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Gone are the days of being a slave to mundane kitchen chores. Paying attention to the right details when equipping your kitchen will cut the work load, save time and make it much more enjoyable to whip something up for yourself or a house full of guests.

That’s where comes in to help!

We’ll give you awesome cooking tips, inspiration for making your life easier in the kitchen, product and appliance reviews, and a look at some really cool kitchen gadgets. Let’s get started!


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Food Preparation Made Simple

Round 1: Food Preparation. Be prepared to wash, peel, cut, chop and blend ingredients, as needed. Washing fruits and vegetables is a snap with a colander. Quickly remove the excess water from your salad greens with a handy salad spinner.

Lobster, Beef, Salmon Kebab Preparation

credit: beglib

Spare your countertops from abuse by using a cutting board with a versatile set of durable kitchen knives that can tackle everything from paring to filleting. Have a compact chopper on hand for chopping and dicing small quantities at a time. Slice effortlessly, flawlessly and decoratively with a mandoline.

Blenders are the ideal choice for blending (no surprise here!). Yes, you could do it by hand but the results are far superior with a blender. You have optimum control over the final consistency, from a chunky, multi-colored mixture to a fully blended, uniform-colored concoction. And, yes, they’re great for crushing ice!

A food processor is recommended for mixtures that have to retain density while being thoroughly mixed. Cookie dough, pie crust dough and elaborate cake mixes turn out superb. Look for a model that allows you to use a dough-hook attachment; this is a must if you love the aroma and taste of fresh-baked bread. You’ll probably be baking your own on a regular basis once you own this appliance and see how easy it is.

Cooking And Grilling

Charcoal Grilling Cookout

credit: click

Rattle those pots and pans! Whether you prefer the look of stainless steel or a colorful, baked-enamel finish, build an assortment of sizes that will cover everything from boiling a single egg for one to simmering a mouth-watering, stock pot of chili for a crowd.

Make room for a cast iron frying pan that will leave you in awe of its versatility and durability. Use it on the stove top, in the oven or on the grill!

By the way, grilling isn’t just for the outdoors! Bring it inside with an electric, countertop grill and enjoy more versatility in your cooking options! Griddles and deep-fryers add even more menu possibilities.

Hot dog steamers, countertop rotisseries and burger makers will keep your game-day party going! Wine coolers and beer cooler/dispensers leave the refrigerator space available for the next round of food!

Coffee And Tea Just The Way You Like It

You don’t have to be an aficionado to appreciate a truly great cup of coffee or tea – or to make one! It all starts with your preferred selection to be brewed to perfection. The richest and most flavorful cup of coffee is made with freshly ground coffee beans. Coffee grinders, electric or manual, serve a dual purpose – they’re perfect for grinding your fresh, whole spices, too!

The most indulgent cup of tea is steeped from exotic whole leaves. It’s a simple process when you use a tea pot with an infuser. It’s a relaxing ritual when served in your favorite tea set. It makes any get-together seem a little more special.

Kitchen Appliances For Your Wish List

Unlike a stove or a refrigerator, there are some kitchen appliances that you can do without – but why should you? Their primary purpose is to simplify what needs to be done.

  • Squeezing fruits by hand is messy. Electric juicers squeeze every delectable drop from your fruit, so there’s no waste.
  • Toaster ovens save time and energy costs by eliminating the need to pre-heat a huge, stove oven when you want to cook a simple snack.
  • Rice cookers put an end to sticky glops of inedible goop!
  • Ice cream makers deliver cold and creamy goodness, practically on-demand. And, you can create your own unique flavor!

Creating fresh, tasty, homemade meals doesn’t have to take forever. It also doesn’t take a commercial kitchen or a huge investment. Be aware as you work in the kitchen; note the tasks that seem to take too long or seem like a lot of effort for the results.

Dining And Entertaining With Ease

Warming trays, chafing dishes and insulated, pre-heated serving dishes are your tickets to a fresh, delicious buffet and compliments from your guests. Keep the coffee flowing with a coffee maker that can serve from a single cup to a full carafe at a time. Add an espresso maker and your coffee-loving friends might never leave.

A Set Dinner Table

credit: penywise

What’s better than a slow cooker? Make it a triple play with a Triple Slow Cooker that keeps three hot dishes at-the-ready with individual temperature controls. Food servers with chilled compartments will keep the condiments and salads at a safe, serving temperature.

Nothing puts guests in a party mood better than relaxed hosts. With food preparation out of the way long before the start of the party, all the stress has been avoided. All of the food is either pre-cooked or fully prepared to be cooked later on. Food, beverages and conversations can all flow with ease.

Kitchen Inspiration And Ideas

The kitchen remains the central hub for casual visits, holidays and special celebrations. Practical, efficient kitchen design leaves you with more time to enjoy your guests as you create the illusion of effortless entertaining.
Consider adding some space-saving cabinet organizers that pull out, drop down or slide out to keep everything out of sight until you need it – and then, presto! It’s quickly within your reach!

New Home Kitchen Design Finished

credit: scarletina

Tired of your kitchen looking like yesterday’s news as new colors become popular? There’s a simple way to always be up-to-date. Keep your walls white or off-white; add splashes of the trending color for an instant update. You’ll find pot holders, dish towels, curtains, table linens and kitchen accessories readily available in the currently popular hue.

Cabinet knobs and drawer pulls can be swiped out for a fresh, new look. Wall décor works as well in the kitchen as in other rooms of the home. Table décor sets the mood.

Kitchen islands are no longer assigned a permanent space; they are portable! Change the layout on a whim! Remove the island entirely and let it serve as a temporary buffet table in the dining room. Limit traffic in the kitchen by using it as a partial barrier at the kitchen entrance. Make a few tall stools handy so your guests can visit as you’re busy in the kitchen – without being under your feet.

Create your dream kitchen, one purchase at a time. You’re likely to find that the more you enjoy working in the kitchen, the more your kitchen is going to work for you! Now that’s a reason to throw a party!