Cooking Food In A Coffeemaker 101

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Images Credit: ​Dan Sörensen

Katja Wulff, a Swedish college student, has carved out a reputation for creating interesting and, at times, provocative dishes primarily through the use of a coffee maker.

Cooking with a coffee maker may seem like an outlandish and zany idea for some, but there is a practical aspect that can be derived from this offbeat tactic.

Cooking Vegetables Wrapped In Bacon

People who live in confined spaces do not possess the traditional amenities of a full blown kitchen.

More often than not, people who do not possess the requisite amount of appliances frequently rely on purchasing their food from different establishments. Overtime, this could prove to be a costly and impractical endeavor.

Cooking in a coffee pot provides you with an unconventional yet cost effective method of creating basic dishes. With a deeper degree of familiarity, you may even begin to graduate into more elevated culinary fare.​

Delicious Food In A Coffee Pot?​

The example that Katja Wulff personifies is a terrific example of how simple ideas can mushroom into unlikely success stories.

The idea of cooking in a coffee pot started for Wulff when she decided to boil noodles in the appliance.

From there, the cooking concepts that spilled out of the humble coffee pot evolved into dishes that included:

  • Chocolate Marshmallow Lollipops
  • Cinnamon Buns
  • Egg cake
  • Pig and lamb hearts
Salad With Lamb Hearts

Perhaps the greatest value that can be derived from choosing to utilize an unlikely outlet for creating dishes is the sheer sense of liberation that it brings.

It has been said that “necessity is the mother of invention” and nothing can push you towards creating unique cooking techniques and approaches more than being forced to utilize a single appliance.​

Creative Cooking Methods

It’s this immense breadth of creative freedom that can yield massive rewards from your decision to utilize a coffee machine to develop your personal culinary journey.​

Cooking A Coffee Maker Pancake

Katja is well aware of the fact that using traditional cooking implements may hasten the preparation time of some of the dishes that she’s managed to produce but adamantly insists that this evades the entire point of cooking with a coffee pot.

The whole point of using a coffee pot is to evade traditional cooking methods.

The experiences that you go through when you cook with a coffee pot may prove to be just the change that you need to inject a sense of curiosity back into your cooking inspiration.​

3 Easy Coffee Maker Recipes

People who are invested in the idea of preparing meals through a coffee maker may be itching to get started but there’s a single glaring point that needs to be addressed before you can successfully transition into the whole operation.

What can you cook in a coffee maker? The answer, as it turns out, yields a decidedly useful list of edible options.​

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​Luckily Katja offers English subtitles for us in her videos!


Oatmeal is one of the most popular, and healthier, breakfast options available for a staggering amount of people.


  1. Two packets of instant oatmeal and put the contents into the coffee pot.
  2. Once the oatmeal is inside the pot, begin adding honey and other flavor additives like fruit jam. This is also a good opportunity to add fresh berries.
  3. Add 1 cup of water to the coffee machine and turn it on.
  4. In about 5 minutes, the oatmeal should be ready.

This is a recipe that’s quick, simple, efficient and cost effective. Who knew?​

Soft Boiled Eggs

Poaching eggs in a coffee maker is a dead giveaway but several cooks overlook this relatively ignored fact.


  1. Gather as many eggs as you need and place them in the coffee pot.
  2. Add water to the coffee machine and begin dripping hot water onto the eggs.
  3. Let them cook for a few minutes before trying to peel. Depending on the temperature of the water coming out of your coffee machine, will determine the length of time it takes. So, some experimenting will need to take place.

The savvy observer would be quick to note that since eggs can be poached in a coffee pot, other dishes could follow suit like poaching fish.​

Chive and Butter Sauce

Preparing several food items is all very well and good, but every now and then you want to try something a little bit different. Scratch that, this is a lot different.

Whoever came up with the idea of using a coffee maker to make chive and butter sauce must have been a genius (it’s that, or he or she was deliriously bored).

Chive and butter sauce may not be a meal on its own but it can readily be paired with the other food items that you’ve managed to create out of that coffee pot.

You’ll need a specific amount of ingredients to create this particular item.​

You will need

  • Shallots
  • Thyme
  • Cream
  • Lemon Juice
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Butter​

Start off by dicing the shallots inside the coffee maker. As soon as that’s done, you’ll want to add a few sprigs of fresh thyme (about 3 to 4 sprigs should suffice) into the filter basket with the actual filter.

Once everything’s in order, you’ll want to run one cup of cream and one teaspoon of lemon juice through the coffee maker. Follow everything through by seasoning the mix with a bit of salt and pepper.

You can leave the sauce to reduce on a hot plate for about 20 minutes or the coffee warming plate.

Immediately before you serve the sauce, add a tablespoon of butter making sure to swirl it around until it melts into the entire thing beautifully.

Where Do We Go From Here?​

There are a few things in life that are more important than taking up the skill, and art, of cooking. It is a concrete fact that every person needs to eat. Your experience and abilities in the kitchen will drastically affect the quality of your everyday meals.

For many people, preparing meals can be a bit of a challenge. Not everyone possesses the technical knowledge and ability to create some of the more artisanal cuisine that has entered the consciousness of the greater pop cultural landscape.

Fortunately, there are a number of food mavericks who have paved the way for a drastically different approach towards cooking.

For more awesome recipes visit Katja’s website and let us know about your wildest experience cooking with a coffee maker.​

Written By Tara Williams

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