extract side effects, there has been documentation of headaches, anxiety, insomnia and several other symptoms that could easily have been caused by the caffeine in coffee.

Cup Of Green Coffee With Green Coffee Beans

This is particularly true in those instances where the test subjects started out with a known sensitivity to caffeine.

According to WebMD, green coffee bean extract is possibly safe based on the fact that there have been no significant side effects reported when taken orally and in appropriate amounts. In fact, any suspected side effects can likely be attributed to caffeine.

It’s important to avoid attributing any side effects, whether positive or negative, to green coffee bean extract until more formal, conclusive research is performed. As of May, 2014, the effects still weren’t defined as random studies have consistently appeared compromised. How so?

Some green coffee bean extracts used in the studies have additives and fillers that can contribute to the study results.

Only pure green coffee extract should be tested if the purpose is to determine the side effects of the extract. If extract samples include those with additives, the additives should be studied apart from the extract to determine their independent side effects.

And, the studies that have been carried out so far haven’t been without bias. Instead, they have been carried out by, or sponsored by, the manufacturers or distributors of specific green coffee bean extract brands or researchers with associated interests.

How impartial can such studies be? Can the results be trusted? Would you like to buy a bridge?​

Green Coffee Bean Extract Offers​

There’s a lot of trickery at play in every area of the consumers’ world; green coffee extract is no exception. Be careful that you don’t get lured into committing yourself, and your bank account, to recurring automatic purchases of over-priced, inferior items.

Green Coffee Bean And Leaf

What are inferior green coffee beans? We’re talking about cultivation and/or harvesting techniques that are completely without quality standards.

Would you willingly choose green coffee beans that contain insects, insect damage, mold, dirt and fecal matter? Inferior, yes? Yes!

Are there any legitimate free coffee bean offers? Probably. However, if they are completely cost-free, they are probably of very low quality. If so, what good can be gained by ordering it?

Any product that’s totally free shouldn’t require any billing information at all. When is the last time you received a bill that said ‘FREE’? Your personal and financial data has monetary value!

And, the fine print might be locking you in to a legally binding purchasing agreement that will be time-consuming, costly and difficult to break!

Also, don’t fall for the ‘Free Shipping’ ploy, puh-leeez! Again, read the teeny-eensy print and you’ll probably find the well-hidden part where you AGREE to PAY a ‘Handling Fee’ – a fee that’s set by the seller and can be any amount…even an amount that’s greater than the cost of the product!

How To Make Green Coffee Extract​

There’s only one way to know exactly what you’re getting in your green coffee bean extract.

Purchase some green coffee beans and make your own! It’s easy!

Use a reputable source for your green coffee beans. The quality of the bean will determine the quality of the extract. Use whole beans. Don’t try to grind them because green coffee beans are hard as nails and they would probably damage the blades on your coffee grinder.


  • 2 ounces of green coffee beans
  • 12 ounces of distilled water (chemical-free)


  1. Place the green coffee beans in a pan with the water.
  2. Bring it to a boil.
  3. Turn the heat down. Allow to simmer for 15 minutes.
  4. Remove from the heat.
  5. Cool for at least 30 minutes.
  6. Remove the beans with a slotted spoon or strainer.​

* Pour 1-ounce doses twice each day (a half hour prior to breakfast and dinner).

If the taste is too bitter, simply add a teaspoon or so of raw honey. It will sweeten it up and give added nutritional benefits at the same time!

Note: the longer the mixture sits, the stronger it gets! Let it sit for several hours or overnight, if you want a more concentrated extract. Reduce the dosage amount to correlate with the strength of the extract.

How do you know if the dosage is too high? Your body will tell you. If you get stomach cramps or diarrhea, stop taking the extract. You should also contact your doctor.

Final Thoughts​

We feel that supplements like this play a very small role in our weight loss or health goals. In fact, many of them won’t do much for us except drain our bank accounts.

Green coffee bean extract may be no different and something you’d have to experiment with to see if it works for you or not.​

If you’ve bought green coffee beans and it turns out that you really aren’t that into green coffee bean extract, you can still enjoy a cup of coffee freshly roasted at home.

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