30″ Thor Kitchen Gas Range Review HRG3080U

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The Thor HRG3080U offers plenty of cooking power in a standard gas range size.

The exterior finish measures 30″ wide, which is a mid-range kitchen opening.

There are three grids to provide an even cooking surface across the top of the stove.

The broiler is set at the top of the oven and this 4.2 cubic foot oven offers a quiet convection fan.

The oven and all burners are lit with an electronic igniter, but the burners can be lit with a match if necessary.​

Thor Kitchen headquarters are based in Chino, California. The stoves are assembled in China, but the parts are sourced from all over the world.

Features & Specifications

Cooktop & Grates

The cooktop features four burners; one at 18,000 BTU, 1 and 15,000 BTU and 2 at 12,000 BTU. The burner pans are black gloss enamel and are well-sealed for easy clean-up. Should you have a spill, let the grates cool down, remove and wipe away.

The ability to easily remove the center grate from the cooktop gives you more space for utensils and makes clean-up easier.​

There are three grates available for use on this cooktop. The two outside grates must remain on the stove top so your pans have a spot to sit over the fire, but the center grate is optional.

Depending on your need, you can leave this grate on to provide a flat surface for sliding pans around on the cooktop, or remove it to wipe up spills or have a spot for your stirring spoons and utensils.

If the grates aren’t placed properly, and lined up correctly, the flames will not ignite.

Follow the instruction manual and be ready to call customer service if things are not firing up properly.​

Oven & Broiler

The Thor HRG3080U features a 22,000 BTU convection oven with 4.2 cubic feet of baking and broiling capacity. The oven also features a cheerful and bright blue enamel finish.

The oven window is wide and offers a great view of your baking project, and the halogen lights inside the oven give you the chance to monitor your meal as it bakes.

The oven features two lights to illuminate your baking project from both sides. If you’ve never cooked in a convection oven before, you’ll need to see the progress of your food until you get the hang of it!​

If you love to bake, there are a few options or lack thereof that may be a deal breaker for you.

  1. No Digital Features: Because heat and electronics don’t mix, the Thor HRG3080U doesn’t offer a timer or clock; you’ll need to invest in a free-standing unit.
  2. No Pre-Heating Notification: Because there are no digital sensors, you don’t get a heads-up when the oven is fully pre-heated. You’ll also need to purchase a thermometer.
  3. No Self-Cleaning Feature: Be prepared to scrub.

Convection Fan

This unit offers a quiet convection fan with plenty of air-moving power. If you’re working on a soufflé, cake or quick bread, you can turn the convection feature off.

As with any convection oven, you’ll get best results if you allow plenty of space for the hot air to move around your baking dishes.​

Sound doesn’t equal power! You can use your convection oven and still have a conversation in your kitchen when you bake in your Thor kitchen range.​

Oven Racks

While most oven racks slide on molded brackets formed into the oven wall, the racks in the Thor HRG3080U are mounted on a frame that protects the enamel coating inside your oven, so no scraping up the enamel finish.

In addition to this protective frame, the racks inside the Thor HRG3080U can be adjusted to five different heights.

The placement options for your baking racks allow you to set your food to bake in multiple positions, giving you the chance to customize your baking process for maximum airflow.​

This will allow you to broil close to the heat source at the top of the oven or use the lowest rack placement setting for a large dish such as a turkey, goose or ham.

Air Vents

There’s an angled air vent at the back of the cooktop to keep air moving when your convection oven is working. This vent is angled up and will not be a threat to the flames on your cooktop.​


When changing out a gas stove, you need to have your new stove ready to install and you need a professional who knows how to hook up gas lines with no leaks.

Thor HRG3080U will burn propane, but you’ll need a conversion kit for the install.​

This is not a situation for a curious DIY-er.

This stove runs 172 pounds, so getting it in place will be a challenge.​

This stove also needs access to a 120 volt outlet.

It should be noted that the plug on this stove will not allow the unit to sit flat against the wall; you might need to invest in a flat extension cord, just in case the clearance is a challenge.

Again, a professional will be able to cater to your particular situation.

Final Thoughts

The Thor HRG3080U gas range may be most ideal for someone with a history in a professional kitchen who wants a professional-quality stove in 30″ countertop gap.

The heavy-duty cooktop grates and high-powered burners will help make your stove top cooking efficient by giving you heat when you need it.

Cooking with a convection oven can be a joy once you figure it out. If you’ve never used one, connect with people who have one and see what they suggest.

Once you get the hang of it, the quiet and powerful convection oven should make your beef roasts, holiday turkeys and roasted vegetables a memorable treat.​

Written By Tara Williams

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