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Our Big And Small Appliance Guides & Reviews

It’s hard to imagine what our kitchens would be without our refrigerators or stoves. These basic kitchen appliances are a staple taken for granted in the modern age.

But the world of kitchen appliances has so much more to offer than the basic fridge and stove. Almost everybody has a dishwasher. Many people swear by a blender or food processor. Some other handy appliances include:

  • A slow cooker for preparing food while we aren’t home
  • A rice steamer for preparing perfect rice every time
  • A vegetable spiralizer for creating healthy dishes with many kinds of vegetables
  • An Instant Pot, the latest craze that allows you to do up to 10 things

How many appliances can your cupboards hold? How do you decide what appliance is best for you? What would you actually use versus what would be nice to have?

Even the “basic” fridge or stove is far from basic these days. You can now buy a fridge that streams recipes from the Internet. What would your grandmother say about that?

We have created this section of our website to help you sort through the myriad of kitchen appliances available today, from the basic fridge to one with all the bells and whistles, and from the basic kitchen blender to the complete kitchen combo.

Our tips and reviews will help you make the best decision on kitchen appliances.