10 Grilling Techniques Around The World

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There is no shortage of barbecue techniques and recipes. From perfectly seasoned rotisserie chickens to marinated rib eye steaks sizzling on the grill, there are plenty of ways to prepare delicious meats and veggies for your family and friends.

What you might not know is that there are actually distinct — and delicious! — grilling styles all over the world!

For example, did you know that South Korean barbecue is called Gogigui, and that it utilizes flavors such as brown sugar, ginger, and mirin? If you’ve never tried it, we can definitely recommend that you do!

If you are curious about other types of grilling styles around the world, we highly recommend you take a look at a visualization by Personal Creations, which displays how 10 different cultures around the world grill their food. I bet there’s at least a few that you’ve never seen before, and who knows, you might find one you want to try yourself.

Grilling Styles Infographic

Grilling Around The World Infographic

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