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BBQ Grilling & Smoking Meat And Vegetables


While most popular in the summer time, BBQs and grills are also fired up during the colder months of the year. Whether you love to do it indoors or outdoors, you can prepare your favorite grilled or barbequed meats and vegetables all year around.

Do You Know The Difference Between BBQing And Grilling?

BBQing – The food is slowly cooked with the lid down which circulates the heat, similar to cooking in an oven. Larger cuts of meat can be cooked this way, especially when using a rotisserie for roasts, pork butts, brisket and whole chickens. And because of that, BBQs have more than one burner to keep the heat even in the entire unit. Low and slow is the way to go!

Grilling – When grilling food, the lid is kept open during the cooking process. You grill steaks, seafood, kebabs or vegetables. You don’t grill a roast. Grilling uses an intense heat for quicker cooking times. If you try to grill a roast, the inside will be raw while the outer portion is charred black and inedible.

Smoking – Smoking is basically the same as Barbecuing but the temperature is often much lower and the smoke produced is used to help infuse flavor in to the meat. Usually the smoke and heat is created in one chamber and then introduced to another chamber that holes the meat. Popular wood for smoking meats include hickory, cherry, and apple wood.


There are different fuels available to cook your food such as propane, charcoal, and wood. Each has their own benefits and downsides. Your location may also dictate which methods are or aren’t available to you. In some cities, propane is hard to come by versus charcoal.

Have you ever had your meat stick to the grill? The most common reason is that the meat is not ready to be moved. Once the proteins have cooked fully, the meat will “unstick” itself. If you are impatient and try to move it beforehand you will end up tearing the meat, not to mention losing awesome grill marks that you expect to see.

When purchasing a BBQ or grill, they are often sold with different attachments and features. But considering thinking about your intention. Do you really need the smoker attachment, a spit roaster, or a side burner? Those can add hundreds of extra dollars on top of the base price.

Barbecuing is a bit of an art and takes time to master. To help you become the top pit master in your area, check out all of our BBQ and Grill articles Below.

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