KitchenAid Professional 600 Mixer Review

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The KitchenAid Professional KP26M1XER with Lifting Mechanism is an extremely versatile tool for bakers, pasta makers and cooks of all stripes.

The sturdy design will secure the bowl snug to the blade of your choice. The additional drive will power up to 15 different attachments.

The KitchenAid Pro 6 comes in 10 different colors and tones to match any kitchen.​

Features & Specifications


The KitchenAid KP26M1X Pro 600 stand mixer is more than just a mixer. This tool includes a 575 watt power hub motor that can also grind fruits for jams and jellies, make pasta from scratch, or shred cheese.

The KitchenAid attachments are sold separately but come with KitchenAid quality construction, easy attachment instructions and excellent warranties.

Despite the terrific mixing power of the KP26M1XER, this tool offers a soft start. If you’re mixing something especially heavy or wet, the soft start will save you a lot of mess and splatter.​

Auto-Shutoff: It’s important to review your manual for recommended mixing times. If the machine is overloaded or starts to overheat, it will shut off automatically to protect it from damage.​

Ten Speeds of Mixing Power: From whipped egg whites for meringue to a slow blend of wheat bread dough, this machine offers the power and speed to get your favorite baked goods mixed and ready for the oven.​

Auto-Shutoff: It’s important to review your manual for recommended mixing times. If the machine is overloaded or starts to overheat, it will shut off automatically to protect it from damage.​

Ease of Use

Additionally, bread makers will appreciate that the KP26M1XER offers a six quart stainless steel bowl with a comfort grip handle for easy maneuvering. No matter how much bread dough you’re making, this bowl will be easy to place under the hook and quick to remove.

The attachments available for this tool are also easy to use. Once you loosen the front screw and remove the KitchenAid nameplate, you’ve got access to a direct drive gearbox with plenty of turning power.

From pasta-making to grinding produce for jellies and jams, you’re ready to expand your cooking capabilities.​

Size: The KP26M1XER is 17 inches tall and weighs 29 pounds. Be ready to grant it some counter space; it may be too heavy to move every time you want to use it.

Mixing Bowl Configuration

The lifting mechanism of the KitchenAid 6 QT Pro Mixer gives cooks a terrific option when mixing or blending heavy dough.

While the tilt-head configuration makes it easier to get bowls of food under the beaters or whisk, the lifting and locking mechanism of this unit allows for:

  1. A more consistent connection between food and beater, getting the edges of the bowl cleaner as the beaters work, and
  2. More efficient use of the power of this tool. This 575 watt motor offers great mixing power and the rotating head that serves as mount for the mixing attachments is designed to sweep the bowl consistently, incorporating all ingredients for a thorough blend.
  3. Efficient use of all ten speeds. The mixer has a gentle start to avoid a splattery mess, and then you can work your way up through the gears. From egg salad to bread dough, this tool can make your cooking chores easier and more fun!​

Simple Bowl Lift Design: Load your mixing bowl, settle on the pour shield, add the mixing tool, and lift it into place. The mechanism uses a single handle for smooth motion and accurate locking.

Single Unit Pour Shield: Once a KitchenAid mixer gets moving, it can sometimes kick out some product including chunks of butter that need blended in or pieces of fruit that haven’t been incorporated.

The single unit pour shield make it easy for you to add ingredients to the bowl as you work without having to chase down any escaping food!​

Bowl Material: The stainless steel bowl is easy to clean, but if any of your batter is left unincorporated you may not be able to tell until you pour it out. A glass bowl may serve better.​

How hard is it to place the bowl on the bracket? Getting the loaded bowl under the mixing tool and onto the posts can take hand strength and a bit of maneuvering. The mixing tool needs to be attached before you set the bowl in place.

If you have problems with dexterity or hand strength, you may want a tilting head unit rather than a fixed head with a bowl lift.

Attachment Options

This mixer comes with bowl, pouring shield, whisk, flat beater and dough hook. Other attachments that will expand the use of this machine include a food pulpier, cheese grater and grinder.

Whether you’re preparing to freeze garden produce or grating parmesan, once you remove the front KitchenAid logo, this machine becomes even more useful.

Attachments: The pasta maker and cheese grating attachments are nice, but not included. Be prepared to pay more to fully outfit your KitchenAid mixer fully.​

​Where do I get more attachments? Many online retailers sell some attachments. Locally they are often displayed near the mixers.

For example, the Bowl-Lift Flex Edge Beater needs to be purchased separately.

However, you may want to refer to the KitchenAid website so you get attachments suited to your mixer. Nearly all of these attachments are easy to clean up and/or dishwasher safe.

Excellent Warranty

While KitchenAid mixers are beautiful on the countertop, these machines are built to work.

If your mixer fails within the first year, it will be replaced with no questions asked. The only limitation to this warranty as that they can’t send your new mixer to a PO Box.

Final Thoughts

KitchenAid mixers offer home cooks many capabilities in one tool. If you’re interested in trying to make bread but don’t have space for a bread maker, the KitchenAid Pro 6 can get you started.

For fans of fresh noodles, the pasta-making attachment for this tool can easily expand your cooking skill-set.

However, this mixer may not be for everyone. This tool is quite heavy and tall. If your kitchen is tiny, you may not want to give up the counter space this unit requires.

The bowl is easy to grip, but once it’s loaded some may struggle to get it under the mixing tool.

Written By Tara Williams

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